Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar 2013


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Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar 2013

  1. 1. Indonesia Mengajar movement so far 1. Pengajar Muda (Sending nation’s brightest graduates to teach in remote areas ) 2. Kelas Inspirasi (Inviting professional from various background to take one day leave and teach in elementary school) 3. Indonesia Menyala () Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar (FGIM) is our upcoming initiatives to further spread volunteerism spirit to support our nation’s education. FGIM will invite 20,000 volunteers to work together developing various educational tools which will be sent to many schools in pengajar muda appointed remote areas. FGIM offers fun, hands on and impactful volunteering experience for everyone
  2. 2. Education is our nation’s biggest issues. Too much time spent on looking who's to blame. Too much energy wasted on cursing the darkness We invite you to act and start lighting up the candle Our action. Our contribution. Our nation. Our education
  3. 3. We have a vision of 20,000 volunteers from various professions, age and educational background working together in one place. Collaborating to support our nation’s education in a fun, hands on and impactful way. Why FGIM? The Indonesia Mengajar Effects 1. Number of applicants for pengajar muda class from 2010 to 2013 has reached 40,194 2. 5000 volunteers in 31 cities has been involved in Kelas Inspirasi & Indonesia Menyala 3. Inspired by IM, several teaching movement has been established : Sangihe Mengajar, Solo Mengajar, Unair Mengajar, ITS Mengajar, ITB Mengajar, etc.
  4. 4. Real Action Volunteers will be working and collaborating to create educational tools in 10 different class activities. Meaningful All educational tools created in FGIM will be used to help day-to-day teaching activities in pengajar muda appointed remote areas in various location in Indonesia Volunteerism Preparation & management of FGIM are fully handled by IM volunteers (ex-Pengajar Muda, Kelas Inspirasi & Indonesia Menyala) . Supports IM Sustainability Program 30% of the ticket’s price and 10% of the sponsorship value will be dedicated to support sustainability program in 126 elementary school in 17 districts. Whats interesting about FGIM
  5. 5. We need real action for education Stop cursing the darkness and start working to solve the problems. Indonesia Mengajar believe by doing real action, we will inspire and move others to do the same “Act and collaborate now!”
  6. 6. FGIM 5-6 October 2013 10.00 – 18.00 Ecovention, Ecopark Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta Target : 20.000 participants Profile of Participants Age 25-45 years old Professionals and Middle Class population across Indonesia (including family members ) Indonesia Mengajar Events Roadshow : 15.000 participants Kelas Inspirasi 1: 659 participants Kelas Inspirasi 2: 2116 participants, 166 volunteers Pack Your Spirit: 400 participants Comparison to Other Events* Socmed Fest (2012) : 69.000 participants Idea Fest (2011) : 36.000 participants *as a comparison – number of participants
  7. 7. Media Partners TV Partner Kompas TV NET TV News Paper Partner Kompas Online Partner Kompas.com Community Partner Indosat Indonesia Mengajar Indonesia Mengajar Social Media Indonesia Mengajar website indonesiamengajar.org FGIM website festival.indonesiamengajar.org Facebook 106.000 fans Twitter 111.300 followers 40.194 applicants of Pengajar Muda. 5.000 volunteers of Kelas Inspirasi and Indonesia Menyala. Magazine Partner National Geographic Fortune Chic Intisari Publication
  8. 8. Indonesia Mengajar Indonesia Mengajar Social Media Indonesia Mengajar website www.indonesiamengajar.org FGIM website festival.indonesiamengajar.org Facebook 106.000 fans Twitter 111.300 followers 40.194 applicants of Pengajar Muda. 5.000 volunteers of Kelas Inspirasi and Indonesia Menyala. Publication Media Partners
  9. 9. FGIM will have 10 class of activities. Each of these class will result in different educational tools. 1. Kotak Cakrawala 6. Melodi Ceria 2. Kartupedia 7. Sains Berdendang 3. Kepingpedia 8. Video Profesi 4. Surat Semangat 9. Kemas-Kemas Sains 5. Teater Dongeng 10. Aula Sekolah These activities developed as a result of one year Pengajar Muda’s observation in their schools. This reflect the real needs of students in remote areas. Class of Activities
  10. 10. Kotak Cakrawala Volunteers will work packing books that are being pre-collected. These books will then be sent to 17 districts and numerous libraries in the villages where Pengajar Muda are serving. Class of Activities Kartupedia Volunteers will write down interesting facts to complete semi-finished flashcards. These flashcards will serve as offline wikipedia for schools in the villages where Pengajar Muda are serving. Kepingpedia Volunteers will draw, color and/or organize puzzles with ranging educational themes. Surat Semangat Volunteers will send their greeting and share their experience, spirit, and positivity in a letter or postcard for students, teachers, and principals across the country.
  11. 11. Class of Activites Teater Dongeng Volunteers will do role- playing and story-telling in a 5-30 minutes video taping. Various genre, from heroic and fables to science fantasy stories, are expected from this activity. Melodi Ceria Volunteers in groups will come and take part in video clips for children songs, a sadly extinct genre in music nowadays. Sains Berdendang Volunteers will do lyrics & song writing. Video Profesi A recorded version of Kelas Inspirasi . Volunteers will share their daily working-life. in 15-25 minutes . It will be live-recorded and sent to villages where Pengajar Muda are serving.
  12. 12. Class Activities Kemas-Kemas Sains Volunteers will be developing elementary science experiments and to pack and have the kit ready for delivery. Aula Sekolah School hall is a medium for all FGIM volunteers to collaborate with each other. They can meet and greet each other, create friendships, and even partnerships.
  13. 13. Accelerate reading interest by sending 120,000 books that reach 22,808 students in 146 villages where Pengajar Muda are serving. Supports creative learning using Flash Card and Science Kit for 1,724 teachers in 17 districts . Connects 20,000 participants from big cities with 22.808 students in the remote area through Surat Semangat. Preserving children's songs and widen their knowledge on various professions from participants who recorded in “Kelas Profesi “ Inviting and creating education ambassadors who will actively contribute to education and initiate educational activities with their network among volunteers in FGIM. Activities Impact
  14. 14. The Funding Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar was collaboratively funded by : 1. The partners through its contribution as a sponsor ; 2. Participants through their participation in buying tickets ; 3. The volunteers through its contribution in organizing this event, either as a committee or facilitating team, who have contributed the time, thought, and materials to prepare and manage the activities. For Further Informatin feel free to contact : Yayasan Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar Jl. Galuh II No. 4 Jakarta, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta12110 Ph. +62 21 7221570 Fax. +62 21 7231430 Contact Person: Yundrie 0811 894 068 / yundrie@indonesiamengajar.org Safira 0812 819 2382 / safira@indonesiamengajar.org: