Flyers track registration packet 2013


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Flyers track registration packet 2013

  1. 1. 2013 Middle School Cross Country Registration Packet Read each page please but return only the last page of the packet to the main office of each middle school – fill out both sides of it
  2. 2. Philosophy: The middle school cross country program incorporates hill, interval, tempo, and cross training methods all within a framework that educates and progressively trains the student athletes to develop more confidence physiologically and psychologically and a competitive edge. The Basics…. 1. The central focus is the development of the athletes’ confidence. 2. All training is designed to physiologically and psychologically enhance the individual to function as close to his/her maximum potential in races, i.e., we train to compete not participate. 3. Training will be consistent and progressive. 4. All talent levels and abilities are WELCOME. 5. The Flyer Cross Country Program will be hard work but also fun and rewarding! 6. Each member of the Cross Country Team is expected to pay $25 to offset the cost of t-shirts, medals, the end of the season party, and additional training equipment. Make checks payable to: Lindbergh Track Uniforms…. 7. Team competition Tanks MUST be bought from the team website. It can be found under the “Clubs” link on each M.S.’s website and should be available for purchase by 8/23 and must be purchased by the deadline of 11:59pm on Labor Day, Monday, September 2nd . Tanks bought in previous seasons are current, there is no need to buy another. 8. Runners are to provide their own mostly black shorts for race day.
  3. 3. Practice….. Mondays 9. The practices will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. Due to no shuttles buses on Mondays practices on Mondays will be held on their respective campuses. SMS runners practicing at SMS and TMS runners practicing at TMS. Monday practices will be over and the runners ready for pickup by 4:00 on Mondays. THERE ARE NO Activity buses on Mondays. All runners will need to be picked up at the school. Wednesdays 10.All practices on Wednesdays are at Truman and run from 2:55-4:15. We will meet at the pavilion. All runners from both schools will practice at TRUMAN on Wednesdays. SMS students will take a shuttle to TMS on Wednesdays for practice. This will only apply to the first several weeks. Once races begin, they are typically on Wednesdays and then there will be one practice weekly on Mondays at each campus. 11. Athletes who need to wrap up their workout early to take the activity bus at 4:00 on Wednesdays may do so. 12.Athletes may leave early if needed, Attendance at all practices is NOT mandatory. 13.Make sure all valuables are left under the pavilion or in your school locker (if you are a TMS student) during practice. Bring water. 14.After school activity buses will be available after all Wednesday practices but not on Mondays. 15. Transportation will be provided to the XC Meets. THERE WILL NOT BE A BUS BACK TO SCHOOL AFTER THE RACES. PLEASE ARRANGE TO HAVE YOUR SON/DAUGHTER PICKED UP AT THE RACE. CARPOOLING IS FINE. Team Expectations…. 16. Academic or Discipline issues at school may lead to missed races or dismissal from the team. “It’s a Great day to be a Flyer!”
  4. 4. 2013 Middle School Cross Country Schedule Practice days and sites are set. Race dates and sites will be set on 8/31. That information will be emailed out and put on the team website under the “clubs” tab. Monday 8/26 – Practice at SMS & TMS Wednesday 8/28 – Practice @ TMS Monday 9/2 – Practice at SMS & TMS Wednesday 9/4 – Practice @ TMS Monday 9/9 – Practice at SMS & TMS Wednesday 9/11 – Practice @ TMS Monday 9/16 – Practice at SMS & TMS Wednesday 9/18 – Practice @ TMS Monday 9/23 – Practice at SMS & TMS Wednesday 9/25 – Race see below Monday 9/30 – Practice at SMS & TMS Wednesday 10/2 – Race see below Monday 10/7 – Practice at SMS & TMS Wednesday 10/9 – Race see below Monday 10/14 – Practice at SMS & TMS Wednesday 10/16 – Race see below —————————————————–—-————————————— Race Dates and Sites Wednesday 9/25 —@ TBA Wednesday 10/2 – @ TBA Wednesday 10/9 – @ TBA Wednesday 10/16 – @ TBA Race Times Boys 4:15 @ each race/Girls – immediately following boys (approx. 4:40)
  5. 5. Team Sign-up Form Please fill out all of the information on both sides of this page. Sign-up forms are due as soon as possible. Registration will be cut off by Friday, August 30, 2013. Please fill out and sign all information on below Athlete’s Name________________________________Grade_______Team____ Parent/Guardian CONTACT name______________________________________ Home phone______________Work_________________Cell________________ Email(please print)__________________________________________________ Address____________________________________________________ ZipCode____________ Other sports you are currently in (during XC season) _______________________________________________ Other sports you currently play in other seasons
  6. 6. Parents, please go over these rules with your son or daughter and sign and return this form with the registration LINDBERGH CROSS COUNTRY Road Running Safety Rules Due to the nature of training necessary for success in cross country, it is necessary for athletes to run off campus occasionally. The following are rules discussed with all new runners and should be reviewed and signed by the runners and parents. These rules are implemented to help insure the safety of runners when training off campus with the team or on their own. 1 - If a sidewalk is available, ALWAYS run on the sidewalk or the grassy area next to it. 2 - If forced to run on the shoulder of, or near, any road, ALWAYS run facing traffic, i.e. on the left side of the road. This feels unnatural to new runner, as we spend our lives riding in cars on the right. Running on the left allows you to see cars coming toward you and to stop and get well away from any car driving near the right lane line. 3 - Always attempt to make eye contact with oncoming drivers. This assures you that they see you and know you are there. With the increased use of cell phones and texting leading to inattention of drivers, you MUST be aware of their actions. 4 - If crossing an intersection with a stop light while running on your own, use the pedestrian cross walk and walk light. NEVER cross against the light. Keeping your heart rate up is never more important than safety. 5 - Be aware of cars pulling out of driveways and store parking lots. If they are making a right turn, they are often looking to the left for an opening in traffic and may not see you coming from their right. Always go behind such cars, unless they specifically look and you and motion for you to cross. 6 - You should always run in groups or at least one other teammate or person. If someone must slow down, walk, or is hurt, a teammate is to stay with them until a coach arrives. No workout is so important that a teammate is left alone off campus. 7 - When running in the neighborhoods around campus, be good neighbors. When cars approach, run single file to give the car plenty of room. That makes you safer and the driver more comfortable about sharing a neighborhood street. I have read the safety rules and understand that it my responsibility to help insure my own safety and that of my teammates. Print Athlete Name Athlete Signature Parent Signature