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  1. 1. Note: The McArthur Landing Site in Palo, Leyte was created to commemorate Gen. Douglas MacArthur famous parting words “I Shall Return” that he made good of his promise before he left the country after its downfall to the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. This famous event took place on October 20, 1944. The Allied landing on Leyte Island’sea shores was a pivotal moment in the history of the War in the Pacific and in the human struggle for liberty. Worth a visit. Historical Site. Located at Red Beach in Candahug, Palo. The Bronze statues are 1.5 times larger than lifesize depicting the actual Leyte Landing of Gen. Douglas MacArthur and his allied forces on October 20, 1944. -------------------------------------------------------------The McArthur Landing Site in Palo, Leyte was created to commemorate McArthur’s famous parting words “I Shall Return” that he made good of his promise before he left the country after its downfall to the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. This famous event took place on October 20, 1944. The Allied landing on Leyte Island’sea shores was a pivotal moment in the history of the War in the Pacific and in the human struggle for liberty. The Leyte landing is a central event in the long history of friendship between the peoples of the Philippines and the United States. Gen. MacArthur Landing Memorial Park Gen. MacArthur Landing Memorial Park Red Beach Candahug Palo, Leyte Leyte Landing Park (aka MacArthur’s Park) is the site where General Douglas MacArthur landed near the end of World War II (to fulfill his promise of: “I shall return” when he left the Philippines for Australia at the height of the Japanese occupation). This landing heralded the end of the Japanese occupation in the Philippines, and thus commemorated in this park. Also found within the park is the Rock Garden, put up in 1994 for the 50th Leyte Landing Anniversary. Here you can read messages of peace pronounced by world leaders engraved in stone tablets. At the center of the garden is the pillar of “Eternal Flame”. How to get there: From Tacloban City, take a jeep to Palo. Recommendations: If you are a history buff, this place would be nice to visit.
  2. 2. Proclamation that Gen MacArthur will return to protect the Filipino People from the Japanese. Soya Grass of the Park by the Pacific Looking straight to the Monument.
  3. 3. This is the Y- Road going to the MacArthur Park from the west. Beautiful Road with Big Trees going to Macarthur Park about 914 km. south of Manila. Quick! Where did General Douglas MacArthur land when he returned to the Philippines to “liberate” near the country from the Japanese invaders? It’s in the Imeldific island ofLeyte, where a park, formerly called the MacArthur Park, was erected to commemorate the historic day. The bronze statues tower over everyone, including the larger-than-life statues of President Sergio Osmeña and General Carlos P. Romulo, who were with the landing party of Gen. MacArthur It’s now called the Leyte Landing Memorial, located at the Red Beach, Palo, Leyte. Just in case you go past the Memorial and gaze at the sea, you’ll notice that the beach brown to black — not red. The “red” in Red Beach doesn’t refer to the natural color of the sand, but its color after being drenched in blood. The town of Palo is adjacent to, and the Memorial is a few minutes from, Tacloban City, the capital of the province of Leyte. There are no taxis in Tacloban City, so you could hire a tricycle, a ubiquitous mode of Philippine public transportation that resembles the famous German sidecar, in going to the park (yes, the Germans were also part of the Axis powers during World War II, but they were confronting the Allied powers in Europe, not here in the Pacific). There are at least four flights going in and out of Tacloban from Manila. You could also opt to go there by ship or by land (through the roll-on-roll off or “RORO” ships). Gen. MacArthur had to leave the Philippines during the height of the Japanese attack. Upon reaching Australia, Gen. MacArthur uttered the phrase that is forever remembered by Filipinos: “I shall return“. Contrary to some misconceptions, these famous lines were uttered not when Gen. MacArthur left the Philippines, from his headquarters in Corregidor. Upon his return, General MacArthur issued a Proclamation, etched at the Leyte Landing Memorial. It reads:
  4. 4. The Leyte Landing Memorial commemorates the historic return of the flamboyant general, together with hundreds of thousands of men and hundreds of ships, on October 20, 1944. It was the start of the end of Japanese occupation in the Philippines. October 20 is celebrated every year, as the anniversary date of the Leyte Landing. The marker of the National Historical Institute placed at the park reads: On this spot, Palo, Leyte, General Douglas MacArthur returned to the Philippines on 20 October 1944, and personally led the swift drive against the Japanese forces in the Philippines. President Sergio Osmena and some members of the government-in-exile arrived with General MacArthur and proceeded to reorganize, restore and administer the government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. Declared a National Historical Landmark 2004. So, the next time you’re stuck in Tacloban City, soak up a piece of history and drop by Leyte Landing Memorial (or you may still want to call it the MacArthur Park). It is a park. You can go around, have a picnic and take pictures. Just do not forget to throw your trash at the proper disposals. I would like to correct a misguided idea that some tourists have written authoritatively about. It is claimed that Red Beach is named as such because of the blood that supposedly flowed during the Leyte Landings on 20 October 1944. This is false. In summary, the different landing areas were color coded. The first reason, is it makes communication easier within a large military force (instead of memorizing proper names like Palo or Marasbaras) The second reason is it keeps the enemy military force guessing where the attack(s) will come from. Selasa, 05 November 2013 Making Conversation Between You as Guide and Tourist Me Hallo are you Jennet Khizar, from Australian? Tourist Yeap you right I'm Jennet from Australian. Me ohh so happy to meet you, I'm Gina as your tourist guide and I will be with you for you here. Tourist Thanks Gina nice to meet you too. Me so Is this the first time you come to Indonesia?
  5. 5. Tourist yes, this is my first holiday in Indonesia. Me wow that's good, ok let's go I will show you the wonderful tourism in Indonesia and Jennet you can ask everything to me anyway Can I call you Jennet or Ms?? Tourist you can call me Jennet, Gini What is this Place? Me This is palce called Mekarsari, Mekarsari is exotic place that have various types of plants fruits of various regions in indonesia. Tourist wow so interesrting, what facilities are there here? Me you can see many collection of plants here with a travelling train rides beside that you can see the house of plastic area, outbound area, garden such as : vegetable gardens, rambutan, melons, jackfruts etc. not only garden . Mekarsari also have waterfall and lake,usually lake is a favorite place for tourist and them family can enjoy sailing with the boat. Tourist feel so back nature, you said malon garden? Me yeah why Jennet? Tourist because I like melon and want to see the various types of malon so can you take me there? Me of course follow me Jennet. You know what!! you're not lucky now. Tourist why Gina? Me Because If you come when cantaloupes was fruitful you may get it directly from the tree. Tourist
  6. 6. ohh really!! How many various melons in this place? Me very much, such as melon golden light, jade flower, glamour and the last is golden langkawi. Tourist wow so good and I think they have difference taste. Me yes you right. Tourist Gina is in this place there is also a place of manufacture of fertilizers? Me Yes Jennet the tourist can see about the process of manufacture fertilizers. Tourist what is step originally Me starting from collecting leaves that have been dried up to ultimately become the fertilizer I'll show you, follow me Jennet. Tourist so interesting, what is that Gina? Me Ohh this is plants whose fruit is a creation Tourist so creative, how can?? Me through the process of laboraturium research in mekarsari, and even fruit is already a superior product. Tourist wow it's good I like Indonesia. Me what do you think about Indonesia and this place?
  7. 7. Tourist Indonesia has many cultures and many wonderful place that I want to visit such as Gina I think this time for lunch. Me oh sorry I'm forget, I will introduce the food of Indonesia.