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  1. 1. Grace HodgesSeptember 10, 2012
  2. 2. Fast, beautiful and fun way toshare your photosEasy process: Snap apicture, choose a filter, thenshareShare to Facebook, Twitterand TumblrFREE! Apple Iphone App &Android.
  3. 3. Release date: October 6,2010Original Authors: KevinSystrom & Mike KriegerFacebook recently boughtInstagram for 1 Billondollars
  4. 4. 80 million registered users1 Billon+ photots uploaded5 Million+ photos per day575 Likes per second81 Comments per second
  5. 5. Home tabPopular/Navigation tabCamera tabFollowing News/Personal NewsFeed tabProfile Tab (view your instagrampage)
  6. 6. FiltersBordersBlur
  7. 7. 1. Download Instagram App.iPod touch, iPhone & Andriod  Android: Google Play  iPhone/iPod Touch: App Store2. Open application3. Sign up4. Find friends to follow5. Add / snap photos6. Like & comment on any picture
  8. 8. Instagram Tips
  9. 9.