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Web : Request-Response Lifecycle (Ruby on Rails)


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The slides explain request-response life-cycle that flows through a web application (built using Ruby on Rails)

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Web : Request-Response Lifecycle (Ruby on Rails)

  1. 1. Request-Response life cycle
  2. 2. “Web server...App server What’s these ?
  3. 3. Web Server
  4. 4. “. Handles HTTP requests and sends back HTTP responses. . Serves static files and assets. . Apache, Nginx etc. . Can handle SSL requests . Compresses requests
  5. 5. Application Server
  6. 6. “. This actually runs our rails app . Loads the code and keep the app in memory . Sends response back to the web server . Webrick, Puma, Mongrel, Unicorn, Thin etc.
  7. 7. “Let’s make an HTTP request :)
  8. 8. Static files
  9. 9. “Congrats! - now you know what’s going behind a request
  10. 10. Thanks! Any questions? Get in touch at