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CarCulatr XTech 2006


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CarCulatr – A 2006 mobile app in JavaScript

Published in: Technology
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CarCulatr XTech 2006

  1. 1. price calculator for used cars Paving Ways - Rocco Georgi
  2. 2. motivation Wouldn‘t it be great to check prices online for comparison NOW ?
  3. 3. motivation With CarCulatr you can look up car prices in real time while you are out car shopping.
  4. 4. key facts - price calculator for used cars - first Opera Platform Project of Paving Ways - mobile AJAX application
  5. 5. how it works - based on Opera Platform (X)HTML + JavaScript application data retrieval via XMLHttpRequest PHP script to crawl (car portal), no API
  6. 6. results - small data transferred (<1KB/calc.) easy to develop: (X)HTML/CSS/JS cellphone-independent development about 2 million mobile Opera installations, increasing - feels like mobile application
  7. 7. results Certain types of data have higher value depending on location; you go to a used-car lot without knowing what you might find there. You don't know what data you need until you get there. (Michael (tm) Smith, Opera)
  8. 8. contact me Paving Ways Rocco Georgi