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Adma digital-marketing-yearbook-2011

  1. 1. Engaging consumers online and joining conversations is only the“ start. Marketers can now ASIA PACIFIC actively influence and Digital Marketing enable purchases. Yearbook 2011 Edited by Rachel Oliver
  2. 2. • ABOUT THE ASIA DIGITAL MARKETING ASSOCIATION • The ears, eyes and voice of digital marketing in Asia The Asia Digital Marketing Association Being a member gives you access: (ADMA) is a non-profit organisation with a • Unified voice for the industry to promote the use of digital and the internet (in the media and with potential membership base spanning the full range of customers) • Forum for standards and best practice sharing the digital marketing ecosystem, from portals • Spokespeople to represent members and respond to criticism and publishers, to advertisers, e-commerce • Insights on what advertisers, agencies and publishers are thinking platforms, device makers, games companies, • Industry contacts and networking opportunities Reaching Asia’s agencies, technology solutions providers, and • Sponsorship opportunities to raise awareness of your brand research houses. The mission of the ADMA • Discounted rates for regional events Unreachable • Notification of relevant speaking opportunities is to grow the use of digital for effective • Professional digital marketing qualifications - discounted enrolment fees for members marketing investment. This will be achieved • Entry in the online Membership Directory and annual Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook by being an authoritative source of insight • Job matching service to help you find staff As the region’s leading business news in print, online and on mobile, The to join the ADMA and statistics, hosting networking events, Membership fees are set low enough to encourage Wall Street Journal Asia reaches Asia’s affluent business leaders and universal membership among industry players, and taken and facilitating professional development. together provide sufficient revenues to underwrite regular decision makers where they live, work and play – anytime, anywhere. With activities. Other activities are funded by sponsorship the highest print circulation of any international daily in the region and an In addition, the ADMA engages with senior (cash and in kind) and by charging admission fees for some events. ever-expanding portfolio of online, mobile and tablet platforms, it’s no executives to gain consensus and provide a surprise that The Wall Street Journal Asia has been named the “most To join, simply complete the online registration form at voice on key industry issues. important business reading” by Asia’s business elite.* To find out more about integrated advertising solutions, please contact your Visit for more details. Dow Jones sales representative at or call: The ADMA gives heartfelt thanks to all our members for their support and contributions: Hong Kong 852-2831 2504; Singapore 65-6415 4300; Tokyo 81-3 6269 2701. ADMA Patrons: *Source: BE:Asia 2010©2011 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. ADMA Corporate members: Acxiom Corporation, ad:tech, AGENDA Group Asia, ASATSU-DK, Branded, Citibank, Colgate-Palmolive, comScore, Coremetrics, Digital Chameleon, Dot Asia Organisation, Econsultancy, Edipresse, emarsys, Experian Hong Kong, Financial Times, Google Hong Kong, Hewlett Packard, Innity, Isobar Hong Kong, KatalystM, Lucini & Lucini Communications, Message Systems, MRM Worldwide, OgilvyOne Worldwide, Omnicom Group, Omniture, Publicis Modem Asia Pacific, Reader’s Digest Asia,, The Economist online, The Nielsen Company Hong Kong, The Upper Storey, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, UBM Asia, Universal McCann, Wunderman. And all our SME members. asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 1
  3. 3. Contents• Asia Pacific 6 • INDONESIA 44 • SINGAPORE 70• Austr alia 14 • JAPAN 50 • SOUTH KOREA 75• CHINA 22 • MALAYSIA 56 • TAIWAN 81• HONG KONG 30 • NEW ZEALAND 62 • THAILAND 84• INDIA 38 • THE PHILIPPINES 66 • VIETNAM 88 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 3
  4. 4. CHAIRMANS Each market in the region is increasingly developing its sale to establishing a customer relationship. MESSAGE own characteristics and dynamics. You will see from the statistics in the Yearbook that the popularity of IM, gaming, There is also a new digital divide opening up, between companies that truly understand the potential to go deep SMS, e-commerce, apps, blogging, watching videos and use with their digital marketing efforts, and those that are still of search vary widely from country to country. Each market contemplating what to do with their Facebook presence, has own dynamics, such as consumers willingness to share if they have one at all. Some marketers are adding social their identities online, their ability to pay safely online, or media and online services as window-dressing to their 2011: From Communications their use of mobile. The overall trend is clear: online and traditional campaigns, which is a start towards integration, mobile audiences are reaching critical mass, and the size of but true transformation is needed. At the same time that communities interested in just about any topic is growing some of the worlds most sophisticated work is being done Outputs to Business Outcomes large enough to attract serious business attention. in this region, other companies are still not going beyond To reach these audiences, companies boosted their Asia the basics. Pacific online advertising expenditure to US$ 16.8 billion in A few years from now, we will see that some brands 2010, with growth estimated at more than 12% per year morphed to meet demand for data-driven communications S through 2015. Search accounts for more than one third of and truly embraced digital as part of a multi-channel all online advertising, and grew at more than 20% last year. strategy while others did not. Sadly some that dont adapt T eismic shifts are now taking place in digital That being said, the proportion of online advertising still may not be with us then. marketing in Asia Pacific that will impact how he Asia Digital Marketing Associations remains out of sync with consumer behaviour. In Singapore, The tipping point is when marketers go from “influencing campaigns are constructed, how tools are (ADMA) Yearbook is back. This fifth annual for example, online ad spend is estimated to be 6% of total the influencers” to engaging directly with consumers and deployed, and how results are measured. edition has more data and insights than advertising budgets even though internet users spend an B2B decision makers. Marketers increasingly “get” social The overall theme of these changes is that ever before, as well as an expanded social media average of 22.3 hours per month online. Online advertising media, as an extension of the storytelling and interactive addressable markets online in Asia Pacific have reached a there is estimated to grow at more than 15% per year. engagement with audiences that forms the basis of public size and scale at which consumer and B2B marketers can section. Its also available without charge online In addition to what I see from the hard data, as relations. The next step is seamless integration across achieve significant business results. Engaging consumers at Chairman of the ADMA, I have heard industry leaders customer and prospect engagement, brand building, online and joining conversations is only the start. Marketers Today, every marketing director, advertiser, and talk firsthand about the evolution taking place around database building, lead generation and through to can now actively influence and enable purchases. Measuring agency executive has to develop digital strategies the region at events such as ad:tech, the iMedia Brand e-commerce sales to “connect the dots” in the marketing impressions, “likes”, click-throughs, costs per click, and and Agency Summits, the Digital Matters conference, value chain. In this integrated environment, no company email open rates are still useful metrics, but marketers can or give presentations on whats happening online and the ADMAs roundtables with senior marketers and expects their online campaigns to be the sole contributor to increasingly also drive e-commerce and offline retail sales in the Asia Pacific region. Thats where the agencies. The roundtables, conducted in Singapore and their financial success, and they are developing attribution revenue, create sales leads, increase a brands net promoter Yearbook comes in. It contains a wealth of the Hong Kong earlier this year, revealed that marketers are models that allow them to predict and measure the scores, and make a significant contribution to CRM. looking closely at onlines value in brand development, contribution each part of the marketing mix delivers. As this Statistics and insights from this years Yearbook reveal most relevant information and insight available, as well as the its better understood direct marketing happens, marketers will be able to increasingly map KPIs these trends. In 2010, Asia Pacific had more than 825 some of which cannot be found anywhere else, benefits. Marketers previously may have turned to the against true business outcomes, as well as communications million internet users, 42% of the global total. With a along with case studies showcasing a few of the web for the measurability of online campaigns, but now outputs. penetration rate of 21.5%, there is lots of room for growth, regions most innovative and effective digital they are staying to maintain sustained relationships and and 700 million more users are expected to come online in drive longer-term brand-building. Marketers are pushing David Ketchum is Chairman, Asia Digital Marketing the region by 2015. The broadband revolution that makes campaigns. It also covers demographics, user Association and President of Bite Communications, their agencies to look “beyond the click” to understand so much of cloud computing and real time video possible is behaviour, online advertising, e-commerce, mobile, online users behaviour and the sometimes less-than-linear Asia Pacific. sweeping through Asia Pacific, with 130 million broadband social networking, and much more. progression from generating brand awareness to making a users in China (all of Europe has 188.88 million), and rapid growth expected in Korea and Japan. Singapore already Many thanks to all the companies that has a more than 195% penetration rate for broadband, contributed data, and to the heroic team of the including wireless connections. ADMA Executive Director Kay Bayliss, editor Mobile remains a key factor, with 2.6 billion subscribers in the region in early 2011, and 400 million people having Rachel Oliver, and designer Garry Tipping who access to the mobile internet. Smartphones are driving new pulled it all together. functions such as mobile banking, mobile commerce and fuelling consumption of mobile video. The 59 million mobile video users in the region at the end of 2010 are expected in the region in 2010, and are expected to grow to over to mushroom into a community of 250 million over the next US$250 billion in 2012. five years, and drive a US$35 billion mobile video services • The webs travel sector is red hot, with US$15.4 billion market. in revenue in China in 2011, and US$4 billion in India. The connections between online and offline purchasing • Online music sales are up 28% YOY in the region to behaviours are growing. Some examples: US$7 billion. • 65% of consumers use online services to locate nearby products and brands. The top three reasons people in the region are going online • 26% of mobile users say they will use their mobile are to get news and stay up-to-date, research products, device in-store to research products and prices. and stay in touch with friends. Social remains a major • 35% of Asia Pacific consumers say that more than 10% phenomenon, with 284 million unique visitors in January of their monthly shopping expenditure is done online. 2011, 115 million of whom were on Facebook, and four • Taiwanese internet users spent an average of US$4,041 of the worlds top ten Twitter usage countries are in Asia online in the past 12 months, and the Chinese were Pacific. Asia Pacifics top retail sites also clocked up a total second with US$2,557. of more than 300 million unique visitors in the same month, • E-commerce sales (excluding travel) hit US$156.9 billion with Alibaba and Amazon in the lead.4 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 5
  5. 5. ASIA PACIFIC Asia Pacific’s Internet Users by Country Asia Pacific consumers now utilise digital channels when Country Internet Penetration User Growth % of Users they are out and about conducting their normal activities, Users (m) Rate (%) 2000-2009 (%) in Asia Asia Pacific 825.09 21.5 621.8 100.0 with more than one quarter of them (26%) saying they Australia 17.03 80.1 158.1 - now expect to use their mobile phones to research goods China 420.00 31.6 1,766.7 50.9 Hong Kong 4.87 68.8 113.7 0.6 and services while they are actually inside the store in India 81.00 6.9 1,520.0 9.8 question, according to one survey of digital shopping Indonesia 30.00 12.3 1,400.0 3.6 habits. Japan 99.14 78.2 110.6 12.0 (SOURCE: MICROSOFT ADVERTISING/AEGIS MEDIA) Malaysia 16.90 64.6 356.8 2.0 New Zealand 3.60 85.4 333.7 - THE Philippines 29.70 29.7 1,385.0 3.6 What Asia Pacific Internet Users are Doing Online Singapore 3.65 77.8 204.9 0.4 Key Site Categories Asia Pacific South Korea 39.44 81.1 107.1 4.8 % Reach Share of Time Taiwan 16.13 70.1 157.7 2.0 Search/Navigation 77.2 4.1 Thailand 17.48 26.3 660.3 2.1 Entertainment 69.0 9.1 Vietnam 24.26 27.1 12,034.5 2.9 Directories/Resources 62.3 1.8 (Source: InternetWorldStats; April 2011) News/Information 57.0 2.7 Retail 55.9 3.5 Email 54.6 4.1 Asia Pacifics Broadband Markets Social Networking 50.5 9.5 Market Penetration range market Household Downloads 49.7 1.0 ranking (as proportion of penetration (%) Community 1.9 1.9 all households) Games 47.1 3.0 High >50% Singapore 165.0 Blogs 45.8 1.5 South Korea 85.0 Asia Pacific’s Internet Users 2010 Hong Kong 81.0 Technology 43.5 0.6 • DEMOGR APHICS • % of Internet Users Taiwan 70.0 Business/Finance 40.5 1.9 Gender Auctions 33.2 2.2 Japan 59.0 Male 59.6 Photos 27.0 0.5 Medium 5-40% Malaysia 35.0 (Source: comScore Media Metrix, April 2010) Female 40.4 China 30.0 The Asia Pacific region continues to be home to the biggest Education Vietnam 20.0 Schooling Until Age 16 2.10 Thailand 13.0 How Long Asia Pacific Spent Online in 2010 internet audience on earth on a regional basis - and by a Schooling Until Age 18 12.5 THE Philippines 12.0 2010 Average 2010 Average 2010 Average Visits 2010 Average Total very long stretch indeed - still. There are now more than Trade/Technical School Or College 23.2 Low 0-5% India 4.0 Unique Visitors Per Month (000) Hours Per Visitor Per Month Per Visitor Per Month Minutes Per Month University 50.3 Asia Pacific 505,174 16.5 43.4 501,666 825 million internet users in Asia alone, as of June 2010, Post Graduate 11.9 Indonesia 3.0 (Source: BuddeComm, estimates June 2010) China 268,918 30.7 58.7 219,717 signalling an increase of more than 50 million internet Employment Status Japan 72,374 27.8 54.1 83,736 users who have come onboard since 2009. The rest of the Full-Time Worker 58.8 India 39,371 21.8 46.4 55,182 Part-Time Worker 6.3 South Korea 29,918 22.8 44.1 28,595 world combined only has 1.14 billion internet users in total, Freelancer 5.1 Taiwan 13,356 20.6 46.4 16,332 to put Asia’s dominance of the internet in real perspective. Self-Employed 4.8 • USER BEHAVIOUR • Australia 13,206 18.5 45.8 13,829 (SOURCE: INTERNET WORLD STATS) Full-Time Parent 3.2 Malaysia 9,881 19.3 40.9 9,159 In Education 13.5 Indonesia 7,574 17.9 45.4 8,241 Asia Pacific internet users now account for 42% of the Unemployed 3.1 The greater the bandwidth you have, the more likely it Vietnam 6,299 17.2 41.0 7,307 Other 5.2 THE Philippines 5,237 15.4 40.6 6,981 world’s total internet user base, as of June 2010. The Main Shopper is that you will be spending time watching online videos, Hong Kong 4,182 16.1 43.3 5,614 total internet user numbers for Asia Pacific, however, still Main 52.3 it seems. Around 80% of online users in the Asia Pacific Singapore 2,837 13.6 29.9 3,877 Joint 40.2 New Zealand 2,739 12.1 32.0 3,038 only represent a relatively small overall penetration rate of region overall according to one survey said they watched Do Not Do The Shopping 7.5 (Source: comScore; Audience: All Persons at All Locations, January 2011) 21.5%. Work Sector online videos on a monthly basis, with high broadband (SOURCE: INTERNET WORLD STATS) Advertising/Marketing/Media 1.8 users - the Japanese, Hong Kongers and Singaporeans - Asia Pacific’s Use of Search and Directories Agriculture Or Mining 1.1 Education 5.3 leading the charge, viewing 158.3, 147.4 and 145.7 videos Market (% Reach) (AveRAGE Searches Per Searcher) Google SHARE OF Total Searches (%) Asia is on the brink of overtaking Europe as the broadband Financial Services 4.5 respectively in May 2010 alone. Asia Pacific 77.2 89.0 38.0 powerhouse of the world. The region is currently home to Government (Ex Education & Health) 3.6 (SOURCE: COMSCORE) China 67.3 66.8 13.0 Healthcare/Medicine 3.5 Japan 89.6 126.2 48.0 184.59 million broadband internet users, compared to the IT/Internet/Software/Computer Services 12.9 India 84.9 79.2 86.0 188.88 million internet users who subscribe to broadband Manufacturing/Engineering/Construction 14.2 Consumers across Asia Pacific are more likely than any South Korea 92.4 136.9 8.0 services in Europe. The vast majority of Asia Pacific’s Police Or Armed Forces 0.3 other group of regional consumers in the world to express Australia 91.5 129.2 80.0 broadband internet users are Chinese (representing more Professional Services (Law, Accounting, Architect Etc) 4.3 their opinions regarding a negative product experience Taiwan 86.0 85.8 28.0 Retail 5.3 Malaysia 88.2 92.4 70.0 than 130 million of the people in Asia’s total broadband Transport/Logistics/Distribution 3.2 online. Nearly half (49%) of surveyed consumers across Vietnam 92.9 72.1 90.0 user base), leaving room for Japan and South Korea in Travel/Tourism/Leisure Services 1.8 the region said they were more likely to share a negative Indonesia 84.2 91.4 80.0 Other 13.2 THE Philippines 85.5 140.2 64.0 particular to drive further growth in 2011, the former Current Position product experience online (via Twitter or by posting a Hong Kong 85.1 125.6 33.0 market showing stronger growth in 2010 than in 2008 or Company Owner 4.4 review, for example) compared to 41% globally. Singapore 92.5 122.7 73.0 Senior Manager 6.2 (SOURCE: THE NIELSEN COMPANY) New Zealand 88.9 125.8 77.0 2009 reaching more than 30 million users last year. Mid-Level Manager 14.8 (Source: comScore Media Metrix, April 2010) (SOURCE: POINT TOPIC) Entry-Level Manager 10.5 The internet is now seen as the “ultimate research source” Team Member 24.9 in the region, particularly when it comes to locating brands, Asia Pacific’s Appetite for News and Information The growth in Asia Pacific’s internet user base will be Support Level 5.8 Market (% Reach) (Share of Total Online Time) staggering moving forward if it meets expectations. By Other 8.4 products, services, restaurants, making price comparisons Asia Pacific 57.0 2.7% Responsibility At Work 2015, an additional 700 million Asians are anticipated to Advertising And Marketing 11.4 - and ultimately making purchase decisions. Nearly two China 49.8 2.5% Japan 70.1 3.2% arrive on the internet scene from 2010 figures. Company Strategy 11.6 thirds (65%) of Asia Pacifics internet users use online India 50.7 1.5% Direct Reports/Team 19.3 (SOURCE: MCKINSEY QUARTERLY) General Management 32.6 services to make price comparisons in local stores; the South Korea 81.6 2.9% Australia 69.1 3.3% Managing Budgets 16.2 same amount (65%) go online to locate nearby products Taiwan 76.5 3.8% Asia Pacific rules the world in terms of average connection Purchasing Of All Other Products And Services For Your Company 16.7 and brands; 59% go online to check out nearby restaurants Malaysia 48.0 1.6% speeds. In the top 100 cities around the world, ranked by Purchasing Of IT, Telecoms Or Technology Products And Services and between 66% and 78% are now actively reading Vietnam 91.1 8.5% For Your Company 19.7 average connection speeds, 60 are in Japan and 16 are in Recruiting New Employees 13.7 information online about the specific product areas they Indonesia 63.1 4.7% THE Philippines 43.1 0.7% South Korea alone. None Of The Above 17.9 are interested in - namely electronics, clothing, shoes and Hong Kong 79.9 2.6% (SOURCE: AKAMAI) Decision Maker Singapore 75.2 2.2% Decision Maker 19.3 accessories, groceries and fast foods. New Zealand 79.4 3.3% Senior Decision Maker 5.9 (SOURCE: MICROSOFT ADVERTISING/AEGIS MEDIA) (Source: comScore Media Metrix, April 2010) (SOURCE: GlobalWebIndex Waves 3 & 4 (Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia - Sept 2010 & Feb 2011; Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore - Feb 2011) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 7
  6. 6. Asia Pacific’s Appetite for Online Videos Pakistan 3 3.7 4.3 5.1 THE Philippines - - - - Market Total Unique Hours Per Videos Per YouTube Share Of Singapore 56 93 103 138 Viewers (m) Viewer Viewer Videos Watched (%) South Korea 1,205 1,326 1,459 1,604 China 199.4 13.4 51.8 - Taiwan 259 301 322 348 Japan 61.1 6.9 158.3 44.0 Thailand 8 9 10 11 Australia 10.9 14.3 94.0 55.0 Imagine an online community that the Vietnam 1.5 2 2.5 3 Malaysia 8.1 7.0 74.4 62.6 Asia Pacific 16,819 19,332 22,510 26,139 Hong Kong 3.7 4.7 147.4 51.4 (Source: ZenithOptimedia, May 2011) Singapore 2.5 11.5 145.7 63.3 (Source: comScore Video Metrix, May 2010) Asia Pacific’s Top 10 Sites Why Asia Pacifics Internet Users Go Online Motivation for Internet Usage consider this very important Research For Work % of internet users who 47.4 Google Sites Microsoft Sites TENCENT Yahoo! Sites Total Unique Visitors (000) 265,676 238,592 204,942 199,279 world’s movers and shakers are eager to be part of. One they visit to engage and Networking For Work 39.1 187,901 Education 37.9 170,257 Stay In Touch With Friends 48.4 FACEBOOK.COM 115,436 Update My Friends With My Life 28.2 109,965 Meet New People 22.4 be engaged. Where content, ideas and SINA 106,211 Promote Something 21.0 Wikimedia Foundation Sites 85,593 Entertainment 37.1 (Source: comScore; Audience: All Persons at All Locations, January 2011) Research/Find Products To Buy 48.4 Share My Opinion 25.4 Share Content 26.4 Asia Pacific’s Top Entertainment Sites views are discussed, debated, dissected Find Music 33.8 Total Unique Visitors (000) Find Films/TV Shows 32.8 Entertainment 423,344 Stay Up To Date On News/Events 51.4 YOUTUBE.COM 113,965 Research How To Do Things 42.5 Youku 72,761 Organise My Life 24.5 XUNLEI.COM 70,548 and shaped on a daily, hourly and Express Myself 25.9 Tudou Sites 61,571 Take On A Different Personality 16.6 CBS Interactive 60,636 Fill Up Spare Time 35.5 PPStreaM 56,283 To Get Inspired/Get Ideas 36.8 Ku6 52,126 Play Games 19.6 QQ.COM Music 51,901 minute-to-minute basis. (SOURCE: GlobalWebIndex Waves 3 & 4 (Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia - Sept 2010 & Feb 2011; Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore - Feb 2011) iTunes Software (App) C 45,733 KuGou 39,423 (Source: comScore; Audience: All Persons at All Locations, January 2011) M Asia Pacific’s Top Gaming Sites Y • ONLINE ADVERTISING • Total Unique Visitors (000) CM Games 268,243 QQ.COM Games 87,988 A total of US$16.8 billion was spent on online advertising MY QQ.COM Mini Game 37,804 At The Economist online, a lot of things Xiamen Youjia Network 24,114 throughout the Asia Pacific region in 2010, with the biggest 3366.COM CY 16,220 spenders coming from Japan (US$8.2 billion), China (US$4.7 QQ937.COM CMY 15,628 billion) and Australia (US$1.7 billion). 7K7K.COM 14,758 (SOURCE: ZENITHOPTIMEDIA) 96PK.COM 11,227 influence thought leaders, entrepreneurs K 17173.COM 10,980 DUOWAN.COM 9,938 Online ad spend across Asia Pacific in 2014 is expected to Baidu Happy Games 9,459 reach US$22.2 billion, representing 22.9% of global spend. (Source: comScore; Audience: All Persons at All Locations, January 2011) (SOURCE: EMARKETER/STARCOM/BLOOMBERG) and policy makers. Wouldn’t it be nice if Asia Pacific’s Top Retail Sites Other reports would put that 2014 much higher however, Total Unique Visitors (000) Retail 304,205 with one report putting the expected total online ad spend 109,965 across the region by 2013 alone to reach US$26.1 billion. your message was one of them? Amazon Sites 61,247 (SOURCE: ZENITHOPTIMEDIA) TMALL.COM 37,006 Worldwide Sites 31,891 Yahoo! Shopping 28,641 Paid search was anticipated to have been the most RAKUTEN.CO.JP 28,076 important element in the growth of Asia’s online advertising 21,640 market in 2010 and was estimated to have grown by 360BUY.COM 12,487 DANGDANG.COM 12,049 21.9% last year reaping around US$5.66 billion in revenues Samsung Group 10,657 across the region. (Source: comScore; Audience: All Persons at All Locations, January 2011) (SOURCE: MARKETING INTERACTIVE/MAGNAGLOBAL) The online advertising market across Asia Pacific is expected to continue to grow at an average annual rate of • E-COMMERCE • 12.2% through to 2015. (SOURCE: MARKETING INTERACTIVE/MAGNAGLOBAL) Asia Pacific’s retail e-commerce market (excluding travel) was expected to have generated US$156.9 billion in 2010 Asia Pacific Internet Ad Spend 2010-2013 Market Year (US$ million at current prices) which is likely to grow to reach US$251.30 billion in 2012. (Source: JP MORGAN/THE BUSINESS TIMES) 2010 2011 2012 2013 Australia 1,785 2,104 2,441 2,843 China 4,702 5,972 7,674 9,708 By 2014, Asia Pacific will represent 40% of all revenues Hong Kong India 183 121 211 157 228 202 239 258 generated by the world’s online gaming market, second To find out more about how your brand can Indonesia 1 1.1 1.3 1.5 only to the USA, which will account for 44% by that year. engage the influential online, contact Inez Albert. (SOURCE: PWC) Japan 8,279 8,903 9,785 10,666 Malaysia 54 64 75 90 Email: New Zealand 161 185 203 224 Tel: +852 2585 32608 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook pacific digital marketing yearbook 9 asia