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Xml bath collapsing distances


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My presentation on social, local, mobile at XML Bath, 2012

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Xml bath collapsing distances

  1. 1. The Estuary Esther LimCollapsing Distances, The EstuaryConnecting Peoplewith Social, Local andMobile Technologies X Media Lab Bath: Digital Entertainment
  2. 2. The first phase of the hype:Check-ins and game driven commerce
  3. 3. The original Foursquare: Find Friends
  4. 4. Foursquare: Gaming elements and more
  5. 5. Gowalla: More check-ins and badges
  6. 6. 30M users, 65min/day, 62M check-ins/monthMy Town: Foursquare on steroids
  7. 7. LocalDiscovery of local stores Retail Discovery and comparison Shopping Companion In store experience
  8. 8. Mobile device usage isanticipated to grow
  9. 9. So will the number USmobile social users
  10. 10. Explosion of new location based social apps
  11. 11. Check-ins still prevalent butsocial discovery is the new “sexy”
  12. 12. Focus on So Lo Mo Technologies thatconnect people in “meaningful” ways
  13. 13. Highlight: Proximity based recommendation engine
  14. 14. Glancee: Proximity based recommendations with less energy consumption
  15. 15. Banjo: Proximity basedrecommendation engine with more content
  16. 16. Highlight: Proximity basedrecommendation engine for Android only
  17. 17. But something INTEGRAL is missing... We are lacking CONTEXT and MEANING
  18. 18. A multi-mediamobileencyclopedia ofwhere you are‣ Uses check-ins and rich media content sharing‣ Delivers videos, stories, images, and audio that relate to specific places Add notes or a caption; delete this if not needed.
  19. 19. Wallit uses AR to create a virtualwall to leave messages for others
  20. 20. Local-mobile app connectsneighbors to build stronger communities through technology…
  21. 21. Enables media delivery to consumers via inaudible ultra sound frequency
  22. 22. ColdCase 1866: Invites exploration of atown with geo-located delivered content
  23. 23. Social, mobile,local technologieswill be more local,appealing to niche segments andcreating stronger affiliations and community through shared context
  24. 24. The Estuary Thank You! Esther Lim The EstuaryEmail: Twitter: @geekgrl