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Pilot questionnaireg


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Pilot questionnaireg

  1. 1. PilotQuestionnaireFor our pilot questionnaire, we asked 10 people in their teens to answer some questions to aid in our product.
  2. 2. Impressions of the PoliceDo you think the police are competent in their work Q) Do you think that the police have improved living conditions in Leicester? a) Yes b) No a) Yes b) No
  3. 3. Impressions of Police Q) Have you ever have an experience where the police helped? Q) Do you think they can a) Yes improve? a) Yes b) No b) No
  4. 4. • These particular diagrams showed that the teenagers believe that the police are not very good at what they do• Bearing in mind this is post-riots, there would be the probability of it being biased against the police due to the attitude the youths believe the police hold against them• E.g. Because many youths were engaged in the riots, it could be interpreted that ALL youths are capable of rioting, and will be treated as such• This may not be the truth, but it could be an interpretation
  5. 5. Actual Content Q) Should we ) if so, should the have a presenter be part of the police or a teen? presenter? a) Teen a) Yes b) Police b) No
  6. 6. Actual ContentMain focus of documentary Q) What a)showing would you Leicester prefer to be 10% 0% the main focus of the documentary? 0% Q) How much 0% ‘archive footage’ 40% should be used? a) minimal60% b) a substantial b) show amount what the police do in relation to teen activities in Leicester 90%
  7. 7. • These particular diagrams show that the youths would prefer to have a physically absent ‘presenter’, but, if there were one involved they would prefer that person to be around their age• Another thing it showed was that they would prefer the action to be centred around what the police really do, and that ‘archive footage’ would help show that they have been doing this work in previous years too
  8. 8. Content of Radio Trailer Q) Should we include audio 0% extracts from vox pops (small Q) Should we interviews)? 40% focus on Leicester a) Yes or the Police? 60% a) Leicester b)Police b)No
  9. 9. Content of Radio Trailer Q) If Leicester, how? Q) If police, how? a) sounds of a) listen to opinions Leicester market of others b) sounds of b) listen to them Haymarket/Highcro explaining their own ss job
  10. 10. • As there is no visual to ‘radio trailers’, we had to think of ways in which we could use audio to present what we wanted.• With vox-pops, we could use it to gain an understanding of the people’s opinions. However, the public preferred to have the police explain their own jobs. This doesn’t mean we still can’t use the vox-pops, but it does mean they don’t want it to be the centre-piece of the trailer• Using audio of iconic places in Leicester, it could become almost ‘setting the scene’ for the audience
  11. 11. Content of Poster Q) Should there be a neutral canvas behind the object/person (to focus entirely on the police)? a) Yes b)No
  12. 12. Content of PosterQ) Should the presenter (if we have • For our poster, we will focus on theone) be in the poster? something eye-catching, which will a) Yes include most likely a full-body image of b)No a police officer. • The police officer should be on his/her own, or have the attention drawn to him/her. The police officer should also be dressed in stereotypical uniform (note; we could have a half-and-half picture, where half of the officer is standard uniform, whilst the other is ‘undercover’ uniform) • One of the faults we figured out too late was there was no question asking how we could insert ‘Leicester’ into the frame. So, for our Final Questionnaire, we decided to ask the public what they would prefer.