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Of Mice and Men Context


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Of Mice and Men Context

  1. 1. How did Of Mice And Men get it’s title Originally the title was “Something That Happened” but changed after he read a poem by Robert Burns. The poem is about the narrator feeling regret after destroying a home for mice. It can mean that no plan is fool-proof and no one can be prepared for the future.
  2. 2. The Great Depression It began in August 1929 where there was an economical downturn and the market crashed which started a decade of high unemployment, poverty, low profits, low farm income and opportunities lost for an economic growth. This would have given John Steinbeck the idea of people moving from job to job and farmers hiring workers.
  3. 3. The Dustbowl and California The dustbowl was a period during the 1930s that had strong sand storms. There was a severe drought which meant that farm land became ruined. It affected 100,000,000 acres which centred on Oklahoma and Texas. A lot of families moved to California because it was not seriously affected by the sand storms. Steinbeck may have used this as the workers move around to different farms and ranches. And also could be why Crooks moved as once owned land.
  4. 4. American Dream The American Dream is rooted to United States Declaration of Independence which says that “all men are equal”. But Steinbeck shows in the book that there is racism, poor and rich people which may be saying that it did not work. The American Dream also says “pursuit of happiness” which can relate to George and Lennie’s dream.