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The Puppet Community: Current State and Future Plans


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This session starts with a look at the Puppet community today. I use our community metrics to take a look at all kinds of data about pull requests, bugs, mailing lists, IRC and more. In addition to the numbers, I'll also talk about some of our top contributors. We also have much to do to make the community better, so we'll talk about some plans for improvements that we'll be making to the Puppet community.

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The Puppet Community: Current State and Future Plans

  1. 1. #puppetconf STATE OFTHE PUPPET COMMUNITY Dawn Foster Community  Lead  |  Puppet  Labs @geekygirldawn   Kara Sowles Community  Coordinator  |  Puppet  Labs @FeyNudibranch  
  2. 2. #puppetconf AGENDA • About the community • Community tools • Contributions and participation • Future plans • How you can contribute
  3. 3. #puppetconf DEFINING COMMUNITY • Product contributors • Developers / Modules • Users • Vendors • Docs • Evangelists Photo by marya Community includes all of the people who work on the project Product contributors: developers, release managers, quality assurance, localization, etc. Other developers: writing applications, modules, extensions, etc. Users: people who run your software and provide feedback Vendors: companies with products / services based on your project Other contributors: promotion, moderation, documentation and more Some people contribute as part of their employment at companies, while others contribute free time. The community includes all of the people who are working on Puppet projects.
  4. 4. #puppetconf COMMUNITY GUIDELINES CODE OF CONDUCT • Be nice • Keep it legal • Stay on topic • Encourage diversity and participation Specific guidelines for tools and event participation Be nice: Be courteous, respectful and polite: no regional, racial, gender, or other abuse will be tolerated. We like nice people way better than mean ones! Encourage diversity and participation: Make everyone in our community feel welcome, regardless of their background, and encourage participation Keep it legal: Don’t get us in trouble. Post only content you own, do not post private information, etc. Stay on topic: Make sure that you are posting to the correct channel and avoid off-topic discussions. Also remember that nobody likes spam. Specific guidelines for various tools, etc.
  5. 5. #puppetconf COMPONENTS OF COMMUNITY PUG$
  6. 6. #puppetconf COMMUNITY GROWTH Mailing List Membership Note: Double counting alert!! 0" 1000" 2000" 3000" 4000" 5000" 6000" 7000" 8000" Oct"2011" Nov"2011" Dec"2011" Jan"2012" Feb"2012" M ar"2012" Apr"2012" M ay"2012" Jun"2012"Jul"2012" Aug"2012" Sep"2012" Oct"2012" Nov"2012" Dec"2012" Jan"2013" Feb"2013" M ar"2013" Apr"2013" M ay"2013" June"2013" July"2013" PuppetBDev" PuppetBUsers"
  7. 7. #puppetconf COMMUNITY GROWTH 80,000 people have downloaded Puppet, PE, MCollective or the LearningVM 5,000+ people have been trained on Puppet technologies 1,400 modules 449 module authors 1.2 million downloads on the Puppet Forge Forge: 1,407 modules 1,279,131 downloads 80k downloads: any user (ie, they've given us their email address) who downloaded Puppet OR Puppet Enterprise OR MCollective OR Learning Puppet VM. 5000 have attended a Puppet training class.
  8. 8. #puppetconf FORGE AND MODULES Puppet Labs Modules Publish your modules on the Forge today! Hunter and Ashley joined the Forge Module engineering team in July. Note the spike in July where Hunter and Ashley joined in July. Focused on updating and merging pull requests for Puppet Labs modules. Also focused on mentoring community members. We’re also working on a lot of other things to make it much easier to publish to the Forge (better tools, better documentation, mentorship and more). So get your modules on the Forge!
  9. 9. #puppetconf ASK.PUPPETLABS.COM We launched the Ask site late last year to give people another place to ask and find answers to questions about Puppet. Similar to Stack Overflow. Not intended to replace mailing lists, which are much better for discussions. But searching for answers to existing questions isn’t as easy on ML. By getting people to use Ask for questions, we can build up a more robust solution for finding the correct answer to a question.
  10. 10. #puppetconf ASK.PUPPETLABS.COM Like Stack Overflow, you can mark an answer as “correct” which brings it to the top and allows for additional answers and multiple comments on each answer. By getting people to use Ask for questions, we can build up a more robust solution for finding the correct answer to a question.
  11. 11. #puppetconf TOP ASK CONTRIBUTORS Partly as a result of Lee Lowder’s participation on Ask, we ended up hiring him recently. You can see some of the other top participants, which include: * Greg Baker (Ancillas) * Ramin * Stefan Schulte * Greg Larkin
  12. 12. #puppetconf MAILING LISTS - JULY puppet-users puppet-dev razor mcollective 1 Jcbollinger TrevorVaughan Daniel Pittman R.I.Pienaar 2 Jakov Sosic Andy Parker Tom McSweeney Simon Hönscheid 3 Josh Cooper Jeff McCune Rene Gallati CheBrian 4 Forrie Nan Liu Michael Hancock Avishai Ish-Shalom 5 David Schmitt Badgerious Gustav Ahlman Fabrice Bacchella 6 Piotr Jasiulewicz Gavin Williams Nicholas Weaver Pere Hospital 7 GregC PawelTomulik Yasushi Murakami Alan F. 8 Nikolavp Ashley Penney Nan Liu AndriyYurchuk 9 Ygor Christian Flamm Alex Raddas Daniel Siechniewicz 10 Salty Old Cowdawg Simon Marechal David Lutterkort Ragsboss
  13. 13. #puppetconf IRC PARTICIPATIONRank IRC Nick Lines Random IRC Quote 1 _rc 522 "the better way is still to do it properly" 2 Volcane 373 "cads: is something not working?" 3 supercow 228 "try it for yourself, i'm not really interested in arguing" 4 fubada 188 "finch upgraded puppetlabs-apache" 5 ashp 177 "I find it easier to learn in context" 6 binford2k 174 "deviantlinux how about /var/log/pe-activemq/activemq.log ?" 7 BarnacleBob 154 "i think its like user3 or something" 8 finch 153 "I think there were issues with undef leaking into templates" 9 ken_barber 144 "dblessing: so deactivate is the way to go, it just marks a nod..." 10 FriedBob 138 "danman:AFAIK, the master's" 11 badass 137 "also, I don't feel comfortable including that in my samba module" 12 Maior 121 "muchio: (if you define two resources with the same name)" 13 dgriffi 118 "torrancew:" 14 Hunner 111 "phschwartz: In vagrant?Yes" 15 kepstin-work 110 "mhecho: you could either write a native type, or use an refres..." 16 Randm 109 "finch: just assign everything to luke in the ticket system" 17 deviantlinux 103 "Can I force a node to check in?" 18 natewalck 103 "fasty when you say database" 19 ramindk_ 102 "mlanghor: gem installed Passenger and selinux?" 20 Sp4rKy 101 "looks like it 's in the puppetlabs mysql module"
  14. 14. #puppetconf PUPPET - ALL TIME
  15. 15. #puppetconf PUPPET - LAST YEAR
  16. 16. #puppetconf FACTER - LAST YEAR
  17. 17. #puppetconf EASYTO CONTRIBUTE CODE • GitHub pull requests • CLA • Trivial Patch Exemption Collabocats by Jason Costello We have people devoted to merging pull requests, and we’re getting them merged fairly quickly for key projects. Process is pretty straightforward. Follow instructions in file. Issue a GitHub pull request A comment shows CLA signature status with instructions for next steps if you don’t have a signed CLA. Trivial patches are exempt from the CLA. * introduce no new functionality and * are fewer than 10 lines (exceptions for white space, typos, comments, etc.)
  18. 18. #puppetconf COMMUNITY PLANS • Community website improvements • Robust user profiles • Start a bunch of PUGs • Better community metrics • More recognition of community members
  19. 19. #puppetconf PUPPET USER GROUPS • What is a PUG? • Join a PUG! • Start a PUG! We have them in 20 cities PUGs are community run and anyone can start one. What is a Puppet User Group? Join your local Puppet User Group Don’t have one in your area? Start a Puppet User group. Learn more:
  20. 20. #puppetconf TRIAGE-A-THONS! • July was awesome • Join us every quarter • Anyone can participate • See you on October 2nd! What is a Triage-a-Thon? A Triage-a-Thon is when Puppet community members from all around the world make a concerted effort on one particular day to review all the open tickets and bug reports in Puppet and other projects, updating and confirming ones that are still relevant and closing invalid tickets. Bonus points for submitting pull requests that actually fix the bug! July was awesome:  Prizes  Shirts Join us every quarter Anyone can participate Next one to Oct 2:
  21. 21. #puppetconf PUPPET CAMPS • 20 so far this year! • Submit talks for upcoming camps! • Washington DC (Nov 5) • London (Nov 8) • Munich (Nov 28) Not all of them have push-ups. Previous camps in Stockholm, Ghent, New York, Bay Area, Amsterdam Sydney and many more. Process for new camps (active UG & venue helps).
  22. 22. #puppetconf CONTRIBUTETODAY • Ask / Mailing Lists • BugTriage • Docs • Contribute code to projects • Contribute modules to Forge We’ve hired a lot of people from the community :) Photo by Brenda Gottsabend
  23. 23. #puppetconf THANKYOU! Dawn Foster Community  Lead  |  Puppet  Labs @geekygirldawn   Kara Sowles Community  Coordinator  |  Puppet  Labs @FeyNudibranch  
  24. 24. #puppetconf Follow us on Twitter @puppetlabs