Graded assignment #1


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Graded assignment #1

  1. 1. COMPUTER ASSISTEDLANGUAGE LEARNING (CALL)Ahmad Aizuddin bin Azizan(0820749)Mohd Iqbal bin Ahamat @ Ahamad(0839907)Muhammad Amzar Zamir bin Abu Bakar(0910369)
  2. 2. 3 RECOMMENDED WEBSITES1) Bitesize sh/quizengine?quiz=argument&templateStyle=engl ish2) An Exercise in Noun Definition .htm3) Noun Explorer _pre.html
  3. 3. LESSON PLANForm 2 CemerlangSchool Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Wangsa MelawatiSubject EnglishTopic of Lesson Narrative Essay (Body Paragraph)Language Skill WritingLevel of Students IntermediateDate 6th March 2012Time 10-11a.m
  4. 4. GENERAL OBJECTIVES OF THE LESSON To ensure students know the basic components of narrative essay To give an idea to students on how to write a complete body paragraph that consists of topic sentence, supporting ideas and concluding sentence To assist students to develop general ideas to specific ones using Meritsoftware
  5. 5. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE At the end of the lesson, students should be able to write a complete body paragraph assisted by the given software (Meritsoftware).
  6. 6. PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE Students know the basic components of introductory paragraph Students have thorough knowledge on how to write introductory part
  7. 7. Procedures Activity Time Teaching Role of PROCEDURES Aids teacherInduction • Recap previous 10 Microsoft • Recap the lesson mins Power Point previous lesson • Introduction of (Introductory todays lesson; paragraph - paragraphs that • Introduce come after today’s lesson introduction is called body paragraph • Ask and answer -should be at least in questions 3-4 paragraphs (if any) - a continuation from thesis statement in introductory paragraph
  8. 8. Procedures Activity Time Teaching Aids Role of TeacherDevelopment Components of 10 Microsoft Give lecture body paragraph mins PowerPoint using Microsoft • Topic sentence Powerpoint • Supporting ideas • Concluding Ask and sentence answer questions from students Demonstrate the 5 Meritsoftware students the usage mins (downloaded Explain and of writing software from: demonstrate (Meritsoftware) www.meritsoftw the usage of the software .exe) step by step
  9. 9. Procedures Activity Time Teaching Aids Role of TeacherEvaluation • Ask students to 30 Meritsoftware Teacher needs answer one of the mins to observe and narrative essay in assist the Meritsoftware (ask students along question if the way of the confused) process • Students need to follow the Collect all the instruction given in essays from the Meritsoftware students at the end of the lesson
  10. 10. Procedures Activity Time Teaching Role of Teacher AidsClosure Briefly conclude 3 mins Microsoft Conclude the what students PowerPoint whole lesson have learnt. Q & A session. 2 mins Answer questions Give them from the students homework (if any) (if necessary)
  11. 11. EVALUATION OF LESSON Students need to follow all the instructions given in the Meritsoftware step by step They will be graded based on the components of body paragraph (does it contain topic sentence, supporting ideas and concluding sentence), punctuation, grammaticality of the sentences and the content of the whole essay (*It is impossible for the teacher to evaluate students’ essay in-class since writing needs a thorough evaluation)
  12. 12. TEACHER’S REFLECTION1)2)3)