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How to be a terrible hiring manager


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Bad hiring managers refer to massive lists of nice-to-haves as requirements, which encourages incompetent blowhards to apply. They hire ninjas who sneak around and rock stars with huge egos. Over Dawn’s 20+ year career in technology and OSS, she has seen many terrible hiring practices at various tech companies. This Ignite talk is a slightly snarky view into what it takes to be a terrible hiring manager.

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How to be a terrible hiring manager

  1. 1. @geekygirldawn How to be aTerrible Hiring Manager Dawn M. Foster, Pivotal Painting: Ivan the Terrible and Souls of his Victims by Mikhail Petrovich Klodt 
  2. 2. WHOAMI Geek, Traveler, Reader 20+ Years in Tech / OSS OSS Strategy Lead at Pivotal Photos by Mom, Josh Bancroft, Don Park@geekygirldawn
  3. 3. Rock Stars Famous people with big egos who smash things Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay@geekygirldawn
  4. 4. Ninjas Sneaky mercenaries who may kill you Image by MichaelWuensch from Pixabay @geekygirldawn
  5. 5. GitHub as Resume Hire privileged people with loads of free time @geekygirldawn
  6. 6. Requirements List nice to haves as must have requirements Image Credit: Gage Skidmore@geekygirldawn
  7. 7. Duplication Make candidates provide the same info multiple times Image Credit:  Ag Ku@geekygirldawn
  8. 8. Surprise! Don’t set expectations for the process Image Credit: Simon Law@geekygirldawn
  9. 9. Culture Fit Hire clones of existing team members Image Credit: Jeremy Keith@geekygirldawn
  10. 10. Random Use random, irrelevant questions for interviews @geekygirldawn ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ??
  11. 11. Interview Gimmicks Whiteboard coding, riddles, and puzzles Image by Annoying Noises on Flickr@geekygirldawn
  12. 12. Test Scores Rely on test scores over experience Image Credit: Alberto G.@geekygirldawn
  13. 13. Don’t Communicate Black holes are for space, not communication Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech@geekygirldawn
  14. 14. Avoid Networking Don’t meet awesome people doing interesting work Image Credit: The Linux Foundation@geekygirldawn
  15. 15. What does it mean?!? Translate from hiring manager speak into English Image Credit@geekygirldawn
  16. 16. Translation 20 Years of Kubernetes experience required Image Credit: Aaron Crickenberger@geekygirldawn
  17. 17. Translation “Opportunity” for an unpaid internship at a tech company @geekygirldawn
  18. 18. Translation List of 50 requirements in a job posting Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay@geekygirldawn
  19. 19. Translation Free dinner and laundry services Image Credit: Matthew Ingram@geekygirldawn
  20. 20. ThankYou! Dawn M. Foster, Pivotal Image Credit@geekygirldawn