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Mobile Device Management & Data Protection


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If you're protecting the valuable data of your company with minimal password or security, then at any time the security breaches and internal threats can occur. But the good news is, there are different types of corporate data security options are available in the market which are powerful enough. Check the slides here to know about these security options and their features so that you can use one of them according to your need and flexibility.

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  • Security to our data is the most important thing that we need. This presentation made me cleared about all the security types. Thanks for sharing.
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Mobile Device Management & Data Protection

  1. 1. Mobile Device Management & Data Protection
  2. 2. Most companies ensure data security is a straightforward task to focus before call it a day.
  3. 3. But protecting these data onto a minimal password is very simple way to invite the security breach and internal threats.
  4. 4. The data protection is also possible with companies firewall, but when data is moving it's quite vulnerable to theft.
  5. 5. :- The corporate data is not live on desktops nowadays, rather on laptops, smartphones, & tablets.
  6. 6. This is also now routinely stored, transferred on flash drives & management of these mobile data is a daunting process.
  7. 7. And sometimes employees also access organization data in their sanctioned-unsanctioned personal devices that open a way for data breach.
  8. 8. All these activities hinder the process of data security and makes the most impervious firewall irrelevant.
  9. 9. What are the methods of data security available ?
  10. 10. The different types of corporate data security and their essential features are as follows ...
  11. 11. Flexible Encryption Remote Monitoring Remote Data Access Control Automatic Security Features
  12. 12. 1. Flexible Encryption There are different data security platforms that are getting introduced by organizations to prevent their data from any kind of security issue.
  13. 13. Flexible encryption of data gives 2 choices to the users :- :- Either you encrypt the total hard drive or :- don't encrypt at all
  14. 14. But after a little advancement the encryption gives the option to secure the data in minimal time that is called binary encryption.
  15. 15. With the help of binary encryption, these companies focus only to encrypt just the data, data files and locations rather than the whole system itself.
  16. 16. Features of Flexible encryption :- :- A balance of security and productivity :- It facilitates a free-flow of data and controls what needs to be controlled.
  17. 17. Remote Monitoring The data theft is getting worse due to the wide access to secure files anywhere by the employees.
  18. 18. And though the data is encrypted but when employees take shortcuts to show their efficiency—it makes the data vulnerable.
  19. 19. To overcome this type of concerns, organizations have administrators who can allow and revoke the authority at any point of time - whether or not they have physical access to the devices that the employee is using.
  20. 20. Remote Data Access Control Sometimes the device gets stolen from employees which are not logged out or devices are still in possession of resigned employees are options of data breach..
  21. 21. This technique of data access control limits these issues by providing options like :- data access denial :- remote erasure etc
  22. 22. Automatic Security Features The admin is always having the control over the devices and data that employees are using but monitoring it at every moment is quite difficult work.
  23. 23. An automatic security feature that can respond to an invalid log- in attempt usually helps to alert the admin about the threat immediately before it comes to management attention.
  24. 24. Except these, there are some new sources are there to protect your mobile devices in a most advanced way.
  25. 25. Geo Tracking :- To track and locate your stolen device..
  26. 26. Remote wipe :- Delete any business critical data remotely by one click.
  27. 27.