Your Data on Every Device (Amyn Meruani)


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  • ClueTrust has been a developer of Mac software since the beginning of the Mac.\nShow you how we used some tools to help clients adapt to their new environment.\nThings have changed a lot recently, haven’t they? \n
  • IT environment is changing\nUsers expect to be able to use the latest and greatest to get job done.\nUsers came to us asking to use their data on their Macs and iPads\n\n
  • Users more hands-on in many ways\nCloud-based services\nPerimeters\n
  • Limited budget and short timeline\nFirst time to do a project like this\nHad to go out and survey the town\nCost of entry differences\nLoaded Parcel data from municipality into CartoMobile\nPut data on the multiple devices and sent them out to survey. When they returned it was easy to merge the data and process it with ArcGIS to deliver to the town.\n
  • Accessing Server data\nAnalyzing Crime Data\nPredictive modeling\nServer provided immediate updates for all concerned\nData directly available for analysis\nPI used Cartographica to view the progress of the completed work in the field\n
  • May pull this slide out. \nhalf-meter imagery\nResearchers away from network for days\n
  • Imported in all parcel data to Cartographica\nIncorporated FAR calculations\nFull access to all needed data to put together profitable offers for highly active market\nIdentification of opportunity to offer timeline reduced from days to hours\nModel for roll-out to other regions\nMacs, iPhones, iPads\n
  • Data can be moved between platforms for ease of the user without disrupting workflow.\nSharing of GIS data and building interest is possible with the tools available now. \n
  • \n
  • Your Data on Every Device (Amyn Meruani)

    1. 1. Your Data on Every DeviceHow to use multiple platforms to view, edit and see your data
    2. 2. Changing Access Technology• Smartphones• Tablets• Personal devices but with corporate data• Oh, and Macs
    3. 3. Users Are ChangingTechnology has removed boundaries of workand offices.
    4. 4. Field Data Collection• ArcGIS 10• Philadelphia Architect doing survey work for their client, a municipality outside of the Commonwealth.• Team A: iPad (WiFi with GPS dongle)• Team B: ArcPad for Windows mobile• Team C: iPhone
    5. 5. Server Based Crime Data• ArcGIS used by the city• Proactive police department• Officers: Personal iPhones• Coordinator: MacBook Pro
    6. 6. Really remote Remote Sensing• ArcGIS 10• Researcher of remote areas of the US• High-resolution imagery of large areas (10gb+ files)
    7. 7. Commercial Real Estate Development• ArcGIS for corporate services• Aggressive New Opportunity Development team• Offer for new deals down from days to hours• Integrated their maps with Google Earth for animation
    8. 8. The End• Fluid movement of data between• Increase interest in GIS to other groups in organization/company
    9. 9. Amyn Meruani (