Film production


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Film production

  1. 1. The process of Film Production.
  2. 2. Development.The first step in the development of thefilm is the story. The Producer finds astory that he or she would like to seemade into a film before creating a generalsynopsis of the movie. This generalsynopsis is then turned into a screenplayand is drafted several times in order tomake it the best it can be.
  3. 3. • A film distributor is contacted to assess the success of the film; taking into account many different factors such as the target audience, possible actors, genre of the film and assess the potential success that it could have to decide whether it is worth being made into the final product.
  4. 4. A sales pitch is then createdto present the film tofinancers and, if given the goahead, the creation of thefilm then moves on to thepre-production stage.
  5. 5. Pre Production.Pre Production is everything carried out beforethe actual shooting of the movie takes place. Itinvolves the planning and designing of everylittle bit of the film such as storyboards, setdesign, insurance is taken out, equipment isacquired, and the cast and crew are hired. Thesize of the cast and crew depends on the sizeand budget of the movie however some ofthem include;
  6. 6. Director:The director is responsible mainly forthe acting and the creative decisions inthe creation of the film. He / She isbasically responsible for ensuring thatthe story is being told the way it shouldbe.
  7. 7. Casting DirectorThe Casting Director is responsiblefor the hiring of the actors andactresses in the film
  8. 8. Location ManagerThe location manager isresponsible for finding andchoosing the bestlocations for the film to beshot in.
  9. 9. Production ManagerThe main roles of theproduction manager isbasically to manage theschedule and budgets ofthe film.
  10. 10. Director of Photography: The Director ofPhotography is responsible for thesupervision of the camera work andphotography throughout the film.Director of Audiography: The directorof Audiography is responsible for thesupervision of the sound throughoutthe film.
  11. 11. ComposerThe composer createsthe music for the film.
  12. 12. Costume DesignerThe costume designer is responsiblefor the outfits and clothing that thecharacters wear throughout the film;whether this be selecting clothes ormaking them themselves. Themakeup and hair artists work withthe Costume Designer to create theright look.
  13. 13. ChoreographerThe choreographer isresponsible for any danceroutines or fighting scenesneeded throughout the film.
  14. 14. Art DirectorThe Art Director is in charge of theart department including themaking of the sets and theproduction designer creates therest of the visual aspects of thefilm; working very closely with theArt Director.
  15. 15. Property MasterThe Property Master isresponsible for buying orcreating the propsneeded throughout thefilm.
  16. 16. EditorsThe editors are responsible forediting all of the footage andputting all of the shots togetherso that they flowand, ultimately, create the film.
  17. 17. Assistant DirectorsThe Assistant Directors are responsiblefor ensuring that everything is going as itsmoothly as possible; making sure thateverybody is where they should be andthe schedule is being stuck to.
  18. 18. ProductionThe production is the actual creation of the film. Allof the cast and crew should know where they haveto be and at what time based on the Schedule theyhave been given. First of all, everybody who isneeded should arrive on the set, actors usually thelast to arrive so that the crew can set up things suchas makeup and hair. Whilst the equipment neededfor the day is organised, the makeup and wardrobecrew get to work on the cast to transform them intotheir characters. .
  19. 19. The actors then get a chance for a finalrehearsal of the script before thescene is shot. Everybody is warnedthat filming is about to commenceusing the command ‘Pictures Up’ toensure that everyone is quiet. ‘Action’is the command given to commencefilming whist ‘Cut’ is given to stop it.Once the day is over, the nextschedule is handed out so thateverybody knows where to be on thenext day. and occasionally a meeting isheld to discuss how filming is going
  20. 20. Post ProductionPost Production is everything that happensonce filming is over. All of the editing takesplace in the post production stage; cuttingout any unneeded footage and selecting thebest shots to include in the film. The musicand non diegetic sound is added in as well asall of the titles.
  21. 21. Once all editing has been done and the film iscomplete, it is distributed to cinemas or to DVD. Themarketing and promotion of the film also happensmainly in the post production stage, howeveroccasionally the teaser trailer is shot even before allof the footage has been shot, in order to get an earlystart on gaining publicity for the film.Trailers, Posters, Merchandise and online advertisingsuch as websites are created at this stage. There isusually a press party and several conferences as wellas the stars of the film participating in interviews andphoto shoots to help promote the film.