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Get Jazzed for Location Based Ideas on Foursquare Day


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Given to kick off Portsmouth, NH's Foursquare Day, this high energy presentation was intended to get folks excited for the potential of location.

Unfortunately, the audio recording didn't take, so only the attendees got to hear my facts and jokes and interactive content surrounding the slides :)

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Get Jazzed for Location Based Ideas on Foursquare Day

  1. 1. So Much More Than Where You Are
  2. 2. Right Time, Right Place Marketing
  3. 3. marketing shouldn’t be the focus
  4. 4. What The Heck Do GamesHave To Do With Anything?
  5. 5. Learning Your City’s Hidden Gems
  6. 6. Wall Street Journal New York Challenge
  7. 7. Event Outreach and Navigation
  8. 8. Lucky Magazine and Fashion Week
  9. 9. Enhanced Interactive Entertainment
  10. 10. Bravo Channel
  11. 11. MTV & VH1
  12. 12. and just to completely blow your mindfoursquare signed a deal with the company that gave us big brother and deal or no deal... for an original TV show based on checking in
  13. 13. Foodie Discovery and Rating Tool
  14. 14. Zagat
  15. 15. Starbucks
  16. 16. Foodspotting
  17. 17. Vehicle For Altruism
  18. 18. Pepsi and Campfire
  19. 19. Making Education A Game
  20. 20. History Channel
  21. 21. Foursquare and Hahhhh-vahd
  22. 22. Foursquare for Families and Couples
  23. 23. Child Safety Assistant
  24. 24. QR Codes and Foursquare Checkinsexample: scavenger hunt to track kids throughout zoo
  25. 25. Staying In Touch With Friends
  26. 26. impromptu meetups leaderboard explore tab
  27. 27. API Uses Bringing New People Together
  28. 28. Foursquare Safety
  29. 29. Leslie Poston, Magnitude Media @leslie or @magnitudemedia on Twitter 800•501•4049 phone | 928•438•5038 fax Co-Author: Twitter for Dummies (Wiley, 2009+) Contributor: Social Media ProBook (Eloqua) Author: Grande Guide to Social Advertising (Eloqua) Author: Social Media Metrics for Dummies (Wiley, 2012) If you enjoyed my presentation, won’t you recommend me on LinkedIn? Connect with Magnitude Media’s pages also:©Leslie Poston, All Rights Reserved