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Means of communication


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  • It’s important to communicate with others and share your ideas and suggestions. May be your child has brilliant skills but if he is unable to communicate and not share his thoughts, he will lose focus and passion. So, talk to your kid, communication helps. A good read, you might like this:
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Means of communication

  2. 2. COMMUNICATIONCommunication is a process of sending and receiving messages.Themessages can either be spoke nor written.In olden time messageswere sent through pigeons , horse – riders or by signal . Do you know ? The sailors signaled to other ships about in the seas by waving flags .
  3. 3. TYPE OF COMMNUICATIONIn the present world , communication is oftwo types :a) Personal communicationb) Mass communication
  4. 4. PERSONAL COMMUNICATION It means communication between sender and receiver or caller receiver . The means of personal communication are :- 1. Postal system 2. Telegraph 3. TelephoneDo you know ? In some areas mail is carried on donkey .
  5. 5. 1 . Postal system : Millions of letters, card, parcels andmoney orders are sent and received through post–officeeveryday. Mail is transported by vans, trains, aero planeand even ships .In India the first-office was set up at byculla inMumbai in 1832.’“Postal Index Number{ PIN }’’wasintroducted to make the sorting of mail quick andeasy .The post- offices also provide banking and‘Speed Post’ services . Do You Know ? The first stamp in India was introduced by bartle frere
  6. 6. Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham bell in 1857. It is the quickest method of direct communication between two people .On telephone a person talks to another person Living at a distance .DO YOU KNOW ::The DO YOU KNOW The first on telephone first on telephonewas made from a top was made from a topof the building to two of the building to twostoreys down in storeys down inBostan .. Bostan
  7. 7. MASS COMMUNICATIONMass Communication helps in communicating with a largenumber of people at the same time . The means of MassCommunication are : 1. Print media 2. Electronic media
  8. 8. 1. Print Media : Print media includes newspapers , books ,magazines , journals , etc . They play an important roles inspreading knowledge ,information , ideas and skills throughwords ,figures , illustrations and graphs to thousands ofpeople . ‘ Bengal Gazette ’was the first newspaper whichwas published in India .
  9. 9. Do you know ?Gujarati daily ‘‘Bombay Samachar ‘‘ Gujarati daily Bombay Samacharis oldest existing newspaper in India. is oldest existing newspaper in India. It started in 1882 .. It started in 1882The highest number of newspaperThe highest number of newspaper published in India are in published in India are in Hindi .. Hindi
  10. 10. 2. Electronic Media Under electronic media , we shall study about :a} Radiob} Television
  11. 11. Radio : It was invented by Guglielmo Marconi . It brought a revolution in masscommunication . Radio programmes arebroadcast to the whole world . Even illiteratepeople can listen and understand the radioprogrammes like music, discussions , dramas andcommentary of important events or games . Do You Know ? Radio also helps ships Do You Know ? Radio also helps ships and aeroplanes to send and aeroplanes to send messages in an emergency .. messages in an emergency
  12. 12. Televisions : It was invented by John Logie Baird in1926 . Televisions is more effctive than a radio . Itinvolves both the sense of seeing and hearing.Anyhappening in any part of the world can be viewedin the comfort of our homes . DO YOU KNOW ::India’s DO YOU KNOW India’s national television is called national television is called the Doordarshan .. the Doordarshan
  13. 13. An artificial satellite is a man made object whichrevolves around the earth . It helps in transmittingsounds and pictures through transmitters . Asatellite acts as a bridge between different countriesof the world . Do You Know?An Do You Know?An internet is connected internet is connected through a satellite.