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G325 b e4-

  1. 1. Use this article alongside the ‘Teenage Kicks.doc’ and ‘Has e4 cracked the formula for youth drama.doc’ to examine how e4 are creating a sense of collective identity amongst young people, and consider why they are doing this. Also consider in relation to UKTribes E4 is the most successful of C4's digital channels, attracting an audience 10 to 20% the size of Channel 4. Whilst initially the channel carried mainly C4 repeats and 'spin-offs', E4 has now reached the point where it can achieve mass audience breakthroughs for its own commissioned programmes (such as 'Skins'). E4's appeal is highest amongst ABC1s and 16-34s. The ability to attract this audience is very important for C4. The 'upmarket young' are a highly selective audience and watch comparatively little television. They are also a high spending demographic who are very attractive to advertisers. The channel reaches 60% of young adults (6.91 million) a month. This 'reach' compares very favourably with the other big digital channels: ITV2 (7.6m), Sky One (5.3m) and Living (4m). E4 has the highest 'SOCI' rating of any digital channel for the 16-34 audience and the second highest ratings for 'ABC1s.' The E4 brand also seems to be one that is recognised and appreciated by its core audience; according to the 2006 'Teen Audit', 80% of teenagers think that 'E4 is the TV channel they most respect'. E4 is also considered the ‘coolest’ channel by 16-34s. The establishment of E4 as a 'lifestyle brand' means that 'brand extension' is possible. E4 Radio will be launched in 2007.