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Ascon Detective is a professional, quality and value conscious detective company, serving services to individual and corporate sectors. They are taking care of any kind of investigation cases include Pre Matrimonial Investigation, Post Matrimonial Investigation, Pre and Post marriages detectives services. Our Matrimonial Investigations like Matrimonial verification, etc.

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Private Detectives Services

  1. 1. Ascon DetectivesNetworkSouth Delhi OfficeK-128, 210-Ranjeet Sadan,Mohammadpur,Bhikaji Cama Place, Delhi-110066.North Delhi OfficeA-54, Prashant Vihar,Near Pitampura,New Delhi-110085.Contacts:Contact Nos.30938109, 3093811052060515,
  2. 2. Our Detective Network has been providing quality investigativeservices to the corporate world and individuals for manyyears. Our investigations are thorough, diligent andcomprehensive. Whether it be locating a missing person,compiling background information on an individual or an indepth asset’s verification, the final product will reflect thehigh level of professionalism our clients expect from us,regardless of the geographical location. All Investigationsand inquiries are conducted with utmost discretion toprovide the client complete anonymity.Information you wish to obtain.Financial limits you set.Time frame with in which youwould like to see the work completed.Ascon Detectives NetworkNext
  3. 3. With over one decade of experience in gathering corporateleads, inputs to suit the diverse requirements of corporateenables us to provide focused feedback while adhering to stricttime schedules. Being run by Certified Investigators brings themuch-needed assurance of objective and qualitativeprofessionalism coupled with commitment, integrity, discretionand time bound service.ASCON is managed by a team of highly experienced and competentofficers. All investigators are required to undergo a professionaltraining program. All officers work under the well builtmanagement, who is one of the pioneers of this profession in thiscountry having an experience of over one decade and hasproficiently handled close to 1000 cases over the years.Ascon Detectives NetworkASCON provide its corporate clients the much-needed competitive edge to survive in todays competitive business scenario. Ourclients rely on our thorough and accurate intelligence inputs. Our professional association with investigative companiesglobally assures you in sourcing intelligence leads regardless of where they originate. We at ASCON have built ourreputation by providing cost effective investigative services which are specific to your requirements and budget.Our services are certainly not restricted by the services mentioned earlier as we also provide investigative services on duediligence, employee dishonesty, embezzlement, sexual harassment, employee screening, drug use and other types ofinvestigations can be conducted upon request. The backgrounds of competing companies can be investigated andnecessary information can be obtained.Next
  4. 4. Our services can include providing detailed information for.Pre MatrimonialPost MatrimonialPre EmploymentPost EmploymentSurveillanceUnder Cover OperationDivorce CaseMissing PersonFrauds, CheatingLitigation SupportAsset VerificationDue Diligence & Credit WorthinPatent Trademark & CopyrightInsurance InvestigationCorporate IntelligenceAttorney ServiceHandwriting verificationBusiness & Market surveyTracing Individuals & companieNextAscon Detectives Network
  5. 5. Pre Matrimonial:Marriage is an important contract in modern day life.It can change the whole course of your life. Whynot be attentive and know facts before handbefore you get married. We carry out extensiveand intensive investigation about the boy/girl: Character Verification of the boy/girl. Verification of social reputation of boy/girl. Information relating to his/her employment/ business. Detailed background report of their activities. Education history. Previous relationship Social status and reputation of the family. Financial status of the family.Back to Services Next
  6. 6. All investigations are conducted with utmost care and completesecrecy is maintained. Investigations pertaining to Delhi andNew Delhi region are generally completed within 7-10 days.Inquiries in other states beside Delhi and New Delhi can beexecuted within 12-15 days time.In the case of overseas alliance, the required information canobtain or verified through our associates located through outthe World. With our service, you will be able to verifyanything and everything they have told you over thetelephone or Internet.----------------------------Pre MatrimonialBack to Services NextAscon Detectives Network
  7. 7. Post Matrimonial:An investigation on either of the partners, as andwhen one suspects of infidelity in the marriedlife.Supposing you have landed up in a problematic married life and you want tobe confirming about the behavior of your spouse, we will help you inknowing the overall behavior and infidelity of your spouse.When you feel that your partner or spouse is having an extra maritalrelationship, it is imperative that you verify the facts and obtain as muchevidence as possible. In the long term this will provide you with peace ofmind and will clear your doubts. Also, if you were to falsely accuse yourpartner, it may result in an irretrievable breakdown in your relationship.We unearth the truth and bear the realities thus putting forth a much clearerpicture enabling you to take the right decision. We have agents in everymajor Country and City in the World which means that once the case isassigned to us, we can guarantee that you will secure the mostcompetitive rate along with exceptional level of service, wherever andwhatever the case may be.Back to Services Next Previous
  8. 8. Pre Employment:It is ideal for those who are about to embark on a newbusiness deal or take on a new employee. To eliminatechances of hiring errors at the recruiting stage, theseverifications are conducted before the recruitment of ashort listed job-applicant.It helps to assemble the best team by picking up the rightperson for the right post. Therefore, it is important toverify the credentials of the employer before giving himthe employment.We offer a full package of employment screening servicesincluding verification of credentials and references,checking of public records, and character evaluation.Each check will provide the most accurate and currentinformation available, summarized and provided to you inan easy to read investigative report. These services canbe provided quickly and efficiently since we understandthat it is not practical to wait for a number of weeks toobtain the required information and risk losing apotentially valuable member of staff. We work with you todetermine the information you need to make informed,responsible hiring decisions.Back to Services Next Previous
  9. 9. Post Employment:Internal fraudTheft by employeesMisappropriation of information and industrialespionageCopyright, patent and trademark infringementAscon is providing the absolute best services anywhere. To accomplish that,employees of this company are committed to performing everyassignment accurately, completely and on time.Our goal is to provide fast, accurate and cost effective information as andwhen you require. We carry out evaluations of these employeesconsidered to be at these "risk positions".A detailed report on their social behavior, and known associates is alsosubmitted giving you total peace of mind.Back to Services Next Previous
  10. 10. Surveillance:To keep a particular person under watch to monitor the movements.Surveillance is the life-breath of investigation. It is one way, which puts thewhole individual in front of you like an open-book. Regular surveillance ofan individual for some time brings out everything in and around him.For this purpose we have trained and experienced work force and sufficientapparatus. We bring a creative approach to each surveillance assignment.Mobile SurveillanceStatic SurveillanceVideographyStill PhotographyInterviewing TechniquesInquiriesStatement TalkingCourt TestimonyBack to Services Next Previous
  11. 11. Under Cover Operation:By planting our Investigator in the clients company, in variousdesignations, to fact find the root cause of all anti-management activities, pilferages and thefts.Pilferage and thefts are epidemic in industries, god owns andbusiness houses through innovative practices.To plant men of confidence in strategic positions of a targetedestablishment to keep an observant eye on thedevelopments between work force and other activities inthe unit to find out any mucky happenings for weeklyreporting to the management can interrupt this muck.For each assignment best-suited field operative and experienced casemanager are drafted. The under cover agent is your eyes and ears in theestablishment keeping you fully posted with all the happenings enablingyou to take timely corrective actions.Alternatively, we can monitor their movements within your organization, placeinvestigators under-cover to work along side them and subsequently, ifrequired, befriend them and maintain surveillance upon them outside ofyour organization, to establish whom their employers are.Back to Services Next Previous
  12. 12. Divorce Case:It also covers the matter related to child possession, sharein property, curiosity to know the future plans andactivities of the spouse etc.Divorce cases, especially when coupled with child custodyissues, produce emotions like none other. Ourinvestigators go into these type cases knowing this.In divorce cases you need our assistance for extra maritalaffair, daily routine and employment details for alimonydecisions and material evidence of your spouse, whichwill stand good in the court of law.We will attempt to develop a profile for a spouse by conducting activity checks,background investigations, and asset searches.By having this needed additional information, you can go into divorceproceedings with greater confidence, and be able to make better-informeddecisions as to how to proceed.Let our trained investigators assist you during this unpleasant time of your life.Back to Services Next Previous
  13. 13. Missing Person:Some people deliberately avoid the sight of the financers or bankersor people/company whom they owe money but deliberately want toabscond. For these persons we have a network to detect them.It can range from the category of legally missing persons like witnessof some case. Some missing loved ones of missing relatives. Wehave a network all over the Country and even abroad. We haveprofessionals working for us in this field and have a wide experiencein this field. We also use modern equipments for giving concreteevidence in this regard.-------------------------------Location of missing persons is of various kinds.Back to Services Next Previous
  14. 14. Frauds, Cheating:The market of finance and loans has made a tremendousgrowth in the recent times. Getting house and carsfinanced have become an easy task. It is very easy for afake borrower to produce some documents and getfinances. The financial institutions because of this areincurring huge losses.Ascon has the best infrastructure and know how to tacklethese kinds of problem. We can do the best forprotecting you against these frauds. We have done anexhaustive groundwork to detect these frauds.-------------------------------Back to Services Next Previous
  15. 15. Litigation Support orLabour Court Case:A court case could become a nightmare, wrecking yours credibility andreputation if it goes against you. Ascon Detective is having an excellentexperience to assists in preparing for litigation and in designing asettlement strategy.----------------------------The whole of Indian Penal Code and criminal procedure code and the law ofevidence are based of substantive proof.Legal battle is fought in the Court of law but we can collect such informationand relevant evidence which can help you collecting evidence and witnessrequired for criminal, civil or administrative. We give audio video proof forthe same as far as possible. The service is totally supportive to obtain thedesired result of legal remedy.Back to Services Next Previous
  16. 16. Asset Verification:Verify assets owned by an individual or companies enabling banks, companies, moneylenders,in times of a litigation for recovery of dues and for eviction cases.Verification of movable and immovable assets is very essential in cases related toembezzlement, claims of banking and non-banking finance companies since their entirefinancing operation is based on correct verification of assets, which are subject matter tomortgage. We trace out the concealed assets of defaulting borrowers, judgment debtorsand dishonest employees to effectuate recoveries or execute decrees.We divide a persons assets in 4 general categories:Property Records: - This includes the name of the owner of that residence or land alongwith the actual cost of the property.Bank Account :-It includes where the person has various accounts along with the accountstrength and their bank statement.Company Records: -it may include all public limited and private companies listed in Indiadetails of their business partners, capital invested, business location, P.F. details andincome or sales fax details etc.Vehicle Ownership: -This May include the name, address of the owner of a four-wheeleror a two-wheeler along with and manufacturing year of the vehicle.Back to Services Next Previous
  17. 17. Due Diligence &Credit Worthiness:Ascon provides the necessary financial/operational analysis and backgroundinformation which assists in taking the right decision regarding new clientrelationships. We can also check the competence of these subjects andcompile an in-depth report into their trading practices, and other aspects oftheir businesses.---------------------------------To verify an individual or a companys reputation, market credibilityand other important factors.Financial institutions and corporations find it is invaluable to havethorough, detailed knowledge of new business associations.Back to Services Next Previous
  18. 18. Patent Trademark &Copyright Infringement:Market survey to identify the spurious/duplicate material available in the market,its source of manufacture and supply.Lots of counterfeit products undetected due to similar looks to the authenticonce and damage the reputation and sales of the original manufacturer.It is a common mans knowledge that gray market and counterfeit products aremaking good business. But this is bad for the real entrepreneur and theconsumer interests.Ascon offers For tracing out and locate the counterfeiter and their associatesour special team conduct the market survey to seek out the origin of anidentified infringement by ascertaining the product route from source ofsupply back to the manufacturer-----------------------------------Back to Services Next Previous
  19. 19. Corporate Intelligence :A competitor that knows its market, its competition and how to leverage what ithas learned is one that continues to legitimately win in the market place.This also includes the professional capabilities of a key functions of yourcompetitor like market position, reputation, suppliers of raw material,potential clients, marketing strategy, background check of potentialassociates, joint ventures etc. along with his comprehensive profile.We at Ascon will help you to collect analyzed information of your competitor.Ascon provide its corporate clients the much-needed competitive edge tosurvive in today’s competitive business scenario.-------------------------------Most corporate victories result from well-designed products orservices, hard-won marketing campaigns, and the strategicuse of intelligence.Back to Services Next Previous
  20. 20. Attorney Service:Witness LocateWitness statement verificationInformation VerificationCrime Scene Photo/VideoOffender Personality Assessment and AnalysisBackground InformationSurveillancePersonal injury and accident investigationsWe offer a variety of investigative and confidentialinformation services to the legal community. Weprovide the following professional investigativeservices to the legal community.Back to Services Next Previous
  21. 21. Any reputed advocate would certainly like to build his casestrong enough to get the verdict in the favor of his client.However some time genuine and strong cases becomeweek and are lost for lack of concrete evidence andsupporting information, which one finds difficult to obtainon his own.Detective Network provides complete and comprehensivelitigation support services to several Advocates, Law Firmsand Solicitors in compiling background and financialinformation on witnesses, corporations, businesses andindividuals to aid case preparation.……………………………………….Attorney ServiceBack to Services Next PreviousAscon Detectives Network
  22. 22. Handwriting analysis is often used in forensic science to identify who wrote aparticular document.The extent, to which handwriting may be miss-used, is beyond imagination andastonishing. Unauthorized persons may sign cheque of very largeamounts, persons not authorized may issue indents on the document andtrickster may misdirect delivery orders etc. To eliminate all these issues wehave a team of experts to catch the cheater immediately.--------------------------------------Handwriting Verification:Back to Services Next Previous
  23. 23. Business & Market Survey:We develop a data based system to see what haunts your business as a whole,why are your products not as readily acceptable as others in a particularmarket/markets, or if accepted, or if accepted, why are they not faring sowell as are the others.Using a data based system; you will get reports of the loopholes of yourbusiness to help you to devise correct market strategies. We assure you thatwe will help you to create a synergy, which will take your business in the rightdirection.---------------------------------------------Back to Services Next Previous
  24. 24. Tracing Individuals & Companies:There are plenty of reasons for tracing someone, suchas an outstanding debt or you may need to havethe individual served with Court papers but cannotfind them at their old address.We are able to offer not only our highly effectiveinvestigative services, but can also co-ordinatethem with any of your own efforts. We carry outdetailed searches of records and registers andconsult computer databases, as well as following upleads and conduct interviews.IndividualsPropertiesBank accountsOther Business InformationThere are, of course, various other types of information that a clientmay require on any status of business or businessman. This couldinclude a list of their business and/or private contacts and virtuallyany other aspect of their business and/or private lives.Back to Services Next Previous
  25. 25. Insurance Investigation:Ascon provides specialized services by highly trained staff toassist the insurance company and to check the bonafides of suspected fraudulent and inflated claims.Relevant enquiries as well as surveillance are used toprovide full details of the claimants to determine the loss,liability and quantum. Surveillance Claims investigations Video / Still Photography Tracing / Verifying assets and property Claims assessment and verificationWe firmly believe that all suspicious claims must be thoroughly verified and investigated byprofessional investigators. We act on behalf of many insurance companies investigatingfraudulent and suspicious claims. Using the latest photographic and video equipment, shouldthis be required. We also assist large organizations that are swamped with staff constantlyseeking compensation at every opportunity. By conducting a private investigation we attemptto either prove or disprove industrial injury allegations and fraudulent claims.Our trained investigators are very successful in the gathering evidence, which can reduce yourliability and in some cases render a plaintiffs claim invalid.-------------------------------------------------Back to Services Next Previous
  26. 26. The world of global business is fraught with dangers andindeed a risky place to be in without adequate selfpreparation today. With frauds, employee theft, cargo highjacking, kidnapping, embezzlement, corruption, trademarkinfringements, the list goes on and on. Coupled withquestionable integrity of your trusted lieutenants this canand has been the reason for many corporate downfallssince humans discovered money.ASCON helps you in collecting the right information, get to the truth and create aplan of action thereby enabling you to respond swiftly and effectively againstsuspicious and scrupulous business intentions.------------------------------------Back to Services Next PreviousAscon Detectives Network
  27. 27. Thank YouWhen considering an investigative company, select an organization withinternational experience, exposure and connections coupled with a solidreputation for success globally.Ascon Detectives Network.South Delhi Office: North Delhi Office: Contacts:K-128, 210-Ranjeet Sadan, A-54 Prashant Vihar, Contact Nos : 30938109, 30938110Mohammadpur, Near Pitampura, : 52060515, 51659515Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110085. Mobile : 9810545352New Delhi -110066. Telefax : 27550032Email ID : : www.ascondetectives.comAscon Detectives Network