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Forum on Development Planning and Implementation


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Title: Forum on development planning and implementation
Material Type: Proceedings
Author: Korea Development Institute
Publisher: Korea Development Institute
Date: 1982-10
Event: Forum on development planning and implementation
Pages: 296
Subject Country: South Korea (Asia and Pacific); Thailand (Asia and Pacific)
Language: English
File Type: Documents
Original Format: pdf
Subject: Economy; Fiscal Policy; Industrial Development; Territorial Development Policy; National Land Development
Holding: KDI; KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Recipient Countries:
Bangladesh (Asia and Pacific)
Indonesia (Asia and Pacific)
India (Asia and Pacific)
Brunei (Asia and Pacific)
Sri Lanka (Asia and Pacific)
Myanmar (Asia and Pacific)
Malaysia (Asia and Pacific)
Nepal (Asia and Pacific)
Pakistan (Asia and Pacific)
Philippines (Asia and Pacific)
Thailand (Asia and Pacific)
Organizer: Korea Development Institute
Program Type: Forum
Project Term: 1982-10-18 ~ 1982-10-27

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