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Graded assignment #3


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Graded assignment #3

  1. 1. CORPUS LINGUISTICS:CONCORDANCERAhmad Aizuddin bin Azizan(0820749)Mohd Iqbal bin Ahamat @ Ahamad(0839907)Muhammad Amzar Zamir bin Abu Bakar(0910369)
  2. 2. WHAT IS ‘CONCORDANCER’? a piece of software, either installed on a computer or accessed through a website, which can be used to search, access and analyse language from a corpus useful in exploring the relationships between words and give us very accurate information about the way language is authentically used allows us to enter a word or phrase and search for multiple examples of how that word or phrase is used in everyday speech or writing
  3. 3. SCOPES OF THE FIELD Lexicography and dictionary making Stylistics Literary research Pure linguistics research English Language Teaching(ELT)
  4. 4. CONCORDANCE IN ELT Having access to a corpora of authentic language can help us to check or reconfirm our assumptions about the way that language is used can check the uses and collocations of words we are teaching are the most frequent, up to date and correct
  5. 5. CONT… can find authentic examples to demonstrate and reinforce the language we are teaching can use them to create our own worksheets based on authentic materials
  6. 6. EXAMPLE
  7. 7. TYPES OF CORPUS Books Periodicals Unpublished written discourse Scripted and unscripted spoken discourse Etc. * the more text in a corpus, the more likely it is to give an accurate representation of the language and an adequate number of examples of a given keyword
  8. 8. LIST OF CONCORDANCERS Open Source Shakespeare:  Text-Based Concordances:  Multi concordance:  Web Concordancer (English):  English Web Corpus Family: 
  9. 9. CONT… The Corpus of Contemporary American English:  Corpus of Historical American English:  Cintil Corpus Internacional Do Portuguese: 
  11. 11. PURPOSE  Tostudy the attitudes and perceptions of Taiwanese EFL students towards web-based concordancer regarding the usefulness of it.
  12. 12. CORPUS USED/METHODOLOGY 1) The participants were from two classes of different levels: 22 ESL students (8 intermediate level, 14 advanced level) 2) Both classes used Collins COBUILD Corpus, a large database consisting of millions of entries derived mainly from written sources. 4) After the teacher introduced the corpus, the students were asked to explore it in regard to the words that they are having problem with in their writing, and they were asked to send the (search) results to the teacher via email. 5) A set of questionnaire was distributed on the 18th week to each of the participants and an interview session was conducted to further explore participants’ view on concordancer.“
  13. 13. FINDINGS  Positive response from the students regarding the use of corpus activity in second language learning particularly in enhancing vocabulary and writing skills  Two explanations offered by the author for this:  1) The teacher is using different emphases for different classes (he [teacher] integrated more corpus-related class activities into the intermediate class, e.g: letting students have hands-on practice, whereas the advanced class used the corpus rather independently on their own, with less class time devoted to corpus work)  2) Proficiency level may have had an influence on student evaluations as well as on their uses of the corpus.
  14. 14. REFERENCESFlowerdew, J. (n.d). Concordancing in Language Learning. Retrieved from: ype=pdfNick Peachey. (2005). Concordancer in ELT. Retrieved from: Lin Cheung. (2004).Teacher training for effective writing instruction: Recent trends and future directions. Retrieved from: main.pdf?_tid=433e2eec6f40dff20f134af18cbd6d40&acdnat=1335231119_62614e 1d4ac2888f6317bb7acddbcc04Hyunsook Yoon. Alan Hirvela. (2004). ESL Students attitudes towards corpus use in L2 writing. Retrieved from: content/uploads/2011/09/YoonHirvela_2004.pdf