Flight crew application_sperreng_ 2013_2014


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Flight crew application_sperreng_ 2013_2014

  1. 1. SPERRENG MIDDLE SCHOOLAPPLICATION FOR FLIGHT CREW CLASS(Flight Crew is a Leadership class training students to be ambassadors in our schoolcommunity, improve our school climate, and build on personal character traits.)NAME: ________________________________Phone #:__________________Last First Cell #:__________________Dear Leadership Candidate, Please complete this application by May 10th and return toarichards@linderghschools.ws or mail to: Lindbergh Schools/Amy Richards4900 S. Lindbergh Blvd St. Louis, MO 63126The following questions are very important. Please think about them carefully and give your honestresponse. Answer all questions in your own handwriting.1. Why do you want to be a part of the Flight Crew Class at Sperreng Middle School?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. The Flight Crew Class is a course committed to the student body. Will you be able to workafter school or during lunch to help with special leadership events? (orientation, peermediation, lunch bunch days, staff luncheons, all-district events, and clean-up..etc)__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. Will you be able to complete ten hours of community/school services over the course of thesemester? Do you know what kind of community service you plan on doing in order to achievethis goal?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. Would you feel comfortable introducing yourself and having a conversation with a studentyou don’t know?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. Do you feel comfortable talking in front of large groups of students such as students in aclassroom or students in the lunch area?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________6. How do you think we can help new students to our school get involved positively and feelwelcomed at Sperreng Middle School?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I approve of my student being a part of this course.Parent Signature:_____________________________________Phone:___________________
  2. 2. Please contact one of your current teachers and ask him/her to fill out the belowrecommendation. Your teacher will turn it into the office for you. Please be sure to give themenough time to fill it out. If you do not have a recommendation, your application will NOT beconsidered.Thank you for taking the time to apply for the Flight Crew at Sperreng Middle School. Students, youwill be notified of acceptance into the class this summer. All 7th and 8th grade students interested inbecoming leaders are encouraged to apply.Student’s Name: ________________________________Dear teacher,Please take a moment to fill out this form for the above listed student who is applying for LeadershipClass at Sperreng Middle School. When you are finished, please return it to me or drop it by mymailbox at Central Office on or before May 10th. Thank you for your help! Amy RichardsDO NOT GIVE THIS BACK TO THE STUDENT!Teacher’s Name:__________________________Student’s Citizenship:______________________Please indicate: 1 – disagree 2 – agree 3 – strongly agree1. This student is responsible and hard working. 1 2 3 Don’t know2. This student shows compassion and empathy. 1 2 3 Don’t know3. This student would be a good role model for all students. 1 2 3 Don’t know4. This student shares or his/her time and self. 1 2 3 Don’t know5. This student is able to work independently and can 1 2 3 Don’t knowwork without constant supervision.6. This student is able to work collaboratively with 1 2 3 Don’t knowpeers and adults.7. This student possesses leadership qualities. 1 2 3 Don’t know8. This student gets along well with others. 1 2 3 Don’t know9. This student shows respect for staff and students 1 2 3 Don’t knowregardless of race, religion, ethnicity, etc.10. This student possesses strong communication skills. 1 2 3 Don’t knowIn the space below, please give any information you feel is important about this student.