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Sperreng Newsletter- January, 2013


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Sperreng Newsletter- January, 2013

  1. 1. Page 4 January, 2013 The Horizon Sperreng Middle School A Note from the Principal Parents and Guardians Second semester is underway and we‘re off and running. Thanks for all of your help and sup- port during first semester. We had a wonderful finish to the year, with so many student suc- cesses! We are looking forward to the same this second semester. Please work with your child‘s teachers – call, email, come up to team meetings, etc… to partner with us to help your student succeed. We are always concerned about safety. In light of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings we are reviewing our procedures. I think we have a very safe campus and I know your student is watched very carefully while they are here. We have 680 students that we want to help learn and achieve each day. If you have any suggestions about how we can do a better job of keep- Principal ing students and adults safe on our campus please don‘t hesitate to call or email me. Dr. Mark Eggers As we move into the spring we prepare for MAP Tests. The MAP testing dates will come out in the near future. Please mark those weeks on your calendar. We are testing a couple of (Grade 8) weeks later than we have in the past. Students and teachers in English Language Arts (ELA) Assistant Principal and math are using their monthly eValuate Test results to identify skill areas of weakness or concern. Please encourage your student to do their best on the monthly test. We‘ll have a Mr. Clint Walker MAP Test Prep Day and MAP Assembly again this year. We‘ll plan special food items to en- (Grades 6 & 7) courage and sharpen our testers. We had outstanding results last year (#3 middle school in the St. Louis area) and we‘re challenging ourselves to improve.Inside this issue: We continue to work at building relationships between individuals within the building. OurA Message From The Assistant Page 2 Character Education Committee (led by Shelli Manley, Kim Onder, Amy Richards, and ClintPrincipal Walker) has done an outstanding job of developing and building quality learning experiencesFood Service Update Page 3 into our Flyer Time every Tuesday and Thursday. In the near future you‘ll see survey resultsGuidance Information Page 4 from our Flyer Time classes taken before the holiday break. I have witnessed so many won-Library Project Page 5 derful individual classes and situations of developing strong, rich and encouraging relation- ships during the first semester. Please ask your child about Flyer Time. Please help us keepReminder From The Nurse Page 6 developing our building culture so that we continue to grow into a place that students ―don‘tActivities and LAA Page 7 want to leave.‖Digital Literacy and Page 8P.E. Information BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) continues to grow. More and more students bring devices to school that will help them learn and achieve. Thanks for your help and encouragement of thisModern Language Information Page 9 process. I‘m amazed to watch all the wonderful ways in which students use their equipmentLEAP and MC/PTO News Page 10 in meaningful learning activities every day. We need to help them learn how to use the equip-Choir Update Page 11 ment for good and to not misuse devices. We‘re on a great path!Library Information Page 15 Have a great second semester and enjoy your student while they are at Sperreng. The years go by so fast and all of a sudden they‘re off to college and you‘ll wonder where the time went.Team Updates Pages 12-17 TAKE FLIGHT!!! Please call or email if I can be of help.Sperreng Calendar Page 18 Dr. Mark F. EggersBand Information Page 19 PrincipalImportant Dates Page 21 ―Take Flight‖
  2. 2. Page 2 The HorizonA Note from the Assistant PrincipalLetter from Assistant PrincipalDear Sperreng parents,Thank you, parents and students, for helping make first semester great. We had an excel-lent turn out for parent-teacher conference, and we appreciate your continuous support.Sperreng‘s attendance has been stellar despite the flu season taking its hold on some ofus.Flyer Time families have seen the introduction of our Pilots program. Students were cho-sen by their Flyer Times to lead activities. The Pilots meet with Mrs. Manley and Mrs. On-der to plan future activities. We also did a day of team building and leadership training forthe Pilots in November. Pilots are also spreading the word about the Lindbergh African Li-brary Project. Mrs. Sears says, ―The Lindbergh District, through the libraries, is building aspecific library in the country of Swaziland, Africa. In a nutshell, district wide we need tocollect 2000 books level k-8; raise approximately $1000 for shipping; sort, pack, and shipbooks to New Orleans by the end of March.‖ Currently, Flyer Time families are helping bybringing in books to be used at a new library.Sperreng‘s professional learning communities (PLCs) continue to use scores on Evaluate(formerly Tungsten), MAP, SRI, and curriculum pieces in an effort to individualize instruc-tion. Additionally, PLCs use time each week to share best practices and reflect upon in-structional strategies. Sperreng is always looking for ways to increase student achieve-ment, and the PLC time each week is a valuable piece of the formula. The staff is alsoparticipating in a book study of Hal Urban‘s Lessons from the Classroom: 20 Things GoodTeachers Do. Students will see many of these lessons second semester and in the yearsto come.Thank you Sperreng community for all your support.Clint Walker314.729.2400 x2420
  3. 3. The Horizon Page 3 CHARTWELLS FOOD SERVICE UPDATE The USDA has listened to students across the United States! They have recently released new guidelines which eliminates the weekly maximums for proteins and grains. What does this mean for Sperreng Middle School students? Cheeseburgers and Chicken Patty Sandwiches will be offered daily for the $2.65 price. More grain options in Casa Amigo (Mexican Line) 6‖ Sub Buns in Crisp Line (sandwiches made to order) vs. 4‖ buns. Also chips being added to enhance meal. Dominoes pizza is BACK!! Dominoes will be offered every Wednesday. 8th Grade Reminder:8th Grade students are reminded that in order to be eligible to attendthe recognition and celebration event that is held at the end of theschool year, students will need to have paid all fines and not be re-quired to attend summer school for academic or attendance reasons. HOMEWORK RECOVERY The last day for Homework Recovery for first semester will be December 18, 2012. Homework Recovery will resume on January 29, 2013 (taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays).Caring is: ―helping someone when they are hurt or upset.‖ - Carter, 8th Grade
  4. 4. Page 4 The Horizon Sperreng Guidance and Counseling Department Sixth Grade (A-J): It has been a busy first semester in the Sperreng Guidance Office! 6 th grade guidance les- sons have included careers and cyber- bullying. 7th graders experienced six weeks of BJC Tina Christanell intersections lessons and were identified for Duke TIP/Joseph Baldwin Nominations. While Sixth Grade (K-Z): 8th grade students took the EXPLORE test, had lessons on interrupting their EXPLORE re- sults, and visited South Technical High School. All students participated in a needs assess- Aaron Swatosh ment providing an opportunity to participate in counseling groups. For parents, a Safe Surf Seventh Grade: night was offered during student led conferences and 8 th grade parents were presented how to interrupt their students EXPLORE results at EXPLORE parent night. Aaron Swatosh Eighth Grade: Third quarter guidance activities will include: Tina Christanell 6th Grade: On January 22nd, 7th grade course recommendation forms will be distributed Social Worker: through Social Studies classes. Their final course selections will need to be returned to their Social Studies teacher by January 31st. Carol Sosa Guidance Secretary: 7th Grade: Wednesday, January 9th will be 7th grade Ability Awareness Day. On January 23rd, 8th grade course recommendation forms will be distributed through Social Studies Gemey McNabb classes. Their final course selections will need to be returned to their Social Studies teacher by January 31st. 8th Grade: All 8th grade students will have group high school scheduling presentations on January 16th. On January 23rd, 8 Green students will work on individual high school sched- uling during Social Studies. On January 24th, 8 Gold students will work on individual high school scheduling during Social Studies. Final high school course selections will need to be returned to their Social Studies teachers by Friday, February 8 th. 8th Grade Parents Only: On Monday, January 30th, from 6-7 in the high school auditorium, a high school scheduling presentation will be held for current 8th grade parents only. While from 7-8, curriculum night will be held for all parents and students attending Lindbergh High School next year. Fourth quarter guidance activities will be involved with MAP testing. Specific dates and times will be included in the next newsletter. Opportunities available to all Sperreng Students: A+ Tutoring: Free tutoring with high school students. Available after school on Tuesday‘s and Thursday‘s from 2:45 – 4:00. If interested, please advise your counselor in advance because space is limited. Presidential Service Award: To earn, you must perform 50 hours of service in a 12 month period (January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012). If interested, the forms are available in the guidance office. Counseling Groups: At different times throughout the year, we will be offering groups in emotional wellness, grief, divorce, social connections, and anger management. If you feel your student is in need of one of these groups, please contact your counselor. For specific dates and times of the events listed, please refer to the guidance website page or the weekly enotes.Peace is: ―respecting others space‖ - Irma, 7th Grade
  5. 5. The Horizon Page 5 Update on Lindbergh‘s African Library ProjectThe librarians are in full swing collecting books for Africa. To date, wehave collected approximately 1500 of our 2000 book goal. We haveraised $162 of our $1000 shipping goal. During the month of Decem-ber, students were allowed to bring in books for the African Library Pro-ject to erase their library late fines. After the holiday break, there will bemore opportunities for students to help with this project, so stay tuned.For information on our charity and to chart our progress, please visit ourwebpage at: and scroll down until you see the Lindbergh page. SCHOLASTC BOOK FAIR was a HUGE Success The Scholastic Book fair was held during student led conferences the last week in October, and thanks to parent and student sup- port, it was a huge success. The fair proceeds purchased 134 new books for the library, and over $600 in books were given away to teachers and students. Thanks to the volunteers and everyone who made this fair a success! Our next book fair begins February 25, so mark your calendars. Is your student doing on-line RESEARCH at home?It‘s that time of year when research projects are in full swing. Here are some tips to help your stu- dent find credible facts for their projects: Use the on-line DATABASES provided by the district. Databases are on-line sources for veri- fied information (basically a search engine with credible results). There are four databases that students should use: World Book, Biography, Gale Article Re- source, and Ebsco (Missouri school database). Please visit the library website for links: Working from home, students need pass codes to access the databases. Please have them stop by the library for a ―home research help card‖ which will include passwords and instructions. Don‘t have them use Wikipedia. Anyone can alter the page, so the infor- mation is rarely complete or accurate.Peace is: ―not fighting over our many differences.‖ - Max, 7th Grade Revised 6/27/12
  6. 6. Page 7 The Horizon REMINDERS FROM THE NURSE’S OFFICE The flu season is upon us! The yearly flu vaccine is the first and most important step in protecting against flu viruses. People with flu can spread it to others up to about 6 feet away! Most experts think that flu viruses are spread mainly by droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. Less often, a person might also get flu by touching a surface or object that has flu virus on it and then touching their own mouth or nose. Individuals with flu may be able to infect others beginning 1 day before symptoms develop and up to 5-7 days after becoming sick as well as while you are sick. Take everyday preventive actions to stop the spread of germs: Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it. Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not avail- able, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Germs spread this way. Try to avoid close contact with sick people. If you are sick with flu-like illness, stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone without the use of a fever-reducing medicine. While sick, limit contact with others as much as possible to keep from infect- ing them.Caring is: ―the ability to see when someone needs help and ‗feeling‘ for them.‖ - Joe, 8th grade
  7. 7. The Horizon Page 6 THE LINDBERGH ACTIVITIES DEPARTMENT Lindbergh Activities/LAA - December/January- A Time for New Beginnings! At this time, we would like to thank all of our families for participating in the LAA/District Ac- tivity office after-school classes and Saturday sports programs. Please watch for flyers coming home the first part of December announcing classes/sports programs that will be starting up after the first of the year. Class and sports information is also given to each school for virtual backpack postings. LAA—Basketball games begin Friday, January 4, 2013. REGISTRATIONS Volleyball—Grades 4-8, January 2013 Spring Soccer—Grade K-8, January 2013 Baseball/Softball— January 2013 Equipment—If you need basketball equipment or need to turn in soccer equipment, please contact Matt Seeker, 314-496-4013. Equipment is NOT to be kept until the next season. Activities—Watch for new registrations coming home during the month of December and early January. New and returning classes include: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary/ Lyrical Dance, Eye-amazing Art, Driver Education, Guitar, Gymnastics, Monday Madness, Missouri Seasons, Photography, French, Piano, Little Mozarts Piano, Piano for Middle School Students, and many more to come. PILOT PROGRAMS Tennis—indoor. School Only Classes—Please check with your school office or P.E. teacher for classes that are offered just for YOUR SCHOOL. Flyers are sent home with students and releases are posted on your schools virtual backpack. Some of these classes are; Inflatables/Challenge Course, Running Club and Monday Madness. SATURDAY BLAST—Watch for the return of Saturday Blast in late January/early February. Information and registration forms are available by going to the district home page, click on the parent button then Activities. If you are looking for sports then click on Lindbergh Athletic Association (LAA). Sammye LaRose, Wilma Desnoyer, Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Great start to the New Year. We hope to see you soon. Bill Hopkins, Nancy LaRose, Wilma Desnoyer, Sammye LaRoseCaring is: ―the ability to see when someone needs help and ‗feeling‘ for them.‖ - Joe, 8th grade
  8. 8. Page 8 The Horizon DIGITAL LITERACYWelcome to Digital Literary. January and February will be primarily spent working with Mi-crosoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint). Please send your son/daughter with a flash drive so that he/she may save any files to be worked on at a laterdate. Also, we are really pushing the BYOD (bring your own devices) policy at Sperreng, sofeel free to allow your sons/daughters to bring their electronic devices as we will certainlybe using them this semester. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail me atjhansel@lindberghschools.wsJosh Hansel, Digital Literacy Teacher PHYSICAL EDUCATIONDuring January and February in physical education students will beengaged in activities specific to using heart rate monitors. Girls P.E.will also participate in a dance unit with a Dance for Heart Party onValentines Day. Preferred Family Services will be presenting les-sons on Domestic Violence and Advertisement Influence in healthclasses. Girls PE will also shift to the use of the supertracker to log physical activity(nutrition/food was logged 2nd term).Boys physical education students will be doing heart monitor training in January andwill swim in February from February 11 through February 15. Girls will swim fromFebruary 4 through February 8.ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTERParents are reminded to check the box on the Enrollment Data Verification Form regarding their prefer-ence of newsletter receipt. In an interest to be more timely with delivery and conscientious about paperand postage use, we have moved to an electronic newsletter. We will simply email the newsletter to theaddress indicated on the form. Of course, we will happily continue to mail newsletters to our “hands-on”parents. Copies of previous editions of the newsletter, may be found on Sperreng’s webpage under theheading “Newsletters.”It is very important that we keep our email addresses updated. Please notify us of any changes so that you may also re-ceive the Principal’s weekly enote.Peace is: ―when we all stand together.‖ - Hayley, 7th Grade
  9. 9. The Horizon Page 9 FRENCH—7TH AND 8TH GRADESeventh grade students are continuing with their study of Unit 1. They will be learningclassroom objects, the verb être, and adjectives.Eighth grade students are continuing with Unit 2. We will be finishing Unit 2 and startingUnit 3 in the middle of January. Students are encouraged to study and practice theirFrench at least 10 minutes each night. Please check for homework on my website: I have set up a Remind101 account. If you’d like to signup for it, please e-mail me and I’ll send you the information. GERMAN—7TH AND 8TH GRADEIn January, seventh grade students will be reviewing what they learned first semesterand beginning Chapter 3. They will be learning to talk about where they are from, useverbs correctly and use the formation “kein/keine”. Eighth grade students will be con-tinuing Chapter 6, learning about school subjects and stem vowel changing verbs.Students are encouraged to study with the websites set up for our book. They can findthem on my website, along with links to my blog and Facebook where homework islisted. You can also get Remind 101 texts and e-mails. Please contact me if you don’t know how toaccess any of this information! SPANISHIn seventh grade we are learning ways to describe ourselves and others using the verb"ser". We are working up to a test pretty soon and hopefully will start our pen pal pro-ject with Truman middle school.In eighth grade we are learning clothing words, colors and seasons so we can talkabout how we dress at different times of the year. Students are encouraged to studytheir Spanish at least ten minutes every night. Vocabulary lists are in their packets aswell as on my website. A link to my website is on the Sperreng site. If you need to contact me, feelfree to email me at 6TH GRADE WORLD CULTURESStudents in World Cultures this semester will get a sampling of the French, German and Spanishlanguages and cultures throughout the semester. Students will receive a scheduling form for nextyear where they will have the chance to sign up for a language for next year. If you have any ques-tions regarding the scheduling form, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher!Peace is: ―being respectful of others wishes and choosing not to fight.‖ - Jacquelyn, 7th Grade
  10. 10. Page 10 The Horizon L.E.A.P. (Lindbergh Eager Achievers Program)Who can believe that we are ready to begin third quarter? I‘m so proud of how hard all students havebeen working. I absolutely love watching your children grow and mature each day. Let‘s take a look atwhat has been happening in LEAP.Sixth Grade: Sixth graders spent the quarter studying critical thinking, the brain,and learning styles. Be sure to ask your child if they are right or left brained, andwhat their ―color‖ is. I hope all students brought their labeled brain hats home foryou to see. They were very proud of the work that went into these, and it was veryfunny to see them walking around school in them. We finished up the quarter do-ing a bit of group work. Students created ―brain fact‖ power points and presentedthem to class. We will be looking at our learning styles right after the holiday.Seventh and Eighth Grade: My Seventh and Eighth Grades have been extremely busy workingon multi-genre projects. Seventh graders have been studying issues of National importance,while Eighth graders have been studying issues of International Importance. All students arecreating projects which contain a nonfiction piece, a fiction piece, a creative piece,and a creative media piece based on the notes and research they collected on theirtopics. They are creating notebooks on their topics and will be presenting these rightbefore break. Many are very passionate about their topics, and I can‘t wait to seefinished products.I hope you have a wonderful holiday! MOTHERS’ CLUB/PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION Thank-you to all parents who purchased Entertainment books during our recent sale. We exceeded our goal. If you are seeking volunteer opportunities at school there are a couple of activities sponsored by MC/PTO in both January and February. In January MC/PTO sponsors an Ability Awareness Day for all 7th grade students. Volunteers are needed in assisting the presenters on January 9th. Also, if you are the parent of a 7th grader you should have received information regarding Cotillion. Parents are needed to help chaperone for this event.MC/PTO will sponsor an All Middle School event at the South County Family YMCA. . Allmiddle schoolers from both Truman and Sperreng are encouraged to attend the Kids NightOut on Saturday, January 26th from 7pm-10pm. Swimming, dancing,games, basketball,and a movie are just a few of the activities that will be offered at this event.Caring is: ―helping someone out in a time of need.‖ - Zuzu, 8th Grade
  11. 11. The Horizon Page 11 CHOIR NEWSThe choir program at Sperreng Middle School is well and thriving. This fall we made over$2500 with our very successful fundraiser selling delicious cookie dough to our familiesand friends. Congratulations 7th grade choir for being our top selling class this year!!We combined with our sister school, Truman Middle, to perform our first concert of theyear on December 16. The students did an impressive job singing in foreign languagesand differing styles. Synchronicity, the combined show choir from both middle schools,dazzled at each grade level concert, too. Way to go singers!!January and February holds more opportunities for students to grow and excel as we willbe sending select groups of students to 4 different honor choirs. The students involvedwill experience challenging music under the direction of a guest conductor and perform afull concert as a culminating activity.We look forward to the middle school choir festival held in March. We‘ll start working onour literature as soon as we get back from break. All students have the opportunity to per-form at the Solo and Ensemble Festival early spring. This event is a powerful way to buildcourage in young performers.The 8th grade choir will once again go to Kansas City for the World‘s of Fun Festival of Mu-sic. The kids love this trip. It‘s tiring but so much fun. We‘ll start planning the trip in Janu-ary. Eighth grade parents, stay tuned…. And as has been our tradition we will take a se-lect group of students to sing ―God Bless America‖ in the late spring. It‘s a great way tocelebrate our successes and growth!Caring is: ―helping your friend through a hard time.‖ - Selma, 8th Grade
  12. 12. Page 12 The Horizon News From Team 6 Gold 6Social Studies—In Social Studies, students will start the quarter off with a DBQ about theLouisiana Purchase then learn their way up to the Civil War. Mrs. Hunt looks forward toseeing more great work from these wonderful sixth graders!Math—Advanced math students are working on decimals with all four operations. Regular math studentsare working on multiplying and dividing decimals and fractions.Science—Mrs. Sumner‘s science classes will be working with the king-dom unit during third quarter. After this unit, students will beginpreparation for the Suson Park field trip which will be held on May10th. Save the date...we will need a lot of parents to help!English Language Arts—Third quarter English Language Arts will be dedicated to nonfiction in English onteam 6 gold! This unit will include reading essays and biographies and completing a research project.Students will also begin intensive MAP preparation during third quarter.Mrs. Rebecca Hunt, Social StudiesMrs. Janet Perley, MathMrs. Sarah Sumner, ScienceMrs. Pam Gordon, English Language ArtsPeace is: ―working with others cooperatively.‖ - Megan, 7th Grade
  13. 13. The Horizon Page 13 News From Team 6 Green 6 Team 6 Green would like to remind you of a few helpful ideas. Supplies need to be replenished. Many students do not have pencils or paper. Please check your son‘s or daughter‘s Flyer Cards as well as their agendas to keep you informed. SIS is updated by each teacher weekly. Please check for grade updates once a week. You can check SIS, the homework hotline, or the teacher‘s website by following these links: Social Studies—In Social Studies we will be discussing chapters 11-15, the Jef- ferson era up through the beginning of the Civil War. We will also write our sec- ond DBQ about the Louisiana Purchase. Math—In math, the bingo stamp in the agenda book indicates the assignment was completed; it is still the student‘s responsibility to hand it in so that it can be recorded in SIS. Science—In science, students will begin our journey to the aquatic eco- system project guide. It will conclude with our field trip to Suson Park in May. More information will be sent home shortly. English Language Arts—In English Language Arts, students will be working on our nonfiction unit. This will include a biography research presentation and a personal narrative. Mr. Erik Dessau, Social Studies Mrs. Carol Gloss, Math Mrs. Shelli Manley, Science Mrs. Diane Slattery, English Language ArtsPeace is: ―forgiving someone even if you don‘t want to.‖ - Emma, 7 Gold
  14. 14. Page 14 The Horizon News From Team 7 Green 7Social Studies–Traveling through American history has been fun for Team 7 Green. In Decem-ber we looked at the Great Depression and the impact it had on the United States. We wroteour second DBQ essay about how the Depression affected people‘s lives. Second semester wewill study World War II which is always a favorite! If you have family members who lived throughthe Depression or were involved in the war, please share their stories with your child.Math– Students just finished a unit on fractions. We will continue fractions into higher level ratios and rates. Pre-algebra finished rational and irrational numbers. We will be exploring ratios and rates related to business math.We will be handing out some extra credit and a project in the future. Please replenish red pens, pencils and col-lege ruled paper. Good job students!Science– Our 7 Green scientists have been studying elements and compounds and their uses. Each stu-dent researched a specific element and developed a comic or story, a model, and Prezi, poster or powerpoint for the project. The projects were amazing! The students also voted on their favorite student-created model. Next semester we will begin with our unit on energy – which includes light, sound, ther-mal energy, magnetism, and electricity! We have a variety of cool activities planned! English Language Arts—In December students read mystery novels in literature groups. They filled out role sheets as they read and had quizzes for each third of the book. Students also wrote a mys- tery story based on a Harris Burdick picture they chose. Third quarter we will do another literature circle/book club reading. The students will be reading a historical fiction novel, doing role sheets, and writing a five-paragraph essay research paper tied into the time period of their historical novel. The rest of third quarter will be focused on MAP practice and preparation. Wow, we sure will be busy!First semester is over, and it is time to reflect on your child‘s progress and successes. On Thursday, December 20thwe held our end of the quarter celebration for those students who did not get either the Responsibility or Respectportions of their Flyer Cards filled up with signatures, and were passing their core classes. When students return inJanuary, they will start over with a new flyer card and a clean slate. It‘s also time to replenish supplies and get re-charged for the new quarter and the new semester.Mrs. Gretchen Moser, Social StudiesMs. Deanne Laird, MathMs. Angela Rathjen, ScienceMrs. Kathy Makos, English Language ArtsPeace is: ―working in harmony for a better world‖ - Clara, 7th Grade
  15. 15. The Horizon Page 15 News From Team 7 Gold 7 Social Studies— Social Studies students will be learning about World War 2 and the Cold War in January. Students will have another DBQ essay to do as well. Math— Starting in January, students will be given weekly MAP review sheets. They will be given on Friday and due the following Friday. Students will also be working on rates and ratios and then move into a geometry unit. Pre—Algebra—Starting in January, students will be given weekly MAP review sheets. They will be given on Friday and due the following Friday. Students will be given the Algebra placement test in January. During the month of January students will also be working on a percent‘s unit. In February, pre- algebra students will be working on a geometry unit. Science—Students will be learning about different forms of energy during the month of January. Students will be starting with thermal energy. English Language Arts— In January, English Language Arts students will be starting a historical fiction unit. Students will be reading histori- cal fiction books and will be completing a research paper, following MLA guidelines about the time period of their book. Mr. Steve Rheinecker, Social Studies Mrs. Nicole Jackson, Math Mrs. Angela Schneider, Science Mrs. Amber Hardin, English Language ArtsPeace is: ―compromise and a find a solution to fighting‖ - Jacob, 7th Grade―
  16. 16. Page 16 The Horizon News From Team 8 Green 8Social Studies—In Social Studies, 8 Green students will be learning about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire during the month of January and then will be mov- ing on to study the ―Middle Ages‖ during February. Challenge social studies students will be participating in National History Day activities at the end of January and we begin Model United Nations activities to- wards the end of February.Pre-Algebra—In Pre-Algebra, students will be working with various types of exponentsand roots. Pre-Algebra students will continue to have a weekly MAP. Algebra—Algebrastudents will be doing a Chapter on solving systems of equations.Both algebra and pre-algebra students will continue to have a weekly MAP packetgiven to them on Monday and collected on Friday. Science—In science, students will begin the unit on weather. They will concentrate on weather patterns, climate change and begin looking at the effect of human activity on Earth‘s natural resources toward the end of February. Challenge students will be finish- ing their research papers and begin conducting their experiments.English Language Arts—Students had a great first semester and spent the month of De-cember reading and performing the play ―Sorry, Wrong Number‖ by Lucille Fletcher. Theirnew knowledge of drama will be applied when we travel to the high school in February towatch a sneak preview performance of the musical, ―How to Succeed in Business WithoutReally Trying.‖ This semester we will begin reading Elie Wiesel‘s memoir, Night. As a com-panion piece, each student will be researching a specific aspect of the Holocaust, whichwill be published on a classroom Wiki page.Mr. Mark Giesing, Social StudiesMr. Rob Pryor, MathMs. Chelsea Simon, ScienceMs. Kristin Goehri, English Language ArtsPeace is: ―getting along with your neighbor.‖ - Ellen, 7th Grade
  17. 17. The Horizon Page 17 News From Team 8 Gold 8As we begin second semester, please make sure your child has cleaned their binder out and has the appropriatesupplies for all classes, including paper, pencils, grading pens, etc.Social Studies – In World History we have just finished a tour of the different river civiliza-tions of the ancient world. The Students learned about Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, In-dia, and China. We are in the middle of working on the Classical Civilizations of Greeceand Rome. After the Classical Civilizations we will take a tour of the Medieval World.Algebra – Second semester began with a study of systems of linear equations. We will also be working on prop-erties of exponents and polynomials. This half of the year tends to be more challenging for some students, so it‘snecessary to keep up with assignments and ask for help when needed.Pre-Algebra – Pre-algebra finished the first semester with a unit on writing and graphing linear equations. Thesestudents have begun second semester with a study of functions, powers, and roots.All math students have weekly standardized test practice. Class notes are kept in a blue note packet whichshould be used to study for tests and quizzes. Science – We start the new semester will a unit on space science. The relationship between the Earth, Moon, and Sun will be the major focus. The seasons combined with tides and eclipses will get a lot of focus during this unit. We will then move to Weather and Climate to end the 1st Quarter. MAP test is just around the corner, get ready!English Language Arts - Students had a great first semester and spent the month of Decem-ber reading and performing the play "Sorry, Wrong Number" by Lucille Fletcher. Their newknowledge of drama will be applied when we travel to the high school in February to watch asneak preview performance of the musical "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Try-ing." This semester, we will begin reading Elie Wiesels memoir, Night. As a companion piece,each student will be researching a specific aspect of the Holocaust, which will be publishedon a classroom Wiki page. Parents, keep your eyes open for a email inviting you to view yourstudents work on the classroom Wiki page!Mr. Bret Scheidenhelm, Social StudiesMrs. Judi Fuchs, MathMr. Kevin Finch, ScienceMs. Colleen McCarthy, English Language ArtsPeace is: ―being able to understand each other‘s point of view.‖ - Noah, 7th Grade
  18. 18. Page 18 The HorizonSPERRENG MIDDLE SCHOOL CALENDAR 2012-2013August 9—6th Grade Transition Day (8:00-2:00) January 3—School Resumes May 1—Progress Reports MailedAugust 9—New Student Visits January 8-10—Musical (7:00 p.m. Little Theater) May 8—SMS/TMS 6th Grade Band Concert (6:00-7:30 pm)August 16—School Opens May 9—SMS/TMS 5th Grade Student Orientation (1:00 pm) January 9—Ability Awareness DayAugust 23—VICC Open House (5:00-6:00 pm, LHS) January 9—Early Release Day (12:35) May 12—Choir Concerts (2:00-6:30 pm)August 23—Mother‘s Club/PTO (9:00 am)August 24—Magazine Sales Start January 15-19—Musical (7:00 p.m. Auditorium) May 14—Orchestra Concert (7:00 pm)August 30—Open House (6:30 pm) January 21—No School—MLK Day May 15—8th Grade Field DayAugust 30—Picture Day January 24—Middle School Curriculum Night (6:30 & 7:00) May 15—7th & 8th Grade Band Concerts (6:00 & 7:30 pm) January 24—Mother‘s Club/PTO (9:00 am) May 16—8th Grade Field Day—Rain Date_______________________________________ January 26—SMS/TMS YMCA Night—(6:00-10:00 pm) May 17—NO SCHOOLSeptember 3—NO SCHOOL-Labor Day January 30—LHS Curriculum Night, 8th Grade Parent Meeting (5:30) May 17—Mother‘s Club/PTO Staff Appreciation LuncheonSeptember 12– Early Release Day (12:35 pm) January 30– VICC Open House, LHS (6:30 pm) May 18—Spirit FestivalSeptember 14–Mid Quarter May 19—Night of Percussion (3:00 pm)September 19—Progress Reports Mailed _________________________________________ May 22—8th Grade Recognition Ceremony-9:30 amSeptember 24—Talent Show (6:00 pm) May 23—Fourth Quarter Ends February 8—Mid Quarter—3rd QuarterSeptember 26—Explore Test 8th Grade/Be There Day February 13—Early Release Day (12:35) May 23—Early Release (11:05 a.m.)September 27–Mother‘s Club/PTO (9:00 am/7:00 pm)September 28—NO SCHOOL— PD Day February 13—Progress Reports Mailed May 27—NO SCHOOL—Memorial Day February 18—NO SCHOOL—President‘s Day May 29—Report Cards Mailed_______________________________________ February 20-22—Sperreng Play ________________________________________October 10—Picture Retake Day February 28—Mother‘s Club/PTO Meeting(9:00 am/7:00 pm)October 19—First Quarter Ends June 3-27—Summer Band Camp (LHS,8:-00-12:00) _________________________________________October 19—Early Release Day (11:05 am)October 24—Report Cards Mailed March 6—Night of Orchestras Concert (7:00 pm)October 24—Orchestra Concert (6:00 pm, LHS) March 6– Band Contest (7:00 am-5:00 pm)October 25—Mother‘s Club/PTO (9:00 am)October 29—Scholastic Book Fair (10/29-11/2) March 8—Project Graduation Night, LHS (6:00 pm)October 30—Parent Teacher Conferences (5:00-8:00 pm) March 11—SMS/TMS Orchestra Contest (7:00 am-3:30 pm) March 14—SMS/TMS Choir Contest (7:00 am-3:30 pm)_______________________________________ March 21—Mother‘s Club/PTO (9:00 am)November 1—Parent Teacher Conferences (5:00-8:00 pm) March 22—Early Release Day (11:05)November 2—SMS/TMS 6th Grade Fun Night (6:00-8:00 pm) March 22—Third Quarter EndsNovember 5—No School-Conference Comp Day March 25-29—NO SCHOOL—Spring BreakNovember 6—No School—Voting Day March 27—Report Cards MailedNovember 10—SMS/TMS 7th Grade Fun Night (4:30-6:00pm)November 14—Early Release Day—(12:35) __________________________________________November 16—SMS/TMS 8th Grade Fun Night (6:30-9:00 pm)November 16—Mid Quarter April 1—School ResumesNovember 20—Progress Reports Mailed April 15-May 10-MAP Testing WindowNovember 21-23—NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break) April 19—Middle School Trivia Night (7:00 pm)November 27—Academic All Stars, 6th Grade (7:30 pm) April 23—Night of Jazz (7:00 p.m.– Auditorium)November 28—Middle School Explore Night (6:30 pm) April 24—Early Release Day- (12:35)November 29—Mother‘s Club/PTO (9:00 am & 7:30 pm) April 25—Mother‘s Club/PTO (9:00 am)_______________________________________ April 26—Mid Quarter Ends April 29—5th Grade Parent Orientation—(7:00 pm)December 3—Academic All Stars, 7th & 8th Grade (6:00 & 7:30 pm)December 3-4—South Tech Field Trips 8th GradeDecember 5—Early Release Day (12:35)December 5—6th Grade Band Concert (6:00 pm Auditorium)December 12—SMS/TMS 7th & 8th Grade Band Concerts (6:00 & 7:30 pm)December 13—Mother‘s Club/PTO Holiday LuncheonDecember 17—Choir Concerts (5:00-8:00 pm Auditorium)December 18—Orchestra Concerts (7:00 pm Auditorium)December 21—No School—Record DayDecember 21—Second Quarter EndsDecember 24-January 2—Winter RecessDecember 28—Report Cards Mailed ―TAKE FLIGHT‖Caring is: ―showing someone that they mean something to you.‖ - Maddy, 8th Grade
  19. 19. The Horizon Page 19 2012-2013 St. Louis All-Suburban Bands Audition Results Sperreng and Truman Middle SchoolsOn Monday, October 29, 569 seventh and eighth grade band students from the St.Louis area chose to audition for the STL All-Suburban Bands. 74 students from Sper-reng and Truman had the courage to perform their prepared audition pieces andscales for a professional adjudicator on their particular instrument. Of those 74 stu-dents, 13 were selected from Sperreng and 9 were selected from Truman. Lindberghstudents accounted for 12 out of 21 chairs in the All-Suburban Jazz Band and 10 stu-dents were selected into the Concert Band. Congratulations to the following band stu-dents for successfully auditioning into the St. Louis All-Suburban Jazz/Concert Bands: 7th grade Mike Mullins, Sperreng (1st chair jazz drumset) Cullen Curth, Sperreng (5th chair percussion) Carson Painter, Truman (4th chair baritone) Jake Abbot, Truman (6th chair tuba) 8th grade Aaron Weatherby, Sperreng (1st chair jazz trumpet) Matthew ReVeal, Sperreng (1st chair jazz alto sax) Brett Kim, Truman (3rd chair jazz trombone) Kaitlyn Hoevelman, Truman (Jazz baritone sax) Jon Mullins, Sperreng (1st chair jazz tenor sax) Asher Harris, Sperreng (2nd chair jazz tenor sax) Emily Schaper, Sperreng (5th chair jazz trumpet) Will Goetz, Sperreng (2nd chair jazz trombone) Alex Mullins, Sperreng (jazz bass trombone) Amanda Meyer, Truman (jazz bass) Kaitlyn Behrens, Truman (jazz guitar) Brooklyn Banning, Sperreng (1st chair tuba) Samantha Hartman, Truman (4th chair trombone) John Ruprecht, Truman (8th chair percussion) Amy Knost, Sperreng (1st chair flute) Samantha Sample, Sperreng (6th chair clarinet) Emily Bertin, Truman (12th chair clarinet) Leah Anderson-Little, Sperreng (14th chair clarinet)Caring is: ―helping people succeed.‖ - Courtney, 8th Grade
  20. 20. Page 20 The Horizon Middle School Winter Orchestra Concert is Tuesday, Dec. 18 at the District Auditorium on the Lindbergh HS Campus!6:30pm: Pre-concert Recital of Original MS String Compositions (see below for details)7:00pm: Winter MS String Concert featuring- The Fiddlers, 7/8 SMS Orchestra, 7/8 TMS Orchestra and the combined6th grade strings from TMS & SMS.Please join me in congratulating the following students that will be featured in The Pre-Concert Recital. Comeearly to be amazed! Compositions were selected by peer vote. 2012 SMS Composition Favorites: Grade 6 1st place: Ryan Dorsey, Mary Kate Florich & David Thien 2nd place: Hope Henningsen & Jaimi Rivers Grade 7 1st place: Zach Tesch (quartet) 2nd place: Megan Mayer Grade 8 1st place (Tie): Millie Gegg, Briana Bennett & Shalaka Nimmagadda and Leanne Dang 2nd place (Tie): Kaitlyn Crutchley & Selma Kuduzovic and Emiy SchrautThursday, Dec. 20, 1:30pm - “Holiday Extravaganza” featuring the SMS 7/8 Orchestra, Grade 8 Band, Grade 8 Choirand Show Choir held in the Sperreng Large Gym!Special Recognition and Honor!!! Congratulations to SMS gr8 Violinist, Selma Kuduzovic for being selected to represent Sperreng MS in the prestig- ious 2013 All-Suburban MS Orchestra! Congratulations to Ryan Dorsey (6th grade Orchestra member) that was nominated to represent Sperreng MS in the 2013 All-Suburban 6th grade Orchestra.COLONIAL FIDDLERS – Will perform a concert FREE TO THE PUBLIC at NOON on Saturday, Dec. 8 at the Old Court-house in downtown St. Louis with the Illinois Celtic group The Peacocks! It is a beautiful venue and wonderful way to getin the spirit of the Holidays!FIDDLERS donate coats- In lieu of a donation to the Fiddlers that performed on Sunday, Dec. 2 at Dillard’s in SouthCounty mall, we opted to use the gratis to purchase coats to donate families in need.LSODA- Lindbergh String Orchestra Parents are holding a raffle for two prime seats for Wicked at the Fox. Tickets areavailable before all String Concerts in the month of December and the winner will be drawn immediately after the Fid-dlers perform on Tues. Dec. 18..Fiddler Fundraiser- The 2012 collectable glass ornament will be available for $10 at the beginning of each of our Winterconcerts. Please support the Fiddlers by purchasing an ornament. (Photos from the old courthouse)Caring is: ―paying attention to someone when they need it the most.‖ - Anonymous, 8th Grade
  21. 21. Important Dates January 3—School Resumes January 8-10—Musical (7:00 p.m. Little Theater) Early Release Days January 9—Ability Awareness Day Sperreng will be participating in an Early Release Day staff January 9—Early Release Day (12:35) development program on the following dates: January 15-19—Musical (7:00 p.m. Auditorium) January 21—No School—MLK Day September 12th (release at 12:35 p.m.) January 24—Middle School Curriculum Night (6:30 & 7:00) January 24—Mother‘s Club/PTO (9:00 am) October 19th (release at 11:05 a.m.) January 26—SMS/TMS YMCA Night—(6:00-10:00 pm) January 30—LHS Curriculum Night, 8th Grade Parent Meeting (5:30) November 14th (release at 12:35 p.m.) January 30– VICC Open House, LHS (6:30 pm) December 5th (release at 12:35 p.m.) _________________________________________ January 9th (release at 12:35 p.m.) February 8—Mid Quarter—3rd Quarter February 13—Early Release Day (12:35) February 13th (release at 12:35 p.m.) February 13—Progress Reports Mailed March 22nd (release at 11:05 a.m.) February 18—NO SCHOOL—President‘s Day February 20-22—Sperreng Play April 24th (release at 12:35 p.m.) February 28—Mother‘s Club/PTO Meeting(9:00 am/7:00 pm) May 23rd (release at 11:05 a.m.) _________________________________________ March 6—Night of Orchestras Concert (7:00 pm) March 6– Band Contest (7:00 am-5:00 pm) March 8—Project Graduation Night, LHS (6:00 pm) VICC Open House March 11—SMS/TMS Orchestra Contest (7:00 am-3:30 pm) March 14—SMS/TMS Choir Contest (7:00 am-3:30 pm) Wednesday, January 30, 2013 March 21—Mother‘s Club/PTO (9:00 am) March 22—Early Release Day (11:05) March 22—Third Quarter Ends 6:30 p.m., Lindbergh High School March 25-29—NO SCHOOL—Spring Break March 27—Report Cards MailedSperreng Middle School Non-Profit OrganizationLindbergh School District US Postage PAID12111 Tesson Ferry Road St. Louis, MOSt. Louis MO 63128 Permit No. 770