Open Day 30 June 2012 - Study Abroad


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Open Day 30 June 2012 - Study Abroad

  1. 1. Go Further: Opportunities to Study and Work AbroadInternational Development Office
  2. 2. Internationalisation at Swansea• We are committed to enhancing the student experience and graduate employability through increased student mobility• A recent survey by i-Graduate, showed ‘around 60% of the country’s top employers indicate that experience of international study enhances employability’
  3. 3. Internationalisation at Swansea Study and Work Abroad Summer programmes Swansea International Award Languages for All
  4. 4. What’s in it for you? A fantastic life-changing experience! Skills valued by employers  confidence  adaptability  cultural awareness  initiative  communication skills
  5. 5. Go Futher with Swansea University!Study or work abroad……for a year …a semester …or during the summer vacation
  6. 6. Study Abroad Study exchange links with over 100 universities worldwide Destinations include:  Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Patagonia (Argentina), Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & the USA. (The destinations open to you will depend on your degree programme)  Full list of partner universities:
  7. 7. Go Further with Degree schemes which offer...• a four year programme with year 1 year spent abroadand / or• 3 year programmes with a semester LawAmerican Studies PsychologyBusiness & Economics PhysicsDevelopment Studies MathsEngineering MediaEnglish and Gender Studies PoliticsGeography PPEHistory, Classics and Ancient History War & SocietyInternational Relations ...if your degree scheme is not listed we are adding more all the time and there are many other opportunities....
  8. 8. A Year in the USA…Tilly InglebyStudying American Studies andEnglishYear abroad at University ofMaryland, Baltimore County‘Best year of my life without a doubt! Yougrow up in ways you never thoughtimaginable’
  9. 9. Nursing in Denmark…Michael DaviesStudying NursingSemester in Denmark,Copenhagen‘It was a fantastic opportunity, onewhich greatly benefited me bothpersonally and professionally. I hadan opportunity to see most of acountry I probably wouldnt havevisited without the assistance of theUniversity’
  10. 10. Work Abroad• British Council language assistantships (language students only)• Erasmus work placements• Swansea University internships’ summer programme with multinational companies in India and China• Voluntary work on our summer programmes (DISCOVERY)
  11. 11. Summer work placement in India and China… Zhao Geng Studying Computer Science 3 month Internship Thomson Reuters in Bangalore ‘I worked intensively with my team to achieve the results, communication between the colleagues and the team was very important. Now I’m studying for a PhD in computer science. After the internship, we published a poster in a computer graphics premium conference called Eurographics’
  12. 12. Summer Programmes 2012
  13. 13. A Taste of India... • Lessons in Indian customs, history, politics and spirituality • Volunteer work with poor communities • Cultural visits to historic monuments, an ashram, elephant camp to name but a few!
  14. 14. Study in China • Learn mandarin • Learn about Chinese culture, history and society • Cultural field trips and excursions
  15. 15. Discover Zambia! Volunteer programme with a focus on these key themes: • Livelihood • Environment • Social Harmony • Health • Children and young people
  16. 16. Summer in the USA• New Communication Technologies in the US (media focusedprogramme in Colorado)• Law, Criminal Justice and Anti-terrorism (in Oklahoma)
  17. 17. Funding• Erasmus scheme for study within Europe • Students on study or work abroad placements are entitled to a grant of approx 300 Euros a month• Summer programme bursaries • The IDO provide funding for summer programme placements• Widening Participation & disability bursaries • Supplementary funding for study abroad and summer programme participants
  18. 18. Thank you!