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GeoPal presentation


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GeoPal is a cloud based enterprise mobility platform for companies that need to manage a field based workforce.

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GeoPal presentation

  1. 1. Enterprise Mobility Solution
  2. 2. What is GeoPal GeoPal is a cloud based Enterprise Mobility Platform for companies that need to manage a field based workforce. Location Tracking Lone WorkerGIS and Heatmap Job Scheduling Layers and Dispatch Asset Mobile Data Management Capture
  3. 3. What is GeoPal Location Tracking Lone WorkerGIS and Heatmap Job Scheduling Layers and Dispatch Asset Mobile Data Management Capture
  4. 4. What is GeoPal There are two parts to GeoPal – a cloud service and a mobile application : GeoPal cloud service GeoPal Mobile app GeoPal provides a communication channel between the back office and field workers :From the office to the field -> job schedules and workflows, customer details, Service LevelAgreements, GIS information, route plans and directions, asset details, files and images.From the field to the office -> accurate and timely job reports, inspection and surveyresults, shift details, photographs, signatures, bar code scans, updated customer and assetdetails, GPS coordinates and annotated drawings and images.
  5. 5. Needs we are addressing• Better management visibility of activity in the field• Ability to transfer information between the back office and the front lines• Ability to schedule jobs and dispatch them to workers in the field• Receive accurate and timely job reports from the field• Elimination of paper processes and associated admin costs• Provide a mobility plug-in for existing office CRM / ERP / Work order management systems• Reduce time from work done to issuing invoice• Increase customer satisfaction
  6. 6. Value Proposition Increase field worker productivity by 20% through better job scheduling and reduceadministration costs by 50% by eliminating paperwork
  8. 8. View Worker LocationsView the location of workers on a map on the GeoPal cloud service
  9. 9. Lone Worker ProtectionGeoPal mobile app has features for Lone Worker protection-Location : View real-time location of field workers.- Regular Check-in : Worker prompted to check-in to app at regular intervals.Alarm raised if check-in missed. Alert email and sms sent to designated list.- Non movement alarm : The GeoPal app can raise an alarm when non-movementdetected. Local alarm on mobile device first, which can be reset. If not reset,alarm raised to designated list.- Fall detection : The GeoPal app can raise an alarm on detecting a fall usingaccelerometers in the device.- Panic Alarm : User can swipe an RFID fob across the phone to raise an alarm.
  11. 11. Scheduling Jobs• Add a Job• Drag and drop the Job onto the worker on the timeline chart• See the status of the Job on the timeline chart
  12. 12. Drag and Drop scheduling• Assigning jobs is easy• Drag and drop the Job onto the worker on the timeline chart
  13. 13. View New JobsNew jobs are automaticallysent to the workers mobiledevice
  14. 14. View Job LocationThe worker clicks on theGPS Coordinates to viewthe job Location and getturn by turn directions1 2
  15. 15. Customer PortalClients of GeoPal can offer their customers a self service portal to log jobs/faults/ticketsThis creates a job on GeoPal which can then be assigned to a worker. Customers can logback into the self service portal to see the progress of jobs.
  16. 16. Route PlanningGeoPal will select the optimum route between multiple job locations
  17. 17. GeoPal – Time and Attendance Clock in and out of shifts on the mobile app. From the website view who is clocked in, where they clocked in from. Send information to Time and Attendance system for payroll.
  18. 18. GeoPal KPI ReportsView KPI reports on the web site
  20. 20. Mobile Data CaptureGeoPal is a powerful tool for replacing paper formswith digital forms and deploying them to mobiledevices for capturing field information. Mobile Data Capture
  21. 21. Powerful Form Creation Studio• Use GeoPal to create digital forms• GeoPal has a powerful, easy-to-use web-based Form Creation Studio• It has a simple drag and drop user interface• You dont need to be a specialist to use it
  22. 22. GeoPal Mobile App
  23. 23. Field Information CaptureThe mobile forms can include any combination of thefollowing steps :• Photographs • Videos• Signatures • Sketches• GPS Coordinates • Text notes• Lists : single/multiple • Scan bar codes choice • Scan RFID tags• Voice Notes
  24. 24. Different Step TypesPick from List – Capture a signature Select a dateSingle Choice
  25. 25. Different Step Types .. continued Pick from List –Take a picture Scan bar code Multiple Choice
  26. 26. GeoPal PDF Reports The GeoPal forms filled out on the mobile app can be downloaded as PDF reports from the website.
  28. 28. Capture Asset Details – Inventory Audit Capture Inspect /service SelectUse the mobile app to capture asset details :• Asset ID• Make / Model / Serial No.• Barcode / RFID Tag• GPS Location• Photograph• Next inspection due date• Condition• etc
  29. 29. Inspect Assets Capture Inspect /service SelectGeoPal can trigger inspection jobs based on service dates :• Scan RFID tag on asset• Confirm correct asset• Confirm asset location• Perform inspection• Note inspection results• Insert next inspection due date
  30. 30. Select Assets Capture Inspect /service SelectSelect materials used on a job from asset list :• Select part used• Automatically inserts part Make / Model / Serial No. into job report• Automatically create invoice
  32. 32. GeoPal – GIS Layers View assets on GIS layer on mobile map. Select asset and pre- populate GeoPal survey with asset information
  33. 33. GeoPal Heat MapsView heatmaps on the web site showing thedensity of issues across a geographical area.
  35. 35. GeoPal and 3rd Party SystemsCRM/ERP + GeoPal adds the following functionality to 3rd party systems : • Locating Resources • Scheduling Resources • Assigning jobs and associated workflow to the mobile device • Capturing Field Information • Virtual Time Clock
  36. 36. GeoPal and CRM/ERP
  38. 38. Security GeoPal 128 bit SSL VPN WWW128 bit SSL 128 bit SSL VPN Remote User • Password protected login • No auto login in facility • Inherent password protection on device • Optional auto-log out on inactivity • 128bit encryption of Data on device Office User
  39. 39. GeoPal Infrastructure - Hosted on Amazon AWS Internet Zone 1 Zone 2 Load BalancerApplication Servers EC2 EC2 EC2 EC2 S3 S3 S3 – Customer accessible content serversRelational Databases RDS RDS
  40. 40. CustomersBusiness Improvement DistrictsLocal AuthoritiesFacilities Management Field Service
  41. 41. Benefits to your BusinessExtra jobs completed: 25% Faster Invoicing - Immediate Better customer service. 100%Reduce overtime: 15%+ online access to all data Field worker acceptance: 100%Reduce admin: 50%+ Increased productivity: 28%Elimination of paper work: 100%Reduce Vehicle Usage with Track and exceed KPIs / SLAsbetter schedulingReal Time analysis and 10 Times Return on Investmentstatistics
  42. 42. GeoPal PricingGeoPal Pricing€300 per month for up to 10 users€30 per additional user per monthOnce off cost of €900 for setup and trainingNo software to install on office computers.Download the free GeoPal mobile app from the app storeFree Trial – we offer a free trial of GeoPal for a month, so that youcan see if GeoPal is the right solution for you.
  43. 43. Thank YouContact :Gerard O’KeeffeGeoPal Solutions20 Lower Baggot Street,Dublin 2IrelandPhone : +353 86 2492401Email :