Spoken language part 2 writing a podcast


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Spoken language part 2 writing a podcast

  1. 1. Tuesday 30th OctoberSpoken Language Part 2: Writing a Podcast
  2. 2. Tuesday 30th October Spoken Language Part 2: Writing a Podcast Your final written task for the spoken language unit will be to write the script for a Podcast. This is how it looks on the Edexcel task list… “TASK: You will have to plan a podcast in which you inform the listeners on a topic of your choice”Purpose – Audience – Try to show you have Genre –Although they are often to Show the markerentertain, many podcasts considered your audience. Podcasts areare informative – usually quite niche – often for fans or that you knowdescribing past events orprovides tips/guides on listeners who are familiar with the what genre youyour specialist subject. subject matter. are writing in!
  3. 3. Tuesday 30th October Spoken Language Part 2: Writing a PodcastPodcasts: Like a radio broadcast but nowadays most likely to be a short, bite-sized audio file (mp3) that can be downloaded online through outlets such as Apple’s iTunes.This task will be doubly helpful for many of us – youcan record yourself delivering your podcast and thiscan be marked for your solo speaking and listening task if you need/wish to improve your mark from late last year (when most of us were on Summer Holiday mode post-exams!)
  4. 4. Tuesday 30th October Spoken Language Part 2: Writing a Podcast• Anyone can make a podcast and submit them to iTunes. • There are podcasts on every subject you can imagine on iTunes and all are free to download.
  5. 5. Tuesday 30th October Spoken Language Part 2: Writing a Podcast • If you have iTunes on yourcomputer or on an iPhone or iPodthen you should have a look at the range of topics out there – go topopular categories such as TV, Film or Games and see what the most interesting podcasts are that pop up 
  6. 6. Tuesday 30th October Spoken Language Part 2: Writing a Podcast Top UK Podcasts •The Guardian Film Show •Financial Times Money Tips•FIFA Ultimate Team UK Guide •606 Football Weekly•The Anfield Wrap LFC PodcastEach of these has a specific audience and only attempts to target this market
  7. 7. Mr Howard’s model podcast• If I wanted to create a podcast about the latest goings on at Peterborough United, I would need to consider the GAP• Genre: Podcast – First off, it needs to have a clear title in the same way as the examples I gave earlier, as just like the App Store – if customers do not know what your podcast is about from the title, they won’t click on it! Eg. The Anfield Wrap gives a big clue that is a LFC podcast, so Evertonians will know not to bother clicking on it!• It also needs to be clear what the podcast is about in the introductory first few sentences– they is nothing worse than listening to a podcast only to find out several minutes down the line that it has no interest to you whatsoever.
  8. 8. Mr Howard’s model podcast• If I wanted to create a podcast about the latest goings on at Peterborough United, I would need to consider the GAP• Audience: Consider who is going to be listening – are they teenagers? Older people? Small children? Tailor your language to your audience• Is your podcast going to be for newcomers to your topic or is it going to assume previous knowledge?• Eg. For my Peterborough United podcast, I will assume that my listeners will be Peterborough United fans so I can mention players past and present or use phrases that only Posh fans will know (Like the word Posh!) eg. I make a reference to the “London Road End” – Peterborough fans will know this is the terraced stand behind the goal.
  9. 9. Mr Howard’s model podcast• If I wanted to create a podcast about the latest goings on at Peterborough United, I would need to consider the GAP• Purpose: “To inform” means to retell or recount facts or information.• In other genres, a newspaper article “informs” us of the news• A TV news broadcast “informs” us of what is going on in the world• Therefore, in my podcast, I am going to “inform” my listeners of the previous week’s Peterborough United matches, informing the listeners of how the team got on.
  10. 10. PERRIER• Remember PERRIER Pronouns Emotive language Rhetorical Questions Repetition Imperative Verbs Exaggeration Rule of Three• Can you spot any use of PERRIER devices in my Podcast opening on the next slide?
  11. 11. The Posh Podcast Introductory few words show that youImperative verb: Download the latest – know you’re writing a command, ordering you to do it! podcast • Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of The Posh Podcast… Your weekly dose of all Pronoun: Your – things Peterborough United, with your host suggests sense of Blue Peter. Download the latest episode belonging/ownership every Tuesday on iTunes. • How much difference does a week make? Rhetorical question We were on the bottom… rock bottom… things looked like they couldn’t get any worse. Repetition of “bottom” to • Coming up, we will be taking you through show how low we were! the two games Posh played this week - the result of which is the whole of Peterborough has been turned upside down Exaggeration – mainly by one man. One man they call the white Pele. • You know him as Boyd. George Boyd. Emotive language – the city being turned “upside down”
  12. 12. The Posh Podcast• “The White Pele” outdid the Brazilian in the first of Posh’s matches this week with a wonder goal against Huddersfield Town on Tuesday.• The 27 year old winger knocked in two goals on the night, but it is the second of Boydy’s goals that will be remembered.
  13. 13. The Posh Podcast• Posh’s beloved Number Ten had a little look…. Spotted their keeper off his line… and executed his shot brilliantly.• What I didn’t mention is that he was standing in the centre circle at the time. If Leo Messi had done that you would be seeing it over and over again.• The wondergoal sealed the blues’ first win at home all season to the rapture of the London Road End. Premier League – Here we come!
  14. 14. So now it’s your turn…• You have seen how I have chosen an area that I know a fair bit amount, as a Peterborough fan – could you put your own expertise to good use?• Some ideas:• A podcast that takes a look at the previous week’s cinema releases? Or music releases? Videogame releases?• Eg. “Sweaty Goal Anonymous: How to improve your Ultimate Team on the Cheap”• “Hot or Not: What’s Hot and What’s Not this week in the charts”• “Level Up: What games are out this week”• A podcast that looks back on the week’s TV? Or the episodes of one TV show in particular? Ie. Thousands download the weekly TOWIE podcast, reviewing the previous week’s episodes and commenting on what went on!
  15. 15. So now it’s your turn…• A revision podcast – many schools create revision podcasts to “inform” pupils about a subject on an upcoming exam, that pupils can then download and listen to in their own time as part of their revision• This idea might be doubly effective – you can use another subject’s topics, just like those of you who did your speeches on topics you had to revise for PE/Psychology/Sociology etc.
  16. 16. An example of a plan1. Introduction – Greeting and introduce thePodcast: Give title, name of host, brief summaryof what your broadcast is going to be about andhow listeners to get future episodes (they all startthis way – even though listeners must havesomehow managed to find their way onto iTunesin the first place, but they still mention it!)•“Hello and welcome to…”•If you enjoy this podcast, remember to check usout every Friday with a new episode available todownload from iTunes
  17. 17. An example of a plan2. Summarise what you are going to talk about this episode.Listeners will want to know what to expect (in brief – don’t givetoo much away, force them to listen to the whole thing to get thebig scoop!)For my Posh example: “This week we will be discussingPeterborough’s matches against Huddersfield and Derby as well asreveal an exclusive interview with the manager.”Eg.2 For a Fifa Ultimate Team podcast: “Coming up, we will revealthe fastest 11 Silver Strikers available on Fifa, we rate this week’sin-form players and we discuss: Should you saving those coins upfor Messi or Ronaldo?”Eg. 3 For a film podcast: “This week we will review Skyfall – bestBond yet? ,take a look at Madagascar 3, then we have someexclusive news fresh from the set of The Hobbit.”
  18. 18. An example of a plan 3. Start talking about your first ‘item’ Ie. The first thing you mentioned in your “coming up” summary For our podcasts, aim for three solid items, as described in the examples on the previous page.
  19. 19. Example of Podcast Plans 1. Introduction – get the word “Podcast” in there, mention “iTunes” and the word “download” – show off you know the conventions of a podcast 2. Coming up…. Three items that are in your podcast 3. Your three items, as you told the listeners above. Eg. #3: Premier LeagueEg. #1: Film: Football: Eg. #2: Games:Item 1: Skyfallreview Item 1: The Merseyside Item 1: Fifa 13 reviewItem 2: Madagascar Item 2: Assassin’s Derbyreview Creed III review Item 2: Man United vsItem 3: News from Item 3: Call of Duty: Chelseathe Hobbit preview Black Ops 2 – what Item 3: Man City so far: How you need to know! have last year’s champions fared this season?