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Launch presentation

  1. 1. Welcome • Aims of this evening: – Tell people who and what Brathay Exploration Group are – Showcase our recent successes and future plans – Networking opportunityCairngorm plateau, Feb 2010
  2. 2. Who are Brathay Exploration Group?Norway 2010 Expedition Team
  3. 3. Where are we based?• On grounds of • MAP Brathay Hall estate• Office in Old Brathay• Accommodation for let and members use in the woods 1km
  4. 4. Where have we come from?• BEG began in 1947 from Brathay Hall leaders• Initially started with the tarn survey project• Recruited boys who had been on Brathay Halls 4 week courses, sixth forms and industry• Ventured overseas in 1950 Foula 195?
  5. 5. Tarn Survey Project • Easedale Tarn sounding was run in 1947 as part of ‘Holidays with a Purpose’ followed by Angle Tarn • Teams had to work together to carry boat to site, establish high mountain base camps, come up with solutions to problemsLevers Water, Aug 09
  6. 6. Crinkle Crags, Aug 08 Guiding Principles• BEG would select tasks in the settings of mountains or wild country, at or beyond the limits of human settlement• Such ventures would be expected to involve interesting travel, trekking to distant basecamps and opportunity to climb and explore new territory
  7. 7. What do we do now?• Run expeditons with a scientific purpose for all people age 16+, in the UK and worldwide• Duke of Edinburgh Award• Club meets• Leader training courses• Let out group accommodation near Ambleside
  8. 8. Windermere Oct 07 Brathay Exploration Group Trust• Board of Trustees• Action groups• Leaders• One permanent paid employee• 120 members
  9. 9. Brathay Exploration Group Club • For BEG Trust members, established 2009 • Affiliated to the BMC • Facilitates peer lead expeditions • Runs club meets • Allows leaders and members to share skills on a regular basis • Runs recce expeditions to inform future Trust venturesCairngorms, Feb 11
  10. 10. Expeditions 2012• Trust expeditions: • Club expeditions – Foula, Shetland – Tunsberg – Isle of Arran, Scotland Glacier, Jostedalen, Nor – Ennerdale valley, Lakes way• D of E Award - Lakes – Mar Lodge, Cairngorms – Belize, Central America Norway Aug 11
  11. 11. Foula• 2012 will be the 89th expedtion to the island• Projects have included flora, fauna, invertebrates, freshwaters, intertidal shores, wells, and geology Ghada Stack, Foula, July 11
  12. 12. Foula Key information Location: Foula, Shetland Dates: Group size: up to 12 Cost: Leaders: David Scott- LangleyFoula, July 11
  13. 13. ArranIn partnership with National Trust for Scotland this will beBEGs first full expedition to Arran. Fieldwork will involve longterm monitoring projects in upland areas and woodland Goatfell, Arran Arran, Sept ‘11
  14. 14. Arran Key information Location: Isle of Arran, Scotland Dates: Group size: up to 12 Cost:Arran, Sept 11 Leaders: Jonny Eldridge tbc
  15. 15. EnnerdaleWorking with the Wild Ennerdale Partnership thisexpedition will be working on woodland monitoring andconservation living in the remote Ennerdale valleyCourtesy Wild Ennerdale Partnership
  16. 16. Ennerdale Key information Location: Ennerdale valley, Lake District Dates: 25th Aug – 1st Sept Group size: up to 12Courtesy Wild Ennerdale Partnership Cost: £300 tbc Leaders: Heather Bowie, Gillian Tuddenham
  17. 17. Tunsbergdalsbreen, Norway• In partnership with Norwegian Glacier Museum, Field Studies Council and Newcastle University• In its third year replicating some of the work of the 1950s using modern surveying techniquesTunsbergdalsbreen, Aug 10
  18. 18. Tunsbergdalsbreen, Norway Key information Location: Josetedalen, Norway Dates: Group size: up to 12 Cost: £1600 tbc Leaders: Morgan Gibson, Jamie PattisonSmoky Col, Tunsberg, Aug 10
  19. 19. Mar Lodge, Cairngorms• Club expedition• The start of a long term project with NTS to survey water vole populations
  20. 20. Mar Lodge, Cairngorms Key information Location: South Cairngorms, Scotland Dates: Group size: up to 10 Cost: Leaders: Anna Griffith, Andy Acton
  21. 21. Belize, Central America • Recce expedition which will be peer lead • Still very much in planning stage • Register your interest todayTikal, Guatemala, Aug 06
  22. 22. Open Gold D of E• The expedition section of D of E has very similar principles to D of E advocating a ‘journey with a purpose’• We are Approved Activity Providers for D of E and run an Open Gold expedition annually• We take a maximum of 2-3 people who know each other• This course also has leader development opportunities
  23. 23. Open Gold D of E Key information Location: Lake District Dates: 21st July – 2nd AugD of E, Aug 10 Group size: 10-18 Cost: £550 tbc Leaders: Miles Doughty, Gillian TuddenhamD of E, Aug 08
  24. 24. Leader Training• A high calibre of leaders is essential to make BEG work – we value all our volunteer leaders – Internal training and mentorship – NGB awards including ML training and assessment – RGS Off Site Safety Management Course – RGS Explore Conference – Respond to requests from members on training requirements
  25. 25. BEG Leader Training Key information Location: Lakes Dates: 16-18 March Group size: up to 30 Cost: Leaders: Alyn Griffiths
  26. 26. Fieldwork Training Course Key information Location: Lakes Dates: 20-22 April Group size: up to 30 Cost: Leaders: All 2012 exped leaders
  27. 27. 2012 Club MeetsDate Meet13-15 Jan Lakes Winter Meet & AGM11-18 Feb Scotland Winter Meet26 May – 2 June Knoydart & Cape Wrath Trail22-24 June Lakes Summer Meet & BBQ7-9 Sept Dartmoor Meet26-28 Oct Reunion weekend & 2013 Programme Launch7-9 Dec Lakes Xmas Meet
  28. 28. Shackleton Lodge
  29. 29. How to get involved?• As a member?• As a leader?• In an organisational role?
  30. 30. Who to talk to? Morgan David Gibson Scott-Langley Anna Griffith Jonny Eldridge Miles Doughty Norway Foula Mar Lodge Arran D of E Gillian Mark Peter DerrickAbby Colombi Heather Bowie Tuddenham Tuddenham Office Trust Secretary Ennerdale Training / Club Shackleton