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  1. 1. Hotmail - Page 1 of 1  Windows Live™ Hotmail (4097) Messenger (0) SkyDrive MSN Hotmail New | Reply Reply all Forward | Delete Junk Sweep  ▼ Mark as  ▼ Move to  ▼ Categories Inbox (4097)   Greg Younger The New Startups and Options  The New Landscape for BusinessLandscape for Business ...Back to messages Inbox ▼ ▼ Greg Younger FW: Road ID: Get a Road ID & Wi... Sent Folders Their Investors Greg Younger Market Week: May 14, 2012 Inbox Junk (43)  Greg Younger Schedule cleanup Newsletters | 5/15/12 Greg Younger Fwd: Seeking your advice. Sent Drafts To Sent Greg Younger (No Subject) Inbox Deleted (4) Greg Younger (No Subject) Sent Friends Page 1 | Go to gre.g_younger@hotmail... Ameriprise Financial Misc Greg Younger, CRPC® Mom Dad Financial Advisor Other Family 300 First Executive Ave Suite D Search Results St. Peters, MO 63376 New folder 636-405-5004 Quick views Documents (52) Flagged The New Landscape for Business Startups and Their Investors Photos (67) You may have heard that the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which was signed in Shipping updates (3) Obama on April 5, 2012, makes it easier for companies to attract investors, particularly smaller does that mean to you if youre trying to grow your small business? And if youre contemplating New category an early-stage business, what should you be aware of? Though some of the provisions be developed, here are the general provisions of the Act. Messenger 13 invitations Looser reporting/registration requirements for companies Companies with at least $10 million in assets and fewer than 500 "unaccredited" shareholders ( Search contacts who hold shares) or 2,000 total shareholders generally will no longer be required to register with No friends are online. Exchange Commission (SEC). By exempting smaller companies from registration requirements, bypass many SEC regulations that are designed to increase transparency and protect investors Sign out of Messenger demanding and expensive for smaller companies. The Act also enables companies to offer up to stock annually using streamlined registration procedures; the previous limit required any offering file a full federal registration. The Act also permits companies to advertise unregistered private placements to the general pub the requirements for a public offering; that would represent a major change for a hedge fund or managing its portfolio of companies. However, purchasers of those offerings must be either accr individual or couple with at least $1 million in net worth, not counting their primary residence buyers. In addition, the Act creates a new category of securities issuer--the "emerging growth company" Home from many of the regulatory and reporting requirements that apply to more established Contacts by Sarbanes-Oxley. The Act defines an emerging growth company as one that went public has less than $1 billion in annual gross revenues. An EGC will be allowed to follow a streamline Calendar © 2012 Microsoft Terms Privacy About our ads Advertise Developers Help Center Feedback English 5/17/2012