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March 52014


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March 52014

  1. 1. March 5, 2014 Today is an A Day MAP word of the day – Quote The character word for the month of March: Patience- “being able to accept and tolerate delay or troubles.”-Caroline-8Green Thought Of The Day-: “For anything worth having one must pay the price; and the price is always work, patience, love, self-sacrifice - no paper currency, no promises to pay, but the gold of real service.” John Burroughs Attendance for March 4-% -If you’re healthy we need you here! If you don’t have time for breakfast at home you can eat a good breakfast in the Sperreng Cafeteria in the morning before school starts. Dress up rather than down for school!! Girls, just a reminder that when wearing yoga pants or leggings, they must be covered with a shirt, skirt, shorts or a dress that reaches mid-thigh in order to be appropriately attired for school! Students, please DO NOT open any doors to let people into the building. Visitors must buzz in and check in at the Guidance Office. For everyone’s safety please observe this rule! REMINDER FOR ALL 8TH GRADE STUDENTS: In order for 8th grade students to be eligible to attend the recognition and celebration event that is held at the end of the school year, 8th graders MUST have paid all fines and not be required to attend summer school for academic or attendance reasons. Bowling will be starting on March 25th.Please pick up your forms from Mrs. Miles (225), Mrs. Perley (202) or in the front commons. Mrs. Gloss' Flyer Time is collecting pull tabs for Ronald McDonald House. Boxes will be distributed to your Flyer Time and the Flyer Time with the fullest boxes will receive a Krispy Kreme party. Soda tab collection has been extended to Thursday, April 17. A bar graph of results is located in the cafeteria. Every year the Middle School and High School faculty participate in a fun game of basketball to help raise money for Project Graduation on March 7. The elementary students compete in the hula hoop contest and new this year will be the 1st Annual Middle School Shoot Out! For more details check the flyer that is in the Virtual Back Pack and on Sperreng’s Facebook page.
  2. 2. Key Club & Interact at LHS and Interact and Trend groups at both middle schools are sponsoring a shoe collection drive. The Shoeman Water Project collects shoes to raise money to build wells. You can check out more about it at How does it work? 1. Shoes in good condition are sold at an inexpensive cost. This raises money to build wells. It also gives a person a way to earn money by running the shoe store. 2. Shoes that aren't reusable are recycled! If you have any shoes you were planning on getting rid of, please consider bringing them on or before 3/7. Shoe boxes located throughout the building. Parmeley Family Fundraising Spirit Week- March 10-14. Monday, March 10th  Pajama Day  After School 3v3 8th Grade Basketball Tournament Tuesday, March 11th  Cowboy Western Day  After School 3v3 7th Grade Basketball Tournament Wednesday, March 12th  Crayon Day  After School 3v3 6th Grade Basketball Tournament Thursday, March 13th  Beach Day  After School Divergent Movie Premier Party - Library Friday, March 14th  Green and Gold Day  Movie Day (Altered Schedule) o o o o 7:40-9:25- Students in their assigned movie rooms 9:25- Teachers escort their movie groups to the Large Gym 9:30- 10:55- Faculty/Student basketball games 11:05 End of school day- Students report back to team areas? After School Activities Builder’s club-Truman Library Trend-Truman Stuco Robotics-Group A Get ’Er Done!
  3. 3. For Parents *Attendance Hotline to report absences is 314-729-2425 *Lunch Money- Please put all checks and cash in a lunch envelope with your student’s first and last name before it is deposited into the drop box. *Bus Notes-When your student is riding home with a friend or a friend is riding home with your child, both student’s parents must write a note giving permission. You can find bus note forms in the Virtual Backpack. Faculty supervisi on dates by week week March 3-7 AM DUTY Team 11 teachers large gym -4 3 Sumner, Hansel, Benoist, Ellis front common s/bus drop off Hof supervision dates by week Week Team walkers/bikes buses 3 Schneider Giesing Slattery Finch Hallwa ys Hunt cafeteria - 4 Manle y Moser, Rheinecker, Rathjen, Roy PM DUTY parent pick up parent drop off 7 Gold corn er March 3-7 Explanation of Friday’s Movie Day band room DAILY Library T&H year
  4. 4. So the greatest challenge is pulling this off, but here is what we have to date. All students will sign up during lunch times and select a movie to view that morning. Teachers supervising the movie rooms will have a list of students in their mailbox by the end of school on Thursday 3/13. Movie rooms can/will have a mix of students from all grade levels. Due to worries about copyright issues, students will donate money for the opportunity to attend. Teams are encouraged to set standards for those who cannot attend (i.e. if your team has a quarter incentive of all homework turned in, or no F’s, those students could remain on team in a study hall to make up missing work or improve on assessments). We will have the following movies available: 1. Despicable Me 2- the library- Amy Sears 2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2- Little Theater- Scheidy 3. Monsters University4. Finding Nemo5. Tangled6. Wreck it Ralph7. Madagascar 38. Toy Story 9. Sleeping Beauty10. The Lorax-6 Gold We are looking to have teams select one of the open movies above and host in your team area. We advise using your science rooms as they are typically the largest rooms. We are capping our audience in the library and little theater at 100. All others will be capped at 40. Off team and elective teachers will be encouraged to monitor and supervise hallways and perhaps assist with our concession stand that will be set up in the front commons. The fantastic Amy Sears is working on providing us with some DVD players that we can set up in your teams.