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Earn money online


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Earn money online

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Earn money online

  2. 2. 2Getting ReferralsGetting referrals is a big part of how successful you are investing time inPaid-to-Click (PTC). Paid-to-Read {PTR affiliate programs. or any otherprogram where referrals have a direct impact on your income. Increasingthe amount of referrals you have dramatically increases the amount ofmoney you make.You will realize that there are many other people in the same situationtrying to get people to join via their ref links also. So its as hard ascracking nuts. Follow some of these tips and your sure to have somemore refs in no time.So how do you actually get referrers I will examine the ways to get peopleto join using your refer link.Getting referrers takes some effort and some time. but you can get a lotof referrers take the time to try and get them, for example, while you aredoing your clicking open another tab and sign up/post on some forums.add a post to your blog. all you need is 1 hours day and you can click allyou rads on 5-10 different sites and do some advertising all at the sametime.Everyone trying to get referrers so what can you do to have an edge andbe the one who gets MORE referrers than the competition? Here aresome tips for you.
  3. 3. 3Forums / Message BoardsPlace referral links in you signature. Create a post containing your referrallinks. And Link the "www" under your avatar to your forum post, nowevery time you write a response the signature well placed automaticunder your response.Dont by to add links to your response because than you gang to be I"spanner" and spammers get bend from all forums. This is veryimportant!Some good forums to post on are you r general forums about workingfrom home as these people are looking for ways to make more incomeworking from home. See the resource section at the end of this guidefora list of forums.Blogs and WebsitesA blog or website will help you keep track of the PTC sites you arecurrently one. it will also allow you to review some of the sites you havetried and advertise some of the ones you are currently using or trying out,basically the nice thing about a blog is that its a great way to keep trackof what your currently doing in the PTC worked and to make this publicso that you can make money from ad sense as well as gaining referrers tothe PTC sites you are promoting. Try using one of the free blog sitesaround to start with and if your happy then move to a more permanentone with your won domain name.
  4. 4. 4Also you can promote you r blog link in your forum postings too.This may be the most time-consuming fall the methods. depending onhow much time you spend on it. BUT, it is well worth the effort if you doit right.Squidoo is a perfect site to use as it gets tons of traffic and attention.Plus, you get to see how many people visit your lens as well as what linksthey click on. For the best results, you should build a lens that isinformative, nice to look at, and well-organized. If you build your lenswell, you will get a high ran king and your lens will be featured onSquidoo search. and you will get tons of visits. You should take somespace on your lens to explain what PTC ls. This is in case a visitor comesto your site with no prior knowledge of PTC‘s. You want to explain it in away that is simple and inviting, but do NOT exaggerate.Please, do not make false claims to get referrals. If you claim that theywill make thousands a month, I promise that once they sign up and see10 $.01 ads, they will do the math themselves. You don‘t just wantsignups. you want active referrals. To get active referrals, you have toshow the visitor how they can succeed in this business. Otherwise, theywill be discouraged by the small amounts they will earn at firstEmphasize patience and referrals. This is how they will make money withPTCs. and if they make money, you make money. When you post yourreferral links {preferably banners, do not just string them all together,this is unappealing as well as uninformative.
  5. 5. 5Visitors are impressed by numbers and stats. Tell a little bit about eachone, do you have any comments on it? Which are your favorites? Fastestearners? Just give all the information that you think is relevant This willinform the reader that you have put thought into it. The last thing youhave to do is promote your site. Th is can be done in many ways. Squidoohas a frame breaker embedded in its code, so it will not work in TrafficExchanges. The best way to promote is to post you r link everywhere. Ifyou have a MySpace or facebook profile, post your link there. If you haveanother site on the web, link to your lens. Also, post your link on all theforums you belong to. You should email your friends and family. Submityou r website URL to Yahoo and Google. You can also get visits to yoursite by joining a group related to your topic. This is great traffic becausethose people are most likely already interested in your subject - a raptaudience. If you build a site that is appealing, convincing, andinformative, and you promote that site. you will get referrals. Not all yourreferrals will stay active. However many in fact will. Furthermore, thegreat fact is that they can leave you comments, so you can interact withthem, help them, and encourage them to be active.EmailSend an email to everyone you know who might like the PTC idea orwant to find additional PTC sites. Dont go spamming people! Useappropriate etiquette to all people you send your emails too!
  6. 6. 6Refer people you knowThis might not be the best of ideas or appropriate in some situations butif you know some people out there who might like the idea of PTC thentell them about it and maybe tell them about your biog, website, forumpost and so on.The nice thing about PTC sites is you can tell everyone about them andabout your blog and they are all FREE to join so no one will get ‘hurt’ inthe process if things go wrong, all they have lost is time not money, butdo warn them that you are aware PTC sites have a bad reputation andthat you are trying to only promote the ones you personally believe in.Live chat programsAdvertising your referrals in online chat rooms and IM programs can get alot of peoples attention however make sure to use the appropriateetiquette and ensure not to break the house rules by spamming.Advertising in the real worldCreate flyers and distribute them on public notice boards. hand to hand.advertising in newspapers, local newspaper and so on... make sure itsappropriate and you obey any laws in your area. You will be amazed athow effective this can be especially on public bill boards.
  7. 7. 7Advertise on PTC and other types of sitesAdvertising using PTC sites. make sure that you dont advertising in thesame PTC site that you are try to get Referrals because people that seeyour ad is already registered to the same site.Advertising on PTC sites is relatively cheap for the number of people thatyou will get seeing your advert, but its not always very effective i.e.expect 1-2 referrals from every 500-1000 views.Advertise at Free Traffic exchange sitesTraffic Exchanges are basically sites that offer its members the ability toadvertise their links and banners for free after viewing other links andbanners.Heres how it works: You sign-up as a member of a TrafficExchange site. You then must view ads like you do for PTC sites, butinstead of getting paid for your clicks; you are able to advertise yourbanners and links. Traffic exchanges usually offer some type of ratio forexchange. For instance. a site that offers 1:1 ratio means that you can getone click on you r referral link or banner for every one click that youmake.You will surf for ad links in exchange for your own advertisements. Someof these sites may even pay you for surfing. so you will hit 2 birds in onestone.
  8. 8. 8 www.easyhits4u.corn www.shareadspace.oorn www.hogshollow.corn www.lords-of-traffic.ccrn www.royalsurf.ccm www.ts25.corn www.traffic-splasimorn www.trafflcera.cornMaking the most out of Traffic Exchanges:1) Build a Splash Page! As you will see when you start surfing, you onlyhave a brief moment to capture the viewers attention and get them tovisit your site and sign up. If you dont. they will surf right past your page.So, you need a page that will load fast and get the surfer to click! inaddition, often the sign up page for your PTC is not all that inviting. Youshould do the selling if you want them to become your referral. Anotherimportant factor: sometimes when a surfer clicks on your Ref link, if theyclick onto another page to check out the website, you will no longer betheir referral. You can avoid this by selling them on the site before theyeven click with a great splash page. So, where can you make a splashpage? Splash pages are so simple and basic, that basically any pagecreator will work. I like Google Page Creator, as it is really basic and easyto use, and all you need is a Gmail account. Pages created with Googlealso load fast.
  9. 9. 92) Plan to spend a few hours a day surfing. Try to spread your surfing timeamong several sites. This gives you r site a broader audience. I wouldsuggest surfing two or three at once; this is perfectly acceptable.3) Make use of the bonuses that each site offers. Some sites offer hugebonuses that equal up to hundreds of views for your site. Take time toreach these bonuses and get free views for your site.Referral Exchange SitesOne of the best ways to get referrals is to use sites that specialize inreferral exchange. These sites offer its users the ability to get referrals inreturn for signing-up as a referral to someone else. The basic processworks like this: You sign-up at a referral site as a member much like anyPTC site. After you are a member you must then acquire credits that youwill use later on as an incentive to get your referrals. You start by lookingfor a PTC, GPT, etc. you want to join and the credits being offered byother members. You sign up for one that interests you and receive theoffered amount of credits. Now you are able to offer those credits tosomeone else to join as a referral under you for whatever PTC site youwant. These are the most popular referral sites: www.getref.ccm www.starreferrals.ccm www.programrefs.ccm
  10. 10. 10Rent / Buying ReferralsThese are the new trends in PTC today. You will be hiring packs of un-referred members for a month with much cheaper prices - lets say a packof 10 members for just $3 per month. Furthermore whenever one of yourmembers is inactive, you may replace them immediately the monthafter. This is a low risk investment!Purchasing un-referred members from the site is a common practice. ThePTC site has many members who either did not sign up under anyone, ortheir referrer closed their account. These members then go on sale. Youcan buy them for a price usually ranging from $1-$2 per referral. in mostcases, you will only get members that have been active recently.This method of gaining referrals is the easiest, all you have to do is payfor them and the rest is done for you. There is huge earning potential. Asyour down line grows, your earnings g row rapidly. There is only onecondition: Most sites will NOT guarantee that the members you buy willbe active after you purchase them. You may pay for 50 referrals on ly tosee a week later that 10 of them rarely click, or worst yet, never. Basicallythis is an "at your own risk" method of getting referrals. Anotherimportant fact to note is that you should not purchase referrals from asite that you do not completely trust. There is word spreading around thePTC community that some scam sites are selling bots (automatedclickers) as referrals. If this happens, the bot will either click minimally orstop altogether. You should always be careful when investing your own
  11. 11. 11money in a PTC site. Please remember this, I do not want you to getscammed!You should do the math yourself. when you purchase referrals, youshould be able to make your money back in 2 months at most. Take intoaccount how much you make off of referrals as well as how many ads thesite has each day. Only purchase referrals from sites where you will startmaking profit after 2 months. Want More Free Money Making Secrets? Go To The Address Below NOW!