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I masterclasses episode3 v2a


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Students put their SMART Goals into Ultranet Wikis Linking students short-term SMART Goals to Student digital portfolios in Ultranet This session shows in detail how PLTs can work together effectively to have SMART Goals available to students, teacher and parents 24/7.

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I masterclasses episode3 v2a

  1. 1. Welcome to iMasterclass - Episode 3Hume Region presents: Student Learning Goals – Part 3 Brendan OBrien, Gail Stanley and Libby Delbridge
  2. 2. Purpose of these SessionsThese online professional learning sessions will: Build a community of teacher/learners beyond your school Provide a framework for effective PLTs Develop an effective process for Student Goal Setting Provide confidence and skills in using Ultranet
  3. 3. The Learning Intention for today is...... How do my students have their SMART learning goals accessible 24/7 to reflect and monitor their progress – Assessment as learning The Success Criteria will include........•I will be able to explain how SMART learning goals areavailable to students, teachers and parents 24/7•I will learn how to share with my students where andhow to put their SMART goals into the Ultranet - the beginnings of digital portfolios3. I will be able to understand how a PLT can effectivelyuse the SMART goals framework to plan student goalsetting
  4. 4. Where arewe from?
  5. 5. POLL As part of the series of sequential PL did you participate in iMasterclasses Learning Goals Part 1 &/or Part 2 sessions?• Episode 1 – Student Learning Goals Pt1 – 24th April• Episode 2 – Student Learning Goals Pt2 – 3rd May• BOTH Episode 1, 24th April & Episode 2, 3rd May• No, this is my first session
  6. 6. In Episode 1… In Episode 2 …•Explore the reasoning for students •Explore SMART Learningcreating authentic learning goals Goals•Share the benefits of student •Share the SMART Goalslearning goals template and some examples•Examine how a PLT can effectively of SMART Goalsuse a framework to set authentic •Examine how to use SMARTgoals Goals in the classroom
  7. 7. The ongoing and cyclical journey with Learning goals so far..
  8. 8. Templates
  9. 9. Whole School “best practice”– eg/ SMART Goal framework What are the benefits for Students? .... and Teachers? .... and Parents? Type your response here
  10. 10. Poll - Where are your students currently accessing their learning goals?A. All our students use the Ultranet to create and monitor them regularlyB. Our students create and monitor them in workbooks/1:1 devicesC. Students at risk create and monitor them and records keptD. No whole school approach to creating and monitoring them - ad hoc at best!E. Just before Report time, maybe, not at all!Did you know? Memo S166-2011 Student Report Card requirements and the Ultranet
  11. 11. In your school…. What opportunities do students have to share theirLearning Goals with others to support their learning ?
  12. 12. Within the Ultranet, all students will have an eXpress Space…This is a personal space for:•Students to create a list of learning goals thatare captured in the Ultranet.• Students to reflect on their progress againstthe learning goals throughout the year.• Teachers to comment on learning goals andreflections, with the potential to replace someof the requirements on existing student reports.
  13. 13. So, Why use the Ultranet?........
  14. 14. Let’s watch a 6:06 minute video to see howPLTs might plan to support students to put theirLearning Goals into the Ultranet eXpress Spacevia Web TourFUSE LINK: ENTER FUSE ID C788N2 Just PRESS PLAY
  15. 15. Response to the VideoPut your hand up to grab the microphonee)What did you learn about makinglearning goals available to students,teachers and parents?g)How can the PLT support teachers toimplement 24/7 access to learninggoals?
  16. 16. Collaborating with students to publish their goals…….
  17. 17. Tips to keep kids engaged in goal-setting…………
  18. 18. How to join iMasterclasses Design space...• Join the Hume Region iMasterclass Design Space• Go to Design Spaces• Click Available Spaces tab• Search by Space ID number (139211104)• The space is Open access so click the Actions box and Join• After you have joined click on the title to open the space
  19. 19. Our first 3 episodes have dealt with Student LearningGoalsOur next 3 episodes will focus on Student Reflection
  20. 20. Why use the Ultranet for Learning Goals and Learning Portfolios? Space for teacher Students have moreLearning goals can be comments and control over setting explicitly linked to ongoing monitoring goals and learning portfolio of goals and monitoring their portfolios own learning Variety of media to Can allow access for Access for parents show learning other teachers to in Release 2 toscanned work, digital monitor or comment share in child’simages, photos, voice – useful for learning, goal recordings, videos secondary or setting and etc specialist subjects reflection Students can haveA move towards more Ability to update multiple pages forpersonalised student goals and reflect new different goals and curriculum priorities as needed portfolio categories
  21. 21. How are you feeling about your studentscreating and monitoring learning goals 24/7?
  22. 22. Open microphone/Questions
  23. 23. Thank You!•Libby•Brendan O’Brien•Gail