Gel Voice Graffle


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Gel Voice Graffle

  1. 1. GEL Challenge 2009 - "Listening" Draft Sitemap and wireframe Author: Jim Anderson - Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. Notes Home Page - Contains project overview, links to standard about, contact pages, calls to action for parters, youths, and experts, most active solutions, most active topics Home Page Topic Page - Landing page for a given topic, contains most active solutions, active experts and youth, topic background information Solution Detail Page - Detail of a proposed solution Expert Bio Page - Bio of an expert involved in the topic Community Topic Page Page Partner Bio Page - Bio of a partner organization and information related to their involvment in the topic area Community Page - Lists most active youth organizations and information for youth communities wishing to join the project Solution Expert Bio Partner Bio Youth Youth Organization Overview Page - Information Detail Page Page Page Youth Organization Organization Visual related to an organization, it's involvement and it's Overview Directory active participants Page Page Youth Organization Individual Bio Page - Information related to an individual in an youth organization, their interests and activities Youth Youth Organization Individual Summary Page - Default Solution Youth Comment Organization Organization landing page for an authenticated youth. Displays Page Individual Bio Individual comments related to their solutions (either solutions Page Summary Page they are interested in, or discussions they have actively participated in). Suggests areas to explore Youth Organization Visual Directory Page - Allows for navigation and exploration within the community of youth organizations Author: Jim Anderson - Page 2 of 2