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6 els uec presentation_mongolia 2

  1. 1. Sydney is a great place to be
  2. 2. Location Wynyard Station
  3. 3. Campus
  4. 4. About us• Leading English language school - established in 1988• Quality school – reputation, programs, teachers• Highly experienced teachers – IELTS™ and Cambridge examiners• Academic and holiday programs for adults and juniors• Superb central city location• First class facilities – large library, wireless internet• 40 direct further study pathways• Great nationality mix• Active social program• Successful graduates• English only policy• Regular one-on-one progress meetings
  5. 5. Our courses17 year old + 13-17 year old•General English •High School Preparation•Academic English •Junior Holiday English•Cambridge Exam Preparation•IELTS Exam Preparation•Academic Year & Semester
  6. 6. Nationality mix Taiwan 3% China 2% South Korea 17% Europe 35%South America 16% Other Asia 8% Middle East 1% Japan 18%
  7. 7. Total Support• Personal one-on-one interview when you start your course• Help you plan your study pathways• Monthly one-on-one interview with your teacher to provide feedback on your study goals• Advice on transfer to other courses at ELS UEC• Advice on improving your English outside the classroom• For homestay students, monthly meeting with homestay staff
  8. 8. General EnglishOur General English program will: Key Facts•Improve your speaking, listening and conversation abilities Levels: 7 levels from Lower Elementary to•Increase your knowledge of practical grammar structures Advanced•Extend your vocabulary and improve pronunciation skills Course Duration: 1-52 weeks•Build your confidence to use English in a number of situations Hours Per Week: 22.5 hours/week “I have been at ELS Universal English College for 5 months now and in that time I have really enjoyed myself. When I first arrived I didn’t want to speak to anyone because I was not confident in my English skills but now with the help of my teachers and my class mates I feel I have improved so much. The teachers even set individual tasks for me to help me understand English better and I am able to communicate with people from around the world in one place. All I have to say about Sydney is that I love it! It is such a different city, it isn’t too busy which is what I like and the weather is fantastic!” - Yuliya, Ukraine
  9. 9. General English timetables Morning Evening (22.5 hours per week) (20 hours per week) 8:30-10:00 Lesson 1 16:30-18:30 Lesson 1 10:00-10:15 BREAK 18:30-18:45 BREAK 10:15-11:45 Lesson 2 18:45-19:45 Lesson 2 11:45-12:00 BREAK 19:45-19:50 BREAK 12:00-13:30 Lesson 3 19:50-20:50 Lesson 3 Part-time is 15 hours per week and only available on the morning timetable.
  10. 10. General English electivesYou can choose from a range of electives to customise the program to suit your needs.If you study General English full-time, you are able to choose 2 options every 4 weeksfrom Elementary to Upper Intermediate levels.Options include (and depend on your English level):
  11. 11. Academic English Key FactsOur Academic English (AE) courses provide you with the English language and Levels: 4 levels fromacademic skills needed to enter an Australian university, TAFE or vocational AE1 to AE4college without the need to sit an IELTS™ or TOEFL test. Course Duration: Each level is 8 weeksThese courses are intensive, fast-paced and challenging. They cover all of the Hours Per Week:skills needed including essay and report writing, academic listening and reading, 22.5 hours/weeknote-taking, presentation, academic research, analysis, discussion andreferencing for you to survive and achieve success inan Australian university or college environment.We offer 5 levels: LOWER AE1 INTERMEDIATE•Academic English 1 (AE 1) - an introductoryAcademic English course LOWER AE2•Academic English 2 (AE 2) - prepares you for further INTERMEDIATEAcademic English study Direct entry into•Academic English 3 (AE 3) - prepares you for further INTERMEDIATE AE3 TAFE & vocationalstudy at TAFE or a vocational college colleges•Academic English 4 (AE 4) - prepares you for further UPPER Direct entry intostudy at university AE4 universities and INTERMEDIATE other undergraduate & postgraduate courses
  12. 12. Direct entry pathways• Australian Institute of Music (AIM) (00665C)• CQ University, All Campuses (QLD 00219C, NSW 01315F, VIC 01624D)• Curtin University (02637B)• Edith Cowan University (00279B)• Endeavour College of Natural Health (02973G)• International College of Management (ICMS) (01484M)• Le Cordon Bleu (02380M)• Macquarie University (00002J)
  13. 13. Direct entry pathways• Macquarie City (00002J)• Raffles College of Design and Commerce (RCDC) (02761J)• The Hotel School Sydney (01241G)• The University of Newcastle (00109J)• University of the Sunshine Coast (01595D)• University of Tasmania (00586B)• University of Western Sydney (00917K)• University of Wollongong (00102E)
  14. 14. Direct entry pathways• Aviation Australia (02425C)• Blue Mountains Hotel School (00911E)• College of Complementary Medicine (CCM) (02939K)• Elisabeth Bence (02564C)• Headmasters Academy (01859G)• JMC Academy (01259J)• Macleay College (00899G)• MEGT Institute (Sydney) (02517K)• Nature Care College (02675G)• Pivot Point Melbourne (00723J)• Sydney Hair Design College (02917E)• Queensland Institute of Business and Technology (QIBT) (01737F)
  15. 15. Direct entry pathways• SAE College (00312F)• South Australian Institute of Business and Technology (SAIBT) (02193C)• Sydney College of Business and IT (SCBIT) (02635D)• Sydney Film School (02631G)• Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT) (01576G)• TAFE NSW (00591E)• TAFE Tropical North QLD (02012B)• THINK: Education (NSW 00246M, QLD 03107J)• UNSW Foundation Year at the University of New South Wales (00098G)• UWS College (02110M)• William Angliss Institute of TAFE (01505M)• Williams Business College (00182M)
  16. 16. Direct entry pathway to TAFE NSWCRICOS: 00591ECertificate and Diploma Courses Degree Courses • 3D Art and Animation • Applied Finance (Financial Planning) • Design (Interior Design) • Early Childhood Education and Care • Information Technology (Network Security)
  17. 17. Direct entry pathway to UOW SBS
  18. 18. Direct entry pathway to Le Cordon Bleu
  19. 19. Successful AE Pathways 2011 - 2012 Pathway Students Macquarie University 38 University of Wollongong 25 University of Western Sydney 16 Foundation Courses 11 TAFE NSW 32 Le Cordon Bleu 38 International College of Management Sydney (ICMS) 10 Other 25
  20. 20. Careers Day
  21. 21. Cambridge PreparationOur Cambridge Preparation program will:•prepare you for the Cambridge exam and provide you with the Key Factsopportunity to gain an internationally recognised English qualification. Entry Requirements: Upper Intermediate -•improve your skills in reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, Advancedspeaking and listening. Course Duration: 10, 11•improve the accuracy of your English or 12 weeks (depending on time of year)We offer 2 levels: Hours Per Week: 22.5 hours/week•First Certificate in English (FCE) – An Upper Intermediate qualification•Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) – An Advanced qualification ELS Universal English College is a registeredBenefits: Cambridge test centre.•Excellent teachers including Cambridge examiners•Weekend study retreat with your teacher on some courses•High success rate achieved in Cambridge exams
  22. 22. IELTS™ PreparationThis course is designed to fully prepare students taking the IELTS™ Key Factsexamination. The program is designed to: Entry Level: Intermediate level of•familiarise you with the IELTS™ exam English•teach you the skills needed for each of the four sections of the exam Course Duration: 4, 8 or- writing, speaking, listening and reading 12 weeks Hours Per Week: 22.5•provide regular test practice under exam conditions hours/week•increase your confidence when sitting for the test•help you to maximise your score “My IELTS teacher was great! He was a real IELTS examiner so he prepared theThe program offers: class well for the exams. I achieved an•flexibility - Study 4, 8 or 12 weeks overall IELTS band 7.0 with 8.0 In Reading. My teacher also taught me•an intake every 4 weeks valuable exam skills and strategies that I•quality curriculum and teachers can use in the future. I am now going to study a 3 year Bachelor Degree in Music•IELTS™ examiners on staff and Entertainment Business Management•intensive preparation for the academic at JMC Academy.”module - Ryan, Korea
  23. 23. Academic Year & SemesterThe Academic Year/Semester programs at ELS Universal English College are designed forlearners who wish to study with us for an extended period. You can combine several of our Englishlanguage courses and if you wish, a work experience/internship component, all within a single,specially priced enrolment. These longer term programs will definitely provide a big step in yourfuture success.•Start on any unit start date (same as General English)•Choose to take your holidays anytime (to suit course start dates)•Choose your courses to study•1 Free TOEIC test OR 1 IELTS™ test OR 1 Cambridge test•Program includes a voluntary 4 or 6 week unpaid internship Academic Semester - 23 weeks + 4 weeks’ holiday Intermediate Academic Year - 33 weeks + 6 weeks’ holiday Lower Intermediate Lower Extended Academic Year- 46 weeks + 5 weeks’ holiday Elementary/Elementary
  24. 24. Academic Year & Semester Extended Academic Year Academic Year GE - Upper Elementary to Academic Semester Lower Intermediate Cambridge Preparation (PET) Cambridge Preparation (PET) 2 weeks’ holiday Cambridge Preparation (PET) 2 weeks’ holiday Academic English 2 1 week’s holiday Internship – 4 weeks 1 week’s holiday Academic English 2 General English - Intermediate 2 weeks’ holiday 3 weeks’ holiday to Upper Intermediate General English – Intermediate Cambridge Preparation (CAE) 3 weeks’ holiday to Upper Intermediate Internship - 6 weeks 1 week’s holiday Internship – 6 weeks
  25. 25. High School PreparationIf you are planning to enter an Australian high school, our HSP course will teach you the Englishand academic skills you need to be successful. Our focus on Australian study methods andculture will increase your confidence and help you adapt to life in your new high school.Our HSP program will:•improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills sothat you can successfully Key Facts Entry Requirements:•study the subjects taught at Australian high schools 13-17 years•help you to perform effectively across a range of social and Levels: Beginner toeducational situations Upper Intermediate Course Duration:•improve your language and cultural skills to increase your 1–52 weeksconfidence and motivation Contact Hours: 22.5 hours/week•help you to adapt to life in an Australian high school
  26. 26. High School Preparation pathwaysWe work closely with the New South Wales (NSW) Department of Education and Training. Thisallows us to package our High School Preparation course with enrolments into NSW governmenthigh schools. Upper Intermediate High School Preparation English High School Preparation (HSP) (HSP) Intermediate High School Preparation English High School Preparation (HSP) (HSP) “Before I started at ELS Universal English College I was told that it had the best High School Program in Sydney and I soon found out why. The teachers were very helpful and friendly towards all the students and taught us all the tools we needed to succeed in High School like how to write a complete essay, how to write a narrative in correct style and understanding subjects such as Australian History. The library was also very useful and I often borrowed books and listening tapes to improve my conversation skills. My study goal was to improve my conversation skills as when I first arrived at UEC as I could barely speak a complete sentence but now I have been accepted into a University in Vancouver, Canada to complete a Bachelor of Computer Science. Thanks ELS Universal English College!” - Henry, China
  27. 27. About us All of our full-time programs (except Junior Holiday English) are accredited by the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) and are registered and available to Student Visa holders. Student Visa holders must undertake full-time study. Level 1, 17 O’Connell Street, Sydney NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA Email: enquiries@uec.edu.au • Website: www.uec.edu.au Phone: +61 2 9283 1088 • Fax: +61 2 9283 1760 Universal Education Centre Pty Ltd • CRICOS Provider Code: 00053J