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1 24-13 curriculum night 7th grade


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1 24-13 curriculum night 7th grade

  1. 1. SPERRENG MIDDLE SCHOOL CURRICULUM NIGHT7th Grade Thursday, January 24, 2013
  2. 2. Goals Understand the components of the 7th grade schedule Highlight features of the middle school program Discuss specific course offerings with department representatives
  3. 3. Understanding 7th Grade CoursesCoreChallengeExploratoryElectiveSpecialized
  4. 4. Core Classes Mandatory courses in which all students must participate to meet state standards  English Language Arts (ELA)  Mathematics  Science  Social Studies  Health and Fitness
  5. 5. Challenge Classes Core courses offering advanced learners* an opportunity to explore greater depths of content knowledge and critical thinking skills  English Language Arts  Mathematics  Science  Social Studies Challenge Appeal Form*Challenge criteria-Advanced MAP score, reading on grade level or higher,demonstrate high achievement in content area, successful completion of mathpre-requisite course
  6. 6. Exploratory Classes Semester-long alternating day courses offering opportunity to discover and explore specialized interests, aptitudes, and abilities in the fine and practical arts  Art  Digital Literacy  Drama  General Music  Keyboarding  Family and Consumer Sciences  Technology Education
  7. 7. Elective Classes Year-long daily or alternating day student-selected courses offering opportunity to pursue special activities and interests  Modern Languages-French, German, Spanish  Pre-requisite for 8th grade ML for high school credit  Must maintain a grade of “C-” or better to continue in program  Suggested for students who may wish to participate in AP/IB programs and 2 years of ML is required by most college programs  Band  Choir  Orchestra
  8. 8. 7th Grade Modern LanguageStudents will concentrate on oral and written communication, through the use of dialogues and practical drills. They will learn to apply basic grammar through reading, writing, and speaking. Students will be assessed with high school levelmaterials. Students need to be self-motivated in order to be successful in this class. French, German, & Spanish (Choose one of the three languages)Academic Elective ClassEvery other day for a yearEarn High School Credit* *upon successful completion of the program
  9. 9. Specialized Classes Intervention Classes-course offerings designed to provide supplemental small group instruction for students who may have gaps in understanding of essential reading or mathematic skills IEP/Resource Classes-course offerings designed to meet student learning needs as indicated in the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) LEAP-course offering designed for gifted students providing enrichment, extension, and curriculum explorations
  10. 10. 7th Grade Schedule Considerations 7 period day = 5 core + 2 explo/elective All 7th grade students participate in 5 core courses Students have 2 periods in which to participate in exploratory, elective, and intervention courses Exploratory, elective, and intervention courses vary from semester-long to year-long and daily to alternating day
  11. 11. The 7th Grade Schedule SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 21. English Language Arts 1. English Language Arts2. Mathematics 2. Mathematics3. Science 3. Science4. Social Studies 4. Social Studies5. Health and Fitness 5. Health and Fitness6. A Day Explo/Elective 6. A Day Explo/Elective B Day Explo/Elective B Day Explo/Elective7. A Day Explo/Elective 7. A Day Explo/Elective B Day Explo/Elective B Day Explo/Elective
  12. 12. Sample 7th Grade Schedules Band and Modern Language Explo and Intervention1. English Language Arts 1. English Language Arts2. Mathematics 2. Mathematics3. Science 3. Science4. Social Studies 4. Social Studies5. Health and Fitness 5. Health and Fitness6. Band 6. A-Reading/B-Tech Ed. (Semester 1)7. A-French/B-FACS (Semester 1) A-Reading/B-Drama (Semester 2) A-French/B-Art (Semester 2) 7. A-Dig. Lit./B-Art (Semester 1) A-Keyboard/B-Music (Semester 2)
  13. 13. Next StepsTeachers- Complete course recommendations for each student based upon multiple data sourcesCounselors- Present course offerings to students in team meetingsStudents & Parents- Visit with teachers and make elective course selections, and return recommendation form to school to Social Studies teacher by January 31, 2013
  14. 14. Did your child recently get a new device? Did you know you can download BOOKS for FREE from our elibrary?  No late fees, huge selection, 24 hour access, works with any device.  The Library Media Specialist, Ms. Sears, will be available in the little gym to show you how.
  15. 15. Questions?Please feel free to visit department representatives inthe small gym for answers to curriculum questions.