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  • social groups

    1. 1. How does your media product represent particular socialgroupsOur product represents the following aspects relating to social groups, Class,Race, Age, Gender and sexualityC - classR - raceA - ageG – genderS – sexualityA example of a stereotypical view which is used regally in society is that we seeblack males as being trouble makers and that they are always up to no good.This is because they tend to wear big coats and dark clothing to coverthemselves up.
    2. 2. ClassClass refers to the background of a person, you could have a high class backgroundor you could be from a lower class family and have a lower class background. Theonly way you can move up the class scale is by you or your parents gaining status insociety.The film isn’t necessarily aimed at the lower and middle class audience, instead it isaimed at those with respectable statues in society, therefore not aimed at those whohave a big income, but at those who work hard and do manual jobs or jobs for theprivate sectors such as doctors and police men etc. There is a feeling that thesesort of people in society tend not to trust the government and this ideology fits wellwith the plot of the filmThe audience that would watch this film are both working class and middle class,and i wouldn’t expect to many people who are upper class to watch this type of film.This is because of the income of the majority of the audience is relatively average orlow.Therefore it was important that the main character in the film fitted the role he wasmeant to be playing. The main character in the film is a white male who is fairlyintelligent, this is shown through the way he specks, he is quite well spoken, whichsuggests that he has come from a more well off background.
    3. 3. RaceFirstly we established who watches a typical disaster film, and generally thetarget audience for a disaster film are white young males, therefore it wasincredible important that we used a white male as the main character asthis is a typical convention of a disaster movie.This so that the targeted audience can relate to the main character. Whitemales are often seen as intelligent and therefore with a Sci-Fi twist a whitemale fitted well.The stereotypical view of white males is that they are fairly well educatedand they are therefore seen as more intellegent than a coloured male, this isbecause white males are seen to be more well off because of traditionalviews, therefore we could afford to make the storyline more complicated.
    4. 4. AgeIt was important that the main character was of a similar age to the targetaudience, so that they could relate to them, the audience. The targetedaudience range from teenagers to pensioners but the majority of peoplewho would watch the film are roughly in their 20 - 30 and have good paidjobs and are quite comfortable or they could still be in education such asuniversity.Therefore he had to look old enough so he gave off the right look whichwas that he should be nerdy and a geeky scientist.
    5. 5. GenderGender is one of the most important factors relating to social groups. Womenand men are seen very differently. The traditional view of women’s role is thatthey should stay at home and look after children and do housework, whereas itwas the mans job to look after the women by going out and earning a living.As the target audience for the film is a male audience it made sense that themain character was male. This was because the audience could then relate tothe main character.Men often see women as just sexual objects so it was important that the newsreader was a good looking women. The audience that watch big action filmsand disaster films are stereotypically seen to see women in this way.
    6. 6. SexualitySexuality was very important. Stereotypically the audience for a disaster movie arestraight as they are seen as quite manly, and the stereotypical view of gay men isthat they aren’t very tough and like to watch films which generally women willwatch.Therefore it was important that the main actor wasn’t gay or gave of a gay imageand he had to be quite manly but also nerdy and geeky to carry off the sciencelook.