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Does Construction Need Social Media?


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Presented by Leslie Poston of Magnitude Media at the Lakes Region Home Builders and Remodelers Association of NH in May 2011

Published in: Business, Technology
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Does Construction Need Social Media?

  1. 1. Does ConstructionNeed Social Media? Leslie Poston
  2. 2. It’s More That Social Media Needs You (or at least the people there do)
  3. 3. What is it?
  4. 4. Social Media is to the business todayWhat Lotus was to the business years ago Just another tool to master
  5. 5. The Tools Aren’t New. Just Different.
  6. 6. Your Social Tool Box Website • Email List • Shareable Newsletter • Blog or News Feed • Social Platforms • SEO & SMO •
  7. 7. Why do I need it?
  8. 8. Making Online SalesGetting Sales LeadsIncreasing Brand AwarenessEducating and Informing CustomersPotential Customer ResearchReaching New DemographicsGathering Competitive IntelligenceOn The Spot Project UpdatesTracking EmployeesHelping Find & Hire New HelpBeing A News SourceGaining Support For Your Cause
  9. 9. How can it hurt me?
  10. 10. not listening & responding can lead to brand damagecareless job site postings can lead to regulatory issueslack of a policy can lead to issues with unhappy employeesbut... not being online at all makes it harder for people tofind and hire you in this social age and harder to dodamage control when needed
  11. 11. How can it help me?
  12. 12. Twitter user seekingcontractor
  13. 13. Facebook user seekingcontractor
  14. 14. Builders On Twitter
  15. 15. Be Where The Customer Can Find You (The New Yellow Pages) Network With Your Peers Showcase Your Industry Knowledge Show Your Portfolio
  16. 16. Can it increase my sales?
  17. 17. By 2020, 84% of marketers agree that building customer trust will becomemarketing’s primary objective, and 82% agree that collaboration withcustomers will prevail over marketing.~1to1 Media survey of the 1to1 Xchange panel, April 2008I would argue that this day is already here
  18. 18. Real Time SalesMonika and Jay McGillicuddyTandem REALTOR® Team - Seeking ListingsTwitter (@monikamcg | @acemaker)FaceBooK(Personal Profiles; Activity on Groups, Pages of Others; Wall Interaction)MySpace(Personal profiles, Comment Interaction)Web Site With Blog( Life Connections
  19. 19. Is it a time sink?
  20. 20. Time Management Tools Software Scheduling Multiple Helpers
  21. 21. Are other people in the trades using it yet?
  22. 22. ~Builder Magazinearticle on construction and social media
  23. 23. Do I have to be on every site?
  24. 24. Choose No More Than 5 Touch Points
  25. 25. What are the legal issues?
  26. 26. Let’s Take A Detour: Facebook(they gave you a gift this week)
  27. 27. "The illiterate of the 21st century will notbe those who cannot read and write, butthose who cannot learn, unlearn, andrelearn" ~Alvin Toffler
  28. 28. (Q&A Session)©Leslie Poston, All Rights Reserved, Not For Reuse Or Resale
  29. 29. Leslie Poston, Magnitude Media @leslie or @magnitudemedia on Twitter 800•501•4049 phone | 928•438•5038 fax Co-Author: Twitter for Dummies (Wiley, 2009+) Contributor: Social Media ProBook (Eloqua) Author: Grande Guide to Social Advertising (Eloqua) Author: Social Media Metrics for Dummies (Wiley, 2012) If you enjoyed my presentation, won’t you recommend me on LinkedIn? Connect with Magnitude Media’s pages also:©Leslie Poston, All Rights Reserved