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  1. Results in conflict and inefficiencies
  2. Devs don’t deploy consistent software
  3. Ops are motivated to resist change
  4. Development process is Agile
  5. Talk about non-functional requirements
  6. Security
  7. Backups
  8. Availability
  9. Upgradeability
  10. Configuration Mgmt
  11. Monitoring
  12. Logging
  13. Culture
  14. Automation
  15. Metrics
  16. Sharing
  17. DevOps Cafe
  18. Agile Executive
  19. Presentations
  20. Velocity
  21. DevOps Days
  22. Other
  23. Twitter: #devops

Editor's Notes

  1. Problem is engrained into usDevelopment-centric folks tend to come from a mindset where change is the thing that they are paid to accomplish. The business depends on them to respond to changing needs. Because of this relationship, they are often incentivized to create as much change as possible.Operations folks tend to come from a mindset where change is the enemy.  The business depends on them to keep the lights on and deliver the services that make the business money today. Operations is motivated to resist change as it undermines stability and reliability. How many times have we heard the statistic that 80% of all downtime is due to those self-inflicted wounds known as changes?as it undermines stability and reliability - Ops are keeping them from deliveringChangeCulture
  2. DevOps has been broken down into four categories.CAMS, which I am going to go into detail.
  3. Culture is created from these differences between dev and opsDevelopment Complete is not Live, Production, Make-Us-Millions
  4. AKA less human error16mins/day over 30 people = 250days/year