Koalas Cut Into Sections


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Koalas Cut Into Sections

  1. 1. Cut into sections. Sort and paste in correct sequence or match sections to headings of the report. Koalas Koalas are Australian animals. Koalas are mammals because they have fur and feed their babies milk. Koalas look like bears but they are marsupials. That means they are mammals that have a pouch. Koalas have fluffy brown and grey fur. They have large, black, flat noses and small eyes. They have short legs and arms with strong claws on their hands and feet which are used for climbing. Koalas live in eucalyptus trees and they only eat these kind of leaves. They only live in Australia. They spend most of their time at the top of gum trees. Koalas only have one baby at a time. It is born without fur and is very tiny so it stays in the mother’s pouch drinking milk. When the baby is big enough to come out of the pouch it rides on the mother’s back. Koalas are an endangered species in some parts of Australia. Behaviour Reproduction Habitat Special
  2. 2. EMUS Emus are birds because they have feathers and lay eggs. They are the largest bird in Australia but they cannot fly. Emus have two, long, strong legs and large feet with thick toes. They have a large, oval shaped body, a long, thin neck, a small head and a short, pointy beak. Their feathers are black, brown and white. The adults can grow up to 2 metres tall and can weigh 60 kilograms or more. Emus are only found in Australia and live mainly in bushland and grassy areas. However they are very hardy birds and can live in most places. They can run very fast with their powerful legs even up to 50 kilometres an hour. They often travel a long way each day looking for food. Emus eat berries, leaves, seeds, flowers, fruit, plants and even insects like grasshoppers. The male emu builds a nest of small sticks and leaves then the hen lays between 6–12 large dark green eggs. Usually female birds look after the eggs but emus are different. The male sits on the eggs to keep them warm until they hatch. This usually takes about 8–10 weeks. The young chicks have brown feathers with white stripes which make it hard for them to be seen in the grass The male protects the young chicks from enemies such as dingoes and eagles. Emus have been farmed since about 1970 for their meat, feathers and also for oil which is used for making cosmetics.
  3. 3. English Emus are _______because they have ___________and _______eggs. They are the _______bird in Australia but they cannot fly. Emus have two, long, strong legs and large feet with thick________. They have a large, oval shaped body, a long, thin neck, a small ________ and a short, pointy_______. Their feathers are black, brown and_______. The adults can grow up to 2 ______tall and can weigh 60 __________ or more. birds largest lay feathers toes metres white kilograms head beak Find the words T G S J B G P S N N J P S F C I K S E N U E L H X O A R E H U N I U I R N Y A W V M E A I R M O L T R Z N E N L B W T C F Y Y E O E R R I Y T X O H K R S M A B G F E H O E S L E S S M R I L U R P B R H R F R H P D R R L J B A B R O W N S E U D E O T L I W M F X P M D A S A Y E O Y W M S S L Y H V D T C S V S T B K E Q J N X P K L E A V E S O B T S E G R A L U C C Y M K E E G I C O C F G E T I H W A B Z S P L R X C L K O L P K P J G Q J S G E L T BEAK BERRIES BIRDS BROWN CHICKS FEATHERS FLOWERS FRUIT HEAD KILOGRAMS LARGEST LAY LEAVES LEGS METRES PLANTS POWERFUL SEED STOES WHITE YOUNG Write the opposite male _______________ small _____________ young _______________ dark _____________ white _______________ thick_____________
  4. 4. Largest are fly. They bird in Australia but they cannot the male the nest a emu of builds sticks. small Answer true/false 1. The female protects the young from ememies ____ 2. They are the largest bird_____ 3. They are found all over the world _____ 4. The female sits in the eggs ______ 5. The adults can grow 3 metres tall _______ Comprehension Where do emus live?______________________________________________ Why are they birds? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Why do the chicks have chicks have brown feathers with white stripes ? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ How heavy can an adult weigh? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________