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Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from itto the full product?    ...
the specific area of the page is the most effective and successful when wanting to achieve aprofessional outcome and stand...
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Preliminary task


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Preliminary task

  1. 1. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from itto the full product? This is my front cover I made for my preliminary task. I decided to keep the name of my magazine simple and not complex so that the reader can tell straight away what the genre of my magazine is based on. The masthead is based at the top of the magazine like my contents page so that the reader can clearly tell what the magazine is called and about. I kept the masthead in a simple font so that the target audience have no difficulties trying to work out what letters what, and that they have no trouble stating that the text is too small. Just below the masthead I included the price and the issue number as this is a necessity and is never not included on any magazine supplied. This is a must have piece of information when producing any genre magazine as the audience always wants to know the price of the product that they have an interest in. Once again I stuck to simple colours and large enoughfonts so the amount of bad feedback is reduced.All the text included on the front page has been made sure that it has kept to the house style of themagazine (only using whites, blues and blacks.) Sticking to a house style is vital when making asuccessful magazine as the target audience will only purchase a product that sticks to a sophisticatedand professional look, they will not spend their money on a product that looks tacky and toocomplicated. On the front cover of Haydon News I decided to include a main bleed (main image)that took up the majority of the page. The image illustrates a student on the school grounds, whichlinks in with the rest of the context that the sell lines portray.The above two images illustrate the changes and the ways in which I have improved since startingthis A-Level course. The ‘Haydon News’ front cover illustrates what I produced without any realexperience and only from basic knowledge of the software and technology. However the ‘Base’ frontcover on the right visualises how much I have improved since the beginning of this course as it iswhat I am planning to hand in as a final piece of completed coursework. Although I have made manychanges from the two opposing magazine genres I also kept some aspects of the magazine to similarformat. For instance I kept the masthead of my magazine at the top of the page in a large boldsimple font in order for the reader to see straight away what the name of the magazine is. Similarly Idecided to stick with the masthead being placed at the top of the page as I personally believe that
  2. 2. the specific area of the page is the most effective and successful when wanting to achieve aprofessional outcome and standard. Likewise similarities that stayed reasonably the same were thesell lines as I made sure that they didn’t distract the audience from the main bleed by aligning themaround however I kept to the sell lines being on both the right and left hand side.Throughout the process of producing my final magazine I felt myself improving on not onlyknowledge based items however on the skilful side from getting to know the technology better andin further depth. I felt like I improved on the production side when trying to create a professionalpiece of coursework as I got to know what colours and fonts were acceptable in order to besuccessful. Therefore I ensured that once again like my preliminary task I stuck to keeping a housestyle which in my final case ended up to be black, white and red. By only having a few colours has alarger impact on success in comparison to using a wide variety as it doesn’t confuse the reader andit influences them to interpret that they are more likely to buy a trustworthy and professional stylemagazine as they have a presentable format.Furthermore I feel whilst going through the drafting process of my magazine that I have improvedand developed many new and existing skills throughout the software and technology. I feel a lotmore confident on using certain programmes such as photoshop and indesign as these weresignificantly important when producing a successful magazine, and were a necessity when wantingto achieve a higher grade. When I first made my preliminary task I had no idea how to use indesigntherefore just made a basic magazine on photoshop, however as the course progressed we wereintroduced to new programmes such as indesign where we learned new skills such as text wrappingetc. Learning these new skills such as the text wrapping was very beneficial as it made theproduction side of the magazine a whole lot easier when wanting to layout particular images aroundthe page, and when we wanted to move something the way it automatically reacted and moved thetext around the image or layer.The two images above display the ways in which I had learned to apply the text wrapping techniquein order for paragraphs to make sense and follow on effectively in order for the reader to easilynavigate themselves from section to section.Overall I believe that I have made a massive progression from my preliminary task to the final pieceas I have been able to expand, improve and develop on my knowledge enough so to make aprofessional looking final piece. This is all due to the fact that I have learnt about new software andtechnology which includes photoshop and indesign and was able to apply my newly foundknowledge to improve on the basic skills that I had when producing the preliminary task.