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Embracing Chaos: An Interactive Project Management Survival Guide


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Interactive projects require everyone involved to embrace a certain amount of chaos;
 how can project managers keep teams and clients connected and collaborating effectively amidst the insanity? We'll talk about the factors that make interactive work uniquely challenging, and the survival skills that bring a project manager from good to excellent.

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Embracing Chaos: An Interactive Project Management Survival Guide

  1. 1. Embracing Chaos: An Interactive Project Management Survival Guide
  2. 2. Nancy Lyons @nylons Meghan Wilker @irishgirl
  4. 4. Digital vs. Interactive
  5. 5. A DV E E R SIN SOF W AR TI T Our Forefathers G E R NE ET INT ING You T MAR K
  6. 6. WA T E You AG E N CY FALL AG I ER L The Process Wars
  7. 7. What is Project Management?
  8. 8. “Most engineers don’t know what a project manager does, and if they do, they usually don’t know what a good one looks like.” “Crap project managers have ruined the reputation of the gig.” Source::
  9. 9. Project management is like air quality. If you can see it, it’s probably killing you. @nylons | @irishgirl Source:
  10. 10. Project Management is a leadership role. “I'm trying hard to get this project management thing down but there is a hell of a lot of work in it. Thought its a small thing and now it seems that the project manager is holding down the fort on everything.” - a dude who read our book
  11. 11. PART II The MY N A T O ent A of an Excell CT P RO J E E R M A N AG
  12. 12. Emotional Intelligence Empathy Intuition Instinct
  13. 13. Strategic Thinking Live and breathe the work. Connect what with why. Know who, know when. @nylons | @irishgirl
  14. 14. Guidance Give meaning to tasks. Communicate effectively. Stay cool under pressure. @nylons | @irishgirl
  15. 15. Motivation Social engineering Leadership Likability
  16. 16. Bravery Taking risks. Building consensus. Making mistakes.
  17. 17. PART II The MY N A T O ent A of an Excell Bravery Taking risks T RO J E C R P A N AG E M Motivation Leadership Strategic Thinking Connect what with why Emotional Intelligence Empathy, intuition, instinct Guidance Give meaning to the process
  18. 18. You
  19. 19. “A number of empirical studies of on-the-job excellence have clearly and repeatedly established that emotional competencies —communication, interpersonal skills, selfcontrol, and so on — ‘play a far larger role in superior job performance than do cognitive abilities and technical expertise’.” Source: Unwritten Laws of Engineering: Revised and Updated Edition, by W.J. King, James G. Skakoon. Interior quote: Working with Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman
  20. 20. Thank you!