Evaluation Q2


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Evaluation Q2

  1. 1. Evalua&on  Ques&on  2   How  effec&ve  is  the   combina&on  of   your  main  product   and  ancillary  texts?    
  2. 2. My  Poster   From  my  poster,  there  is  a  use  of  simplis&c,  dark   ligh&ng  which  is  conven&ons  of  the  genre,  social   realism.  The  loca&on  seen  in  my  image  also  shows   seDngs  to  the  genre  by  its  natural  seDngs.  You  can   see  it  is  in  a  standard  house  which  has  been  worn  in,   you  can  see  that  in  the  door  with  the  wheelchair   scratches  against  the  door.   We  understand  that  the  style  of  the  poster  follows   conven&ons  of  social  realism  because  of  the  basic  font   and  simplis&c  style  of  the  wri&ng.  The  font  is  a  basic   colour  and  shows  a  similar  colour  paleGe  to  the   poster.  By  the  use  of  the  small  print  at  the  boGom   shows  conven&ons  of  any  type  of  movie  poster.   Simplis&c,  natural  ligh&ng  is  used  all  throughout  my  film.  This  is  a  strong  conven&on  to  the   genre,  social  realism.  I  have  used  natural  loca&ons  and  seDngs  in  my  film  as  well.  I  have  used   the  loca&on  of  a  house  and  showing  the  situa&on  and  damages  which  are  happening  in  the   house.  
  3. 3. In  the  image  you  can  see  the  different  ability  between  the   two  characters.  You  can  see  the  main  theme  and  issue  of   disability  as  the  boy  is  physically  disabled.     The  poster  is  represen&ng  the  two  protagonists,  Jonathon   and  Darcy.  You  can  tell  there  is  a  rela&onship  between  the   two  by  the  close  proxemics  of  them  both.  A  key  theme   shown  in  the  poster  and  is  also  men&oned  in  the  magazine   review  is  imprisonment  vs  freedom.  The  wheelchair   represents  an  anchor  and  pulls  Jonathon’s  life  down.  He   feels  imprisoned  as  he  must  rely  on  others.  Darcy  represents   the  freedom  as  she  is  more  able  than  Jonathon.  By  the  mise-­‐ en-­‐scene  of  costume  is  used,  by  her  wearing  heels  you  can   tell  she  is  going  out.   My  Poster   The  poster  is  linking  strongly  to  the  film  by  the  struggle  you  see  in  Jonathon’s  character  and  that  he   relies  on  Darcy  for  many  things.  It  is  shown  in  the  film  when  Jonathon  struggles  to  do  stuff  by  himself.   On  the  right,  Jonathon  is  struggling  to  pull  himself  into  his  wheelchair.  Darcy  helps  dress  Jonathon  and   push  wheelchair  as  it  was  too  difficult  to  do  when  he  pushes  it  himself.  
  4. 4. My  Poster   My  poster  reflects  the  style  of  my  film  by  the  micro   technical  elements.  The  technical  element  on  mise-­‐en-­‐ scene  is  used  strongly  in  the  poster.  By  the  colour   paleGe  of  my  poster,  it  shows  you  that  my  film  has  a   serious  tone  to  it  and  that  problems  will  occur  during   the  film.     By  the  set  design,  you  can  tell  that  it  is  a  low  economic   house  and  that  there  is  stress  within  the  house.  With   the  washed  out  dirty  floors  and  scratched  doors,  the   family  have  not  got  a  good  financial  situa&on  to   decorate  the  house  at  a  higher  quality.     The  similar  colour  paleGe  is  used   throughout  the  film.  This  shows   the  audience  the  serious  tone  to   the  film.   In  the  screenshots  shown  to  the   leW,  you  can  see  the  dirty  rooms   and  the  damaged  rooms.  This   links  to  the  poster.  
  5. 5. The  poster  informs  my  audience  about  my  film  by   showing  the  two  main  protagonists  and  gives  an  insight   to  their  situa&on  as  you  can  see  the  difference  with  the   two.     My  poster  also  have  quota&ons  from  film  cri&cs  about   the  film.  One  of  the  quotes  men&on  that  it  is  an   emo&onal  journey  through  the  girl’s  eyes.  This  tells  my   audience  how  the  story  has  an  impact  from  the  girl’s   story  and  also  that  there  is  a  problem  what  she  has  to   overcome  and  face.  This  informs  my  audience  a  large  part   of  the  film.   My  Poster   Film  footage  
  6. 6. My  Poster   The  poster  promotes  the  film  by  the  film  cri&cs   responses  and  ra&ng  to  the  film.  This  shows  the   audience  a  strong  opinion  of  someone  high  in  the  film   industry.  This  judgment  persuades  the  audience   whether  the  film  is  worth  watching.     It  is  also  shown  on  the  poster  that  the  film  is  currently   up  for  an  award  and  has  won  an  award.  This  shows  my   audience  that  the  film  is  at  an  high  enough  quality  to   compete  against  other  films  in  large  film  awards  and   fes&vals.   If  the  audience  want  to   know  more  about  the   film  and  more  opinions.   There  is  a  full  review   wriGen  on  it.  It  goes  in   depth  with  the  style,   filming  and  edi&ng  and   performances  of  the  film.  
  7. 7. The  preconcep&ons  the   poster  develops  to  viewers  is   the  rela&onship  between  the   characters  being  shown  on   the  poster  and  also  the   situa&on  of  them.     Preconcep&ons  are  good  for   the  audience  as  it  builds  up   tension  for  them.  This  gives   them  something  to  look   forward  to  when  preparing  to   watch  the  film.   My  Poster  
  8. 8. My  Main  Task   Both  of  my  ancillary  tasks  are  here  to  represent  the  themes   and  issues  of  the  film.  They  both  are  there  to  lure  the   audience  into  the  film.   The  magazine  review  gives  a  more  detailed,  professional   cri&c  of  the  film.  It  shows  personal  and  impersonal  modes   and  feelings  about  the  film.  The  magazine  review  is  used  for   the  audience  to  have  more  of  an  understanding  of  the  film.   The  poster  is  an  image  to  lure  the  audience  into  the  film.   The  image  is  there  to  connote  representa&ons  of  themes   and  issues  which  will  occur  in  the  film.  This  will  give  the   audience  preconcep&ons  of  the  film  and  what  will  happen.   This  differs  from  the  magazine  review  as  there  is  much   more  detail.  
  9. 9. My  Main  Task   The  magazine  review  goes  in  depth   with  the  meaning  behind  the  narra&ve   and  different  representa&ons  seen   throughout  the  film.  The  image  of  the   boy  used  in  the  magazine  review  links   well  to  the  poster.  It  shows  the  boy  in  a   dark  room,  siDng  alone  in  his   wheelchair.  The  wheelchair  represents   an  anchor  weighing  him  down.  As  he  is   not  as  able  as  others.   In  the  poster,  you  can  see  an  image  of  the   boy  and  a  girl.  You  can  easily  iden&fy  the   representa&on  of  the  difference  of  the   two.  This  leads  to  many  preconcep&ons   the  audience  may  have.  Who  is  she?   What  is  there  rela&onship?  Why  is  he  in  a   wheelchair?     The  image  also  connotes  that  they  boy  is   weak,  as  some  one  else  is  there  helping   him.  The  poster  builds  up  tension  of  the   narra&ve  and  makes  the  audience  have   preconcep&ons  of  the  film.   The  themes  which  are  strong  evident  in  both  media  products  is   disability  and  freedom  vs  imprisonment.  The  ar&cle  goes  in  depth   with  the  themes  and  issues  and  cri&cises  the  film  in  depth.  The  poster   en&ces  the  audience  into  the  film  by  its  image.   FILM  FOOTAGE  
  10. 10. My  Main  Task   My  ancillary  tasks  have  a  large  impact  on  my  main  product  as  it  is  all  used  as  adver&sement  for   the  film.  The  products  are  there  to  lure  the  audience  to  the  film  and  make  them  want  to  see  it.   The  media  products  combine  together.   The  products  work  well  together  by  the   representa&ons  seen  in  them.  The  use  of  low-­‐key   ligh&ng  and  damage  house  is  shown  in  the   images.  Also  see  one  of  the  key  themes  of   disability.  
  11. 11. My  Main  Task   In  the  magazine  review,  the   writer  talks  about  how  the   director  is  portray  the  themes   and  issues  and  also  how   performances  are  given  by  the   actors.  Giving  a  taster  to  the   audience  to  what  they  are  going   to  see.     The  poster  can  relate  to  the  film   by  the  posi&oning  of  the   characters.  The  distance  of  the   characters  show  a  strong   posi&oning  showing  there  is   some  form  of  tension  between   them.     My  ancillary  tasks  both  represent  my  film  by  the   clear  understanding  of  themes  and  issues  portray   through  illustra&on  and  text.    
  12. 12. My  Main  Task   The  posi&oning  of  the  images  in  the  magazine   review  connote  a  hierarchy.  The  girl  is  looking  over   the  boy  and  is  the  most  powerful  in  the   rela&onship.  This  is  a  hidden  message  to  the   readers  of  the  ar&cle  as  can  not  be  seen  clearly  to   the  eye.   The  composi&on  of  the  people  in  the  poster   shows  a  close  rela&onship  but  a  tension.  This   reveals  to  the  audience  that  there  is  a   situa&on  between  the  two.  This  is  use  to   unpack  the  film  to  the  audience  without   realising.  In  the  film,  the  characters  have  a   loving,  caring  rela&onship  but  there  is  a  large   sense  of  tension  within  the  film.    
  13. 13. My  Magazine  Review   My  review  has  a  small  synopsis  in  the  leW   hand  corner  of  the  review.  Showing  us  a   brief,  simple  show  of  events  of  the  film.   This  informs  the  reader  the  beginning,   middle  and  end  and  shows  the  problems   what  occur  in  the  film.   This  gives  the  audience  a  clear,  structured   understanding  of  the  film  and  the   narra&ve  of  the  film.  The  audience  can   read  the  synopsis  to  gain  a  brief   understanding  of  the  film.  If  wan&ng  to   know  more  about  the  film  and  a  cri&c  on   the  film,  the  reader  can  read  the  ar&cle   wriGen  from  a  film  cri&c.  
  14. 14. My  Magazine  Review   The  film  review  aGracts  an  audience  in  a  different  way  than  the   poster  does.  The  film  review  gives  more  of  an  insight  into  the  film  as   it  gives  a  professional,  film  cri&c  opinion  to  the  reader  and  lets  it   know  the  nega&ve  and  posi&ves  of  the  film.   The  poster  lures  the  audience  in  by  the  image  and  leaves  them   ques&oning  themselves  about  the  film.  By  the  selected  quota&ons   used  and  the  ra&ngs,  this  gives  them  only  one  brief  opinion  about   the  film.  The  poster  gives  them  preconcep&ons  of  the  film.  This   builds  tension  for  the  audience.  The  film  review  goes  more  in  depth   and  analysis  the  full  narra&ve  and  situa&ons.  The  review  also  gives  a   cri&c  on  performances  and  the  produc&on.  This  gives  the  audience   more  of  an  understanding  to  what  to  expect.    
  15. 15. My  Magazine  Review   a young age of eighteen and studied drama within her A Levels. In Matthews’ first feature Loveless, she focuses on using untrained actors and says it can help a performance become more natural. The films have several connections to each other. Matthews uses to the location of the Croydon borough through her films to depict ‘real’ life and show the problems what contains in the small gritty environment. Rising actor, Myles Egan is seen playing Jonathon Williams. He is recently an upcoming actor and has appeared in recent short Addiction (2014) by Grace Sheridan. Egan has won Best Upcoming Actor at Edinburgh Film Festival. The protagonist Darcy Williams is seen as a broken, weak woman. Struggling to care for brother Jonathon and live a normal young woman live. The vulnerability is shown within the closeness of shots and movement of the character and her feelings unfold during throughout the short. The isolation portrayed with Egan’s character by the want to able to go out and be free from the wheelchair but feels stuck. The wheelchair represents a heavy weight to Garlin gle for ch is social hows us ties for ho is tantly s for liams, . They e on a on. ications r nd live s and athon. s thin gh ped in ms ews ure film e nplay nces by arcy s only Jonathon and shows the blandness of his life. The colour palette of the film shows the emotion and stress in the situation. The tension builds up inside the awkward, broken relationship. Matthews depicts the life of a young carer and strongly shows the struggle and emotion to that. Audience may see Leatherby’s character as selfish by leaving the distress brother behind. The emotions could have been shown more delicately as Matthews representation is not as strong as she wanted to perceive it. The turning point is when you see Darcy dramatically exits the house after the confrontation a sudden change reoccurs in her travel. Our story becomes surrounded in mayhem when Darcy takes her mood swings out on mysterious man, Robbie and storms off. A moment of change happens when a older woman and disabled boy are strolling down the road. The woman is deeply caring for the boy, Darcy’s character realises the relationship between them and that the boy has much more difficulties than Jonathon. A moral message is being perceived in the significant moment of the ?6>-0, JKL! !5682, F+$#;6/!G/..8+:-! !5682,@>>->1<81, H#6/'!I7/'-! =/A!L3&+#! ! FIG@639-!/'&!H+/5$'! G+&6/!M#$&*5.6$'-! ! )A/061-B/,%.5260/.>, =*3+-!H+5A+#! N++!G*--$'! @>>->1<81,*-./015.>, O -. !L9+36/!?6336/9-$'! 0 '& !F#/5+!)8+#6&/'! C50<1-58,?<8<;/., J65$3+!?63&9/'! %.5=>,?<>1/., =/5$<!"$#-6'6! '5>16D/,*/>;-8/., I&:/#&!M#65+! 7<.2.53/,!6=/.B->5., H+'!P/9,8*3! E<-.F?<G/H6=,*/>-;8/., N/*#+'!G5F#+;$#! ! '@!+, @D-//,C/<1:/.34, 4/#5%! ?4I/>,);<8, =$'/.8$'! J<4,*<B-/>, P$<<6+! ?<.-<,)B<8>, In  the  magazine  review,  there  are   posi&ve  and  nega&ve  points  to  give  the   review  a  fair  opinion.   In  the  lower  highlighted  sec&ons  of  the   magazine  review,  you  can  see  the   writer  explaining  about  the  use  of  the   micro  technical  elements  of  camera   and  mise-­‐en-­‐scene.  The  writer  explains   that  the  use  of  the  technical  elements   give  much  meaning  to  the  story  and   show  the  audience  the  representa&on   of  the  director.   In  the  another  highlighted  sec&on,  the   writer  says  how  the  director  did  not   get  the  right  message  across  as  she   wanted  to  as  they  are  not  represented   as  strong  enough  as  they  could  be.   If  the  magazine  review  was  biased,  it   would  give  an  unfair  opinion  to  the   readers.  If  the  audience  go  to  watch   the  film  based  on  the  review  and  it  lets   them  down,  this  can  cause  the   audience  opinions  to  turn  against  the   film  and  give  it  bad  publicity.  
  16. 16. My  Magazine  Review   The  magazine  review  is  at  a  similar  level  to  an   industrial  format.  The  review  given  is  a  fair  piece  of   cri&que  which  reveals  to  the  audience  and  pulls  the   film  apart.   The  review  reveals  specific  things  in  the  ar&cle  so   the  audience  have  an  understanding  of  the  film  and   who  it  is  aimed  at.   The  genre  is  men&oned  in  the  third  paragraph.   This  is  to  establish  the  audience  and  reel  them  in.     Social  realism  is  a  genre  which  tends  to  be   watched  from  higher  educa&on  students  and   onwards.  Teens  and  younger  would  not  enjoy  the   film  as  it  is  very  bland  and  dull.   The  opening  paragraph  is  a  quote  from   Anna  Garlin  Spencer.  This  quote  is  to  link   into  themes  and  issues  of  the  film.  The   literature  used  in  the  review  is  at  a  higher   academic  level  and  would  not  be  suitable   for  young  teens.  This  clearly  shows  the   different  audience  it  is  aimed  at.   The  heading  for  the   film  review   establishes  the   cer&ficate  of  the  film.   This  is  used  to   evidently  show  the   audience  who  the   film  was  suitable  for.  
  17. 17. My  Magazine  Review   My  film  review  breaks  down  the  themes  and  issues  which  are  seen  to  be  the  centre  of  the   film.  The  cri&c  explores  them  and  unpacks  the  representa&on  seen  throughout  the  film.   In  the  first  paragraph,  a   quote  is  used  to  link  to   the  main  problem  of   the  film.  It  is  seen  about   a  women  caring  from   someone  else.  The  first   issue  is  shown  which  is   disability.  This  takes  you   straight  into  the  film.   In  the  opening  of  the   second  paragraph,  it   takes  you  more  in-­‐depth   with  the  characters  and   the  background  of  them.   In  the  paragraph  it  shows   the  loca&on  of  the  film   and  explains  the  class  of   them.     Mid-­‐way  through  the   second  paragraph,  it  goes   into  detailed  of  the   emo&ons  and  feelings  of   the  characters  with  the   situa&on  they  are  in.  The   review  makes  a  clear  point   that  a  key  theme  of   imprisonment  vs.  freedom   is  shown  in  the  short.  It   then  links  back  to  previous   work  from  the  director.   The  third  paragraph   goes  into  more  issues   of  vulnerability  and   isola&on.  The   paragraph  goes  more   in-­‐dept  with  how  the   the  technical  elements   and  conno&ng  more   issues  and   representa&ons.  This   is  the  writer   unpacking  the  film   and  geDng  more  in-­‐ depth.  It  is  evident  in   the  lower  part  of  the   text  that  there  is  a   broken  rela&onship   within  the  two   characters.    
  18. 18. My  Magazine  Review   The  images  in  the  review  also  link  to  each  other.  At  the  top,  centre  of   the  review  –  there  is  an  image  of  young  actor  Amiee  Leatherby   looking  down.  At  the  boGom,  leW  there  is  an  image  of  vulnerable   character  Myles  Egan.     The  images  are  posi&oned  like  this  to  show  a  ‘hierarchy’  of  power.   The  boGom,  right  image  is  of  vulnerable  character  Jonathon  played   by  Myles  Egan.  The  image  is  of  him  in  his  wheelchair.  He  relies  on  his   carer  Darcy,  shown  in  the  top  image.  The  images  represent  the   rela&onship  between  them.     In  the  film,  there  is  many  shots  showing  a  strong  proxemics  of  the   characters  and  there  rela&onship.  In  the  shot  on  the  leW,  you  see  the   separa&on  between  them.  This  is  used  by  the  line  in  between   blocking  them  apart.  In  the  shot  on  the  right,  the  hierarchy  has   changed  over.  Darcy  is  now  the  weak  and  vulnerable  one.   In  the  boGom  two  shots,  you  can  see  Jonathon  relying  on  Darcy  as   she  pushes  his  wheelchair.