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Digital commerce


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Digital Commerce

Published in: Education
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Digital commerce

  1. 1. Alejandro Gonzalez Julio Rodriguez INTD3355- Prof. Gladys E. López Univesidad de Puerto Rico Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez Picture credit:
  2. 2.  Digital commerce or electronic commerce is the action of buying or selling items or services through the use of the internet (Ribble, 2004)
  3. 3.  Online buying/selling through commercial sites, auction sites and internet locations  Buying and selling “virtual merchandise” for online games  Media subscriptions and purchases made through media software  Itunes  Pandora  Netflix  Hulu
  4. 4. Digital transactions Through internet channels to buy/sell goods.  Website  App  Electronic Wallet Auctions
  5. 5. Buy anytime from anywhere You don’t have the need for long lines at the mall May found cheapest products
  6. 6.  User must take into consideration safety and security  Not knowing how and where to buy items online can leave kids vulnerable to Internet scams and identity theft.  Receiving goods or services which are not the same as described by the seller.  You will not receive your purchase immediately, you must track shipment in the case of non digital purchases.
  7. 7.  Shop  Anybody can sell and purchase items  Useful to find cheap products and product alternatives  Useful for hard to find items  Bids  User bids to win current sale  User does not need to pay for lost bid  Instant purchase  Usually more expensive than using bid
  8. 8.  Personal privacy  Students fail to realize that poor online purchasing practices lead to poor credit ratings.  Safety and security  User buyer protection  Do not reply to emails from companies you don’t recognize.  Best practices  Pay through a secured Wi-Fi connection only  Check Ratings and expect < 99%  Read good/neutral/bad reviews for seller by date  Use Paypal  Compare prices with at least one different seller or another website
  9. 9.  Fulfillment  Amazon offers the ability for other sellers to sell through the site  Huge catalog  Amazon contains the biggest shop catalog ready to purchase  Fast shipping  Many shipping options including same day in some cities  Amazon offer free shipping for many items
  10. 10.  Personal info privacy  Do not post personal info in reviews  System security  Amazon setups all security and payment system  User secure HTTPS connection  Best practices  Ratings/Reviews for fulfillment  Confirm product information  Ask seller and other buyers  Compare prices with other sellers or different site  Prepaid CC
  11. 11.  Instant payment  Manage existing cards  Pay in-phone or using NFC Picture credit: Apple, Bank Of America
  12. 12. Personal info privacy  Pay on locations that you trust System security  Use TouchID Best practices  Do not leave your phone unattended  Manage your payment history Picture credit: Apple
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