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2011 01-24 dragino


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The role of open-source hardware routers as an important infrastructure component in the Internet Of Things

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2011 01-24 dragino

  1. 1. Building a Network of Things Chapter 1 - Dragino router Arduino Mini-Conference Monday, 24th January 2011 Andy Gelme - @geekscape Linux Conference Australia 2011
  2. 2. Network of Things: Design Choices ... Design principles ? Resilient, adaptable, inexpensive, scalable Open, platform neutral, event-based Consistent from small devices to large servers Hardware Software
  3. 3. Network of Things: ConceptualWAN Backend server Backend serverLAN Router Server RouterPAN Device Device Device Device Device Device Device Device Device Device Device Device
  4. 4. Network of Things: Hardware Choices ... Design principles Hardware: Router ? Low power usage, no moving parts, inexpensive Range of networking options Hackable ! Software
  5. 5. Router: Conceptual 3G Wi-Fi Ethernet Router Server ZigBee Serial Others ? Device Device Device Device Device Desired networking options
  6. 6. Network of Things: Router Hardware: Router Common Off The Shelf (COTS) Cheap: Astonishing what you get for AUS$50 Comms: 4 + 1 Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi, serial console USB ports: expansion ... disk, printer, 3G OpenWRT (Linux distribution): Many packages Highly hackable :)
  7. 7. Router: COTS plus mods ASUS WL-500gP V2ArduinoInside !
  8. 8. Router hardware design 3G USB disk Router Ethernet USB printer Motherboard Wi-Fi LCD screen Arduino Touch panel (Nintendo DS) Sensors ZigBee Other devices
  9. 9. Network of Things: Software Choices ... Design principles Hardware Software: Language choices ? Back-end servers: Java, Ruby and so on Routers: Hmmm ! Devices: Typically C, C++
  10. 10. Router: Software ASUS Hardware: CPU 240 MHz, Flash 8Mb, RAM 32Mb Software: Linux (OpenWRT), routing, firewall, web server Development language choices ? Java and Ruby ... Too heavy-weight, tricky installation Host-based development (slow) Popular, useful libraries: often not ported
  11. 11. Router: Programming language Weapon of choice ... Lua ( Quite popular, e.g embedded in World Of Warcraft ! Already installed ... OpenWRT web-server (Luci) written in Lua Scriptable ... develop, test, diagnose on the router Reasonably good for networking Lots of useful libraries
  12. 12. Router: COTS not perfect So, what’s wrong with the ASUS or other vendor’s router ? Vendors eventually stop making them :(
  13. 13. Router: Solution ? Open source hardware and software !
  14. 14. LCA2010 ... Dragino First Arduino Mini-conference ... good times ! Brought along the afore mentioned ASUS WL-500gP V2 Bumped into David Rowe (Village Telco, Mesh Potato) David mentioned “OpenWRT router with Arduino” to Edwin Bart Van Der Meerssche (Fluksometer), David and Edwin design the Dragino The story in more detail ...
  15. 15. Dragino router overview Open-source (Creative Commons) hardware router Currently, in beta testing Designed specifically for developers CPU Atheros AR2317 180 MHz, Flash 8 Mb, RAM 16 Mb Ethernet port, Wi-Fi On-board headers for attaching MCU daughter-board
  16. 16. Dragino router (beta version)
  17. 17. Dragino router design Dragino design provided by Bart Van Der Meerssche
  18. 18. Dragino router detail Edge connector: 12 x GPIO for directly connected sensors MCU connector 1: 2 x 7: Same as edge connector plus ground MCU connector 2: 2 x 8 ... 5V, 3.3V, ground, power adaptor direct connection 4 x AR2317 GPIO (0, 1, 2, 3), AR2317 reset AR2317 UART LED on main motherboard
  19. 19. References @geekscape