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The classroom


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The classroom

  1. 1. At school
  2. 2. The classroom Students can learn here.
  3. 3. A blackboard It's very useful for teachers to write.
  4. 4. The globe Do you want to find a country?
  5. 5. A CD player Teachers use it for listening exercises.
  6. 6. Chalk You need a piece of chalk to write on the blackboard.
  7. 7. A desk Pupils sit on a desk to work in class.
  8. 8. A noticeboard Projects, notices, posters, exams schedule...
  9. 9. A set of shelves Your books to read are here.
  10. 10. A school bag Students take it to carry their books and school materials.
  11. 11. A notebook Notes, projects, exercises, etc. are written here.
  12. 12. A pen, pencils, a rubber, a pencil sharpener, a fluorescent pen... Here you are what you need to write or underline.
  13. 13. Crayons, markers, wax colours, paintbrushes... You can draw or paint with them.
  14. 14. A projector, a digital whiteboard, a computer... Currently, all of them are necessary to teach every subject.