Ms track and field registration info 2013(1)


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Middle School Track and Field 2013

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Ms track and field registration info 2013(1)

  1. 1. Medals above are 2013 senior Jordan Yanker’s from her first three seasons at LHS.
  2. 2. Lindbergh Middle School Track & FieldThe Lindbergh Middle School Track Team has a tradition of excellencethat we will be upholding this season. If you are serious about learningabout track and you are a hard worker, welcome to the team!You will also need to turn in your fee of $20 AND THE ENCLOSEDREGISTRATION FORM. The fee is used to offset the cost of equipment,end of season party expenses and possible transportation issues that mayarise. You will also need to buy a uniform tank at a cost of approx. $12.Information regarding those uniform tanks, and how to purchase them, isalso in this packet. (For registration fee, checks payable to: LindberghTrack).Team Expectations • Turn in the following REGISTRATION page with registration fee, to Sperreng: Coach Ohler, Coach Scheidenhelm or Coach Wilder. Truman: Coach Althage, Coach Baumgartner, Coach Gose or the main office. Please do not let money keep an athlete from competing. Contact Coach Ohler at SMS or Coach Gose at TMS if that is a problem. or
  3. 3. Lindbergh Middle School Track & Field Team Expectations and Information Form – This PAGE must be returned (To be turned in with your $20 fee to Coaches at respective schools before spring break.)Athlete Name____________________________________________________ Grade ______ Team ______Parent/Guardian Name(s) __________________________________________________________________Home phone_________________ Cell ____________________Email (please print) ______________________________________________________________________ • All school rules apply at all track functions. • Attendance at practices is strongly encouraged but NOT mandatory. • If you are in ISS or OSS the day of a meet or practice, you may not compete OR ATTEND. • Poor effort or behavior can lead to your dismissal from the team. • Shuttles to LHS are provided. Athletes MUST NOT leave the track area without permission in meets or practice.. It is not a chance to explore the high school campus. • Come to practice with a positive attitude and ready to work. Everyone is here to learn. • Follow all safety rules on the track and in the field event areas. These rules are to protect you and others. • Be respectful of all coaches and high school athletes while they are instructing you at LHS. • Be respectful of your fellow teammates and athletes on other teams. Good sportsmanship is expected. Show good character! • Take care of your uniform and other track and field equipment. • Stay in team areas at track meets and pay attention to the meet order of events. Don’t miss your event. Once again, good sportsmanship and appropriate behavior is expected at all times! • Make arrangements to be picked up promptly after meets. Make these arrangements ahead of time. Turn in all forms and registration fee’s BEFORE spring break!I have read and understand the Team Expectations. I understand that if I do not meet the expectations ofthe team, I can be asked to leave the team.Student signature ____________________________________ Date _______________Parent/guardian signature _________________________________________________
  4. 4. Important Information regarding Uniforms In recent seasons, we have issued old high school uniforms formiddle school athletes to use but some problems have arisen. Manyathletes are wearing things that are in very bad shape, others are wearinguniforms that don’t come close to fitting (TOO BIG) and the collection ofuniforms at the end of seasons has been a long, frustrating andsometimes unsuccessful process. Here is the PLAN moving forward. All athletes need to wear a mostly black or all black pair of shorts INCOMPETITION. Many athletes will have these. If not, buy whatever typefit that description. Shorts, and other apparel options, will be on the siteas well. This company will send a package of your uniform tank (andother items if you order any) to us and they will be given out very easily.1 - ALL UNIFORM AND APPAREL ORDERS MUST BE COMPLETED at thelink on the middle school website “clubs” – “Track & Field” by Friday,March 15th.2 - . Competition tanks must be purchased from the link found onthe middle school Track & Field websites3 – THESE TANKS BELONG TO THE ATHLETES AND MAY BE RE-USED INFUTURE MIDDLE SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY OR TRACK & FIELDSEASONS.4 – FAMILIES IN A POSITION TO BUY AN EXTRA TANK FOR A FAMILY INNEED ARE WELCOME TO DO SO.
  5. 5. Middle School Track & FieldOrder of Events and # that can be entered in races byLeague ruleORDER EVENT # OF ENTRIES 1 100 m Unlimited 2 1600 m Unlimited 3 4 X 100 m. Relay 1 boy & 1 girl team 4 400 m 2 girls & 2 boys 5 200 m Unlimited 6 800 m 6 girls & 6 boys 7 4 X 400 m. Relay 1 boy & 1 girl teamField Events Long Jump Unlimited Shot Put Unlimited High Jump Unlimited
  6. 6. General Track Information:• The meets will begin at 4:15• In case of inclement weather, please Check the Track & Field website. The host school decided cancellations.• A decision on whether to cancel a meet will be made by 2:00pm.• Field events will be going on throughout the meet.• Students must do their field events between running events.• Students remember their time, heighth or distance to tell their coaches.• Muddy conditions could alter the field events.• Students may participate in only 4 events.• At the meets, Girls will run first, followed by the boys.• The shot put that is used will be 4 kg. or 8.8 lbs. for both the boys and girls.• The high jump will start at the height of 3’ 6” (and will be raised 2” every 10 minutes).RAIN OUTS USUALLY ARE NOT RESCHEDULED (Up to the host school).
  7. 7. Frequently Asked Questions1) Are the athletes expected to stay until the end of the meet? A –Athletes may leave after their final event. If they are scheduled to run in the last event, a relay, they need tostay. If they must leave they need to notify the coaches so a replacement can be found. A lot of advanced notice isneeded.2) What should our athlete do with their school stuff during practice or meets? A – In either case, they should take their stuff with them off of the bus and to the team’s area in the bleachers.The coaches will never be in the bleachers at the meets so athletes need to keep valuables out of site.3) What do we need to buy? A – The athletes need to purchase a competition tank and wear black (or mostly black) shorts. Athletes maycompete in training shoes/running shoes. Competition spikes, like those worn in high school, aren’t necessary in middleschool. Athletes with competition spikes should wear them only in competitions. Young athletes wearing them inpractice can lead to shin pain and injury.4) How are the athletes transported to away meets. A - The team provides a bus TO all of the season’s meets. Athletes may ride with the parent of another athleteon the way back if needed. There will be NO RETURN BUSES FROM MEETS THIS YEAR.5) How are athletes chosen to participate in meets? A – All athletes can compete in whatever races they want to compete in. If the meets have entry restrictions onopen sprints, or sprint relays, limiting the number of athletes that can enter those races from each school, the coacheswill determine who is best-suited for those events.6) How many events may an athlete participate in? A - Each athlete is allowed a maximum of 4 events per meet. Many will have less than four.7) What should athletes bring to the meets? Athletes should bring their uniform tank and shorts, A warm up hoody and sweat pants. A healthy snack to beeaten on the way to the meet. There is way too long a time gap from lunch to competition for them to compete at theirbest without a snack.8) May athletes attend the meets if they are not competing? Yes, but they must follow all rules as though they are competing.9) How are athletes supposed to get to the practices? Shuttles from the middle schools will takethem to LHS.
  8. 8. 2013 Lindbergh Middle School Track & Field Schedule(Schedule will be updated on the middle schools website as moreinformation is firmed up. Go to M.S. website, then clubs, then track &field.)Practices are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the LHS TrackStadium. Meets will be on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Datesare.... 3/12 & 3/13– First Practices. Uniform orders due by 3/15 3/19 & 3/20 spring break 4/2 & 4/3 4/9 1st meet 4/10 or 4/11 4/16 meet at LHS on 4/17 4/23 meet on 4/24 or 4/25 Last practice 4/30 Last meet 5/1 or 5/2