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E learning rocks at hume heightsv4

  1. 1. eLearningRocks at Hume Heights! Episode Ideas – (based on the Alan & Dora Show from elaborating eBookboxes Design Space) Photo Collections:- Focus - What I want to Getting Started - PLT concept with different positions Hook between do? Resources Action In the corridor (just in time) The Plan Episodes The Learning Add Apply On the email Add Away Intention... On elluminate Anchor Team-Teachers in the classroom Kid on PC and teacher hovering Group of kids crouched over netbooks, etc Storyboard for episodes AudioStaff who are having a red-hot go! Speech Bubbles Information on the screen Music Hook between episodes Some episodes will be a 1 off; others may be 2/3 episodes or whatever it takes toI have the school car for the weekend cos I got all my kids Learning Goals in! complete the focus1|Page
  2. 2. eLearningRocks at Hume Heights!Key questions to consider in our planning an episode or series of episodes………………………..1. What is the learning intention? What will the students/teachers learn?2. How does this activity/episode build on the previous one/s?3. How does it prepare students/teachers for the next one/s?4. What support does the teacher need to provide learning during the activity?5. Is there anything teachers need to know about how to set up the activity?6. Are students working individually/ in pairs / as a class?7. What is in this episode?8. What am I/The Hume Heights staff going to do?9. Where am I/The Hume Heights staff going to start?10. How am I/The Hume Heights staff going to teach it?2|Page
  3. 3. eLearningRocks at Hume Heights!Shortlist of Topics for PL…………………….Prioritise………………………………………………… Teacher requests………………………… I want my students to create Learning Goals and to reflect on them over time! I want to have my own Class Space however I don’t have time to make one! My Principal has requested we create our own Portfolios but I am unsure as to what to do and what it would look student like/I am time poor? ebookboxes leadership I have this eduSTAR on my laptop - Is there anything I can use to engage my kids in my classroom to support my focus? edustar Can you show me how to set up a homework task in the elearning ICT online ultranet software- Ultranet for my students that’s on-going? showcase modules specific3|Page
  4. 4. eLearningRocks at Hume Heights! 1. Learning Goals and Reflection-types of goals-, feedback 2. Differentiated Learning- Numeracy / Literacy 3. Homework? learning tasks, collaboration space-message boards (GH vid) 4. eBookboxes ebookboxes how to create a learning sequence from a standard ebookbox 5. Building student toolbox, hot tools-edustar software-specific /elearning ICT showcase-Numeracy / Literacy 6. Building teacher toolbox, digital content-Numeracy / Literacy 1:1 classroom ideas -specific classroom examples-teacher sharing their experience or role play-video TeacherWorkshopAc tivity1.docx 7. classroom video analysis- sharing exemplary classroom practiceSEMESTER 2 8. online ultranet modules 9. ultranet central space tour 10. student leadership 11. Leaders in the Making 12. AIP grouped PL-key messages 13. CTT grouped PL-key messages 14. sharing exemplary classroom practice- Hume teachers present 15. Transition 16. Literacy week / Numeracy week4|Page
  5. 5. eLearningRocks at Hume Heights!Agenda 1. Finalise list of topics 2. Concept of iMasterclasses –elluminate springboard /scaffold initially, videos in a design space for PLTs, modelling and promoting-effective PLT, PLT culture and 4A model PLT planning 3. Concept of eLearning Rocks at Hume Heights videosCommon threads in each video… 3-5 minute duration Succinct Title- Why? Purpose-focus-learning intention Acknowledge prior learning / Data Teachers Planning How? Sound pedagogy Students using eLearning Teachers teaching Leaders supporting Humour Success!!5|Page
  6. 6. eLearningRocks at Hume Heights! Music / audio / screen shots and screen capture / video eg. Lighthouse schools Key messages Assess Hook to next episode Differentiated-away task Credits- hotlinks for support and for going further 4. Components to plan eLearning Rocks at Hume Heights videos Elluminate- iMasterclass Design space-iMasterclass Advertise/promote-region memos, twitter, facebook, LDOs, RNLs, teacher tube, ultranet- tube, youtube, ultranet central, flyer to hand out at CTT-Literacy and Numeracy Days 5. Hume Heightsschool profile… P-12 Literacy Numeracy focus PLT for all KLAs, once a fortnight PLT supported by prin (in video Prin at PLT) “Don’t know / time poor antagonist “ include other leaders from other KLAs eg. Julie Vary locations:6|Page
  7. 7. eLearningRocks at Hume Heights! o PLT meeting location o PLT celebration other location o Just in time –corridor teacher to teacher o Classroom-teacher in front of whole class, small group on computers, one to one with student o Student –key messages o Teacher –key messages, CTT, epotential, AIPHume Heights: Learning Goals and ReflectionsEpisode 1 Shot 1 -students writing learning goals on laptops/ screen shot eXpress space Shot 2 –teacher reading ultranet notice PLT meeting-meet at 3.45 p.m all PLTs focus on students Learning Goals Shot 3-PLT focus for staff: Why do Learning Goals and Reflections? Anchor Add Apply Away7|Page
  8. 8. eLearningRocks at Hume Heights! Legend 4 A Planner Episodes-green Discussion –navy (speech bubbles and/or audio) Voice over-brown (audio) Key messages/summaries –pink (screen text) Video clip-purple How tos–light blue (screen shot or capture) Resource –orange (www, word doc or .lar file) Focus Questions-red8|Page