SCREAM 5                      By                    GLENNBased on characters created by Kevin Williamson
INT. LIVING ROOM. NIGHTFade into a ringing telephone. A hand reaches it. Its KEVINHILLARD. 17 years old. A jock, wavy brow...
2.INT. KITCHEN. SAME.KEVIN is looking at his phone. He smiles to himself.                    KEVIN          I got a text f...
CONTINUED:                                               3.                       JOSH             Jealous of what?       ...
CONTINUED:                                               4.                       KEVIN (cont’d)             little sister...
CONTINUED:                                               5.                       KEVIN             Romantic would mean ta...
CONTINUED:                                             6.                         MAN’S VOICE             Hello?          ...
CONTINUED:                                               7.                       JOSH             Some dick trying to do ...
CONTINUED:                                               8.                       KEVIN             You see? Classic.     ...
CONTINUED:                                                9.                       JOSH             Fuck you man, I’m not ...
CONTINUED:                                          10.                       JOSH             Yeah, but with the book and...
11.EXT. KEVIN’S HOUSE. SAME.Its a big house. Lots of glass. JOSH can be seen walkingfrom the LIVING ROOM to the KITCHEN. T...
CONTINUED:                                              12.Suddenly JOSH’S cell starts ringing.His phone lights up his ter...
CONTINUED:                                              13.                        KEVIN                  (V.O)           ...
CONTINUED:                                              14.splatters the walls and floor. JOSH’S head lops, almost likeits...
CONTINUED:                                            15.                         MAN’S VOICE             So I did.       ...
CONTINUED:                                              16.                       MAN’S VOICE             I told you. I’m ...
CONTINUED:                                              17.KEVIN walks into the dark kitchen and sees a large knife onthe ...
CONTINUED:                                              18.                       MAN’S VOICE (cont’d)             somethi...
CONTINUED:                                               19.                       MAN’S VOICE             I’m all ears.  ...
20.INT. FOYER.SAMEKEVIN slips inside the door to the drawing room.INT. DRAWING ROOM SAMEHe hurries over to the patio doors...
CONTINUED:                                              21.GHOSTFACE strides to him. He grabs the handle of the axe andpul...
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Scream 5 Opening Scene Final Draft


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Final draft to my Scream 5

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Scream 5 Opening Scene Final Draft

  1. 1. SCREAM 5 By GLENNBased on characters created by Kevin Williamson
  2. 2. INT. LIVING ROOM. NIGHTFade into a ringing telephone. A hand reaches it. Its KEVINHILLARD. 17 years old. A jock, wavy brown hair, blue eyes.He’s a big guy, on the football team at school. He’shandsome in an obvious way and he knows it. Likes toconsider himself a ladies man. He probably is. KEVIN Hello? MAN’S VOICE Hello? KEVIN Yeah? MAN’S VOICE Who’s this? KEVIN Kev. Who’s this? MAN’S VOICE What’s your favorite scary movie Kev? KEVIN I’m gonna stop you right there. I don’t do STAB shit OK. MAN’S VOICE I’m in the house Kevin. KEVIN Yeah. Sure you are. Happy Halloween.CLICK.KEVIN hangs the phone up.His cellphone vibrates on the sofa. He grabs it and walksinto the kitchen to join JOSH SINCLAIR, 17.He’s handsome like KEVIN but in a geeky way. He’s a crossbetween nerd and cool kid. He tries hard to fit in.
  3. 3. 2.INT. KITCHEN. SAME.KEVIN is looking at his phone. He smiles to himself. KEVIN I got a text from Hayley. JOSH No fucking way! Why would Hayley text you. I thought she was with Paul Baker. KEVIN Ah, she’s a slut, and I need to get laid tonight. And I am one fine specimen of a man.Besides, she split with Paul like three weeks ago.(leaning in)I heard a rumor his dick’s the size of a spring bean. No wonder she dumped him.(PAUSE)And the whole, fine specimen of a man thing of course. JOSH (nodding in sarcastic agreement) Fine specimen. Course. KEVIN (pointing at himself) Have you seen this face. Its adorable. JOSH (laughing)) Yeah, in a GREMLIN kind of way. Its cute. KEVIN Cute? I’m more than cute. I was runner up in ’OAKFIELD’S TEENY BOP PAGEANT’ when I was five. JOSH TEENY BOP PAGEANT? Your shitting me? Yeah, like I said. It’s cute. I might start calling you GIZMO. KEVIN Your just jealous. (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. JOSH Jealous of what? KEVIN That Hayley wants me. JOSH Hayley wants everybody. You’ve just said it yourself. She’s a slut. Everybody’s had Hayley. I’ve had Hayley. Did I tell you? KEVIN Yeah, like a million times. Honestly man, its getting tired. JOSH (reminiscing) Ah. Hayley Thomas. KEVIN Dude. You went out for like two days. JOSH Best two days of my life. KEVIN In the third grade. JOSH I slipped her the finger. KEVIN How is that even possible. What were you? Eight? JOSH She had bumps in all the right places when she was eight.(Sniffing his forefinger),hasn’t smelt the same since. KEVIN Your sick man. Speaking of fingers, you spoke to Sarah yet? JOSH No. What do I even say to her? KEVIN Let me think. Hi Sarah. I’m sorry you walked in on me ramming your (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. KEVIN (cont’d) little sister with my fist. But hey, can we be friends? JOSH Dude. I’m serious. She hasn’t spoken to me in weeks. This is worse than the last time. I mean she won’t even look at me. She won’t return my calls; the flowers I sent were posted back in my moms mailbox in pieces, by her crazy mother. KEVIN You sent her flowers? Your shitting me? JOSH Yeah. KEVIN No wonder she won’t talk to you. You broke her heart man. And by the way. I know it’s a sensitive topic, and you just wanna forget it and all, but high five for the fisted hot sister.KEVIN puts his hand in the air for a high five. But JOSHkeeps him hanging. JOSH Wrong man. Your just wrong. KEVIN Every senior with a dick in his pants is raising a glass for you my friend. Your a legend. JOSH I’m touched. KEVIN But honestly dude. You thought sending flowers was an adequate apology for violating her little sisters pussy? JOSH Whatever man. I was trying to be, I don’t know. Romantic. (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5. KEVIN Romantic would mean taking a girl out for a candlelight dinner, maybe a drink. Not punching the fuck out of her sisters panty hamster. JOSH I struggle to comprehend why your single. KEVIN If I play my cards right with Hayley, that may not be the case.The land line starts ringing again. JOSH jumps up. JOSH I’ll get it. I told Genna to phone when she’s on her way. KEVIN You invited Genna? JOSH (from living room)) Yeah. She likes horror movies. KEVIN You tapping that tonight? JOSH After what happened last week. I’m lucky Sarah didn’t cut off my dick. KEVIN Why don’t you put them magical fingers to good use?JOSH turns round and sticks his middle finger up at KEVIN JOSH Enough with the fingers!INT. LIVING ROOM. SAMEJosh grabs the telephone and brings it to his ear. JOSH Hey (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. MAN’S VOICE Hello? JOSH Who’s this? MAN’S VOICE Who’s this? JOSH You called me. MAN’S VOICE What’s your favorite scary movie? JOSH Twilight. MAN’S VOICE That’s not a horror movie. JOSH Have you seen Kristen Stewart trying to act? And vampires that sparkle in the sun, who the fuck writes this shit? MAN’S VOICE Are you alone in the house? JOSH No. What do you want? MAN’S VOICE I’m in the house. JOSH For real? MAN’S VOICE Uh huh. JOSH That’s nice. You got the wrong number Mr Ghostface. Sorry.CLICK He hangs the phone up. KEVIN enters the living room. KEVIN Who was that? (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. CONTINUED: 7. JOSH Some dick trying to do Ghostface. KEVIN Yeah, he phoned a minute ago. It’s Halloween. People get weird. Probably Dakota. Isn’t she at the party tonight? JOSH Yeah. The party that we seem to be missing. Its the world premiere of STAB 8 KEVIN STAB? Fuck the fuck off. The whole STAB franchise killed horror. Lets watch some classics. JOSH What? No way. The first three are classics. KEVIN Then they churned out a load of crap. I mean come on. STAB 8: The Woodsboro Massacre Remake. The Return of Ghostface, Return to Woodsboro, Return of Sidney Prescott, blah blah blah. And how the fuck can Sidney Prescott be in the movie when her bastard brother killed her in STAB 3? JOSH She faked her death. KEVIN He put a knife in her head? JOSH It’s Hollywood. There’s ways around it. KEVIN Its diabolical. I mean come on its a punch in the face to all horror fanatics. Even worse than the time travel.They both throw themselves down on the sofa. KEVIN turns theTV on. JOHN CARPENTERS ’HALLOWEEN’ is on. (CONTINUED)
  9. 9. CONTINUED: 8. KEVIN You see? Classic. JOSH Remind me again, why we’re not actually going to the party? KEVIN Because. We do this every Halloween. Its tradition. JOSH Aren’t some traditions suppose to be broken? KEVIN What? Take that back. JOSH So new ones can start?KEVIN looks affronted. KEVIN We’ve been doing this since fourth grade. Every Halloween, we get a shit load of scary movies and a shit load of junk food and eat and drink ourselves stupid. Just you and me. We haven’t hung out in ages. I missed you man. JOSH We could drink ourselves stupid at the party. And get laid at the same time. KEVIN That’s where your mistaken. You won’t get laid while your with me. I’m a babe magnet. I just attract them. You don’t stand a chance when I’m around. JOSH Is that right? I thought I was a legend. KEVIN With the dudes. The chicks hate you right now. I mean your almost like FREDDY KRUGER. (CONTINUED)
  10. 10. CONTINUED: 9. JOSH Fuck you man, I’m not a pedophile. KEVIN Just saying, you’ve got zero chance of boning anything til your in college.JOSH puts his left forefinger under KEVIN’S nose. JOSH Even with my magical fingers? KEVIN Ah man. That’s gross. What the hell is that?(A FEW SECONDS PAUSE) CUT TO.INT. TV SCREEN. LIVING ROOM. SAMEMICHAEL MYERS is striding across the street whilst LAURIESTRODE hammers on the door for TOMMY to let her in. KEVIN Besides we haven’t got John Carpenters shaky P.O.V of babysitters getting chopped up at the party. JOSH (defeated)) OK, I agree, you can’t beat a bit of Michael Myers.KEVIN turns serious now. He’s talking to his buddy. Theirbest friends. Both capable of conversing maturely. KEVIN You need to talk to Sarah man, she’s really pissed. JOSH Yeah, but she’s been through a lot. Its finding the right time ya know. KEVIN Dude, its been two years. I think she’s at least come to terms with it. (CONTINUED)
  11. 11. CONTINUED: 10. JOSH Yeah, but with the book and then the film, its dragging it back up again. It’s hard on her. I just need to give her some space. I mean her brother got butchered. Not really the right time to strum up a conversation, when a movie telling out the story of how he died is showing. You got any beer? KEVIN Yeah. Check the refrigerator in the garage, I think my dad left some from his poker game last week, JOSH The garage? KEVIN Yeah. Mom doesn’t like the beer cluttering the refrigerator in the kitchen. Its her OCD. She’s nuts. JOSH Seriously? KEVIN Yeah. She’s seeing a therapist and all that shit. JOSH MILF’s got an illness. KEVIN Hey, fuck you pervert. JOSH When your folks back anyway? KEVIN Couple of weeks. Bring up a crate will ya. JOSH Yeah. I’ll be right back. KEVIN (under his breath) Rule number one from your STAB shit Josh. CUT TO.
  12. 12. 11.EXT. KEVIN’S HOUSE. SAME.Its a big house. Lots of glass. JOSH can be seen walkingfrom the LIVING ROOM to the KITCHEN. Trees line the exteriorof the house. Its completely isolated from anything. There’smist hovering over the grass. Its spooky. Like right out ofa horror movie. CUT TO.INT. GARAGE. SAMEJOSH is alone in the garage. Its big. The only light is asingle bulb hanging in the middle of the ceiling. Thingsline the walls. Garden tools, household crap no one uses.Brick pillars are dotted around the room. A refrigeratorsits on the far wall.Far from convenient.JOSH walks to it. He opens the door and peers inside.Crates and crates of beer fill the space inside.He bends down to get one out...BANG!He jumps out of his skin as a garden rake falls to theground on the other side of the room.He looks around but its dark. JOSH Hello? Anyone there? Kevin?He can’t see anything.A shovel falls to the ground with a loud CLANG JOSH What the fuck? Kevin stop fucking around!He’s rooted to the spot. He’s a scaredy cat deep down. Hereaches in his pocket for his phone.Just then.The lights go out.(BEAT) (CONTINUED)
  13. 13. CONTINUED: 12.Suddenly JOSH’S cell starts ringing.His phone lights up his terrified face. Caller ID say’s’KEV’ He connects the call. JOSH What the fuck man? KEVIN What I do? CUT TO.INT. LIVING ROOM. SAME KEVIN What the fuck you doing down there? Sounds like your trashing the place CUT TO.INT. GARAGE. SAME JOSH I don’t know man. I thought it was you. There’s some freaky PARANORMAL ACTIVITY shit going on down here. CUT TO.INT. LIVING ROOM. SAME KEVIN You OK? CUT TO.INT. GARAGE. SAMEJOSH walks over to the light switches and turns them backon. He walks past a pillar. A GHOST FACE clad figure isstood hiding behind one of the pillars unbeknown to JOSH. Hedoesn’t see him. JOSH Yeah, I’m fine. I’ll be right up. (CONTINUED)
  14. 14. CONTINUED: 13. KEVIN (V.O) Genna just called. She said she’ll be a few minutes. Looks like your gonna get lucky after all. CUT TO.INT. LIVING ROOM. SAME JOSH (V.O) Cool. You want anything else whilst I’m down here? KEVIN No. I’m cool. Hurry up, your missing all the good parts. CUT TO.INT. GARAGE. SAMEJOSH hangs up the cell. He retraces his steps back to therefrigerator and GHOSTFACE is gone.He goes to the refrigerator and pulls a crate out. He walksover to the door that leads back into the house when...JOSH hears another noise that makes him turn his back to thedoor.Something isn’t right about it.He stops where he is and stands in silence.He listens. Silence.He turns for the door when...GHOSTFACE LUNGES knife in the air and forces the blade downinto JOSH’S neck.JOSH drops the crate of beer, it lands on the floor with aCRASH.GHOSTFACE pulls his knife from JOSH’S neck and plunges itback again. The brutality is shocking. JOSH gurgles forbreath but can’t get any. GHOSTFACE hacks at his neck. Theviolence is shockingly gruesome. GHOSTFACE repeatedly stabsat JOSH’S neck until he’s almost decapitated. Blood (CONTINUED)
  15. 15. CONTINUED: 14.splatters the walls and floor. JOSH’S head lops, almost likeits hanging by a thread. GHOSTFACE pushes him aside like arag doll. He falls to the floor heavily. His head saggingpathetically, barely any skin connecting the head to hislifeless body. CUT TOINT. LIVING ROOM. SAMEKEVIN is still watching ’HALLOWEEN’ on the sofa. The volumeis high and he’s engrossed.GHOSTFACE is in the kitchen directly behind him.He turns off the kitchen light and darkness swallows him.KEVIN see’s the light go out in the reflection of the TV. Hesits up and looks over his shoulder. He smiles to himself ashe gets up. KEVIN Nice one. Why didn’t I think of that? Disappear to get the drink and what, try for a cheap scare? I know its Halloween, but come on Josh, you can’t get me that easy.KEVIN’S cell starts to ring. The caller ID says ’UNKNOWN’ Hesmiles again. KEVIN Hello? MAN’S VOICE Hello Kevin.A grin spreads across KEVIN’S handsome face. KEVIN Hey. Who is this? MAN’S VOICE Who do you think? KEVIN (playing along) I don’t know. You phoned me.KEVIN moves to the doorway leading into the living room andout into the FOYER. Its dark, but he doesn’t put a light on.He’s looking around trying to find JOSH. (CONTINUED)
  16. 16. CONTINUED: 15. MAN’S VOICE So I did. KEVIN Is there anything I can help you with? MAN’S VOICE You know what, I think there is. KEVIN Oh yeah? MAN’S VOICE Yeah.The line goes quiet. KEVIN Hello? MAN’S VOICE Oh I’m sorry. I love this part. KEVIN (slightly confused)) Ah what? MAN’S VOICE Of the movie. I love this part of the movie. KEVIN What movie? MAN’S VOICE Halloween. Nothing like a good classic on a night like tonight.KEVIN spins round. ’HALLOWEEN’ is still playing on the TV.The volume is turned down. KEVIN walks slowly into theliving room, looking around, JOSH has to be here somewhere. KEVIN What did you say? MAN’S VOICE Halloween. A classic. KEVIN How did you know I was watching Halloween? (CONTINUED)
  17. 17. CONTINUED: 16. MAN’S VOICE I told you. I’m in the house.KEVIN walks to the patio doors. He looks out onto thegrounds surrounding his house. Bushes are swaying in thecold autumn breeze. KEVIN Nice try Josh. Hurry the fuck up with the beer. My liver thinks I’m dead.KEVIN hangs the phone up and sits back down on the sofa.His iPhone vibrates. His screen reads, ’MULTIMEDIA SMS’He opens the image and its a picture of JOSH. Very muchdead. His guts gushing from his stomach. His decapitatedhead placed in his arms almost like the HEADLESS HORSEMANHe dials JOSH’S number in his cell. Its starts ringing. Thecall connects. KEVIN OK, jokes over. MAN’S VOICE I’m sorry Kevin, Josh can’t come to the phone right now. His head’s all over the place.Shock flits across his face. He sits up. The caller has hisattention. KEVIN Who is this? MAN’S VOICE Who would you like it to be?KEVIN stands up and walks to the window. He peers out of it.The place is deserted. KEVIN Listen man, I’m not up for STAB shit tonight okay. Besides, isn’t it the dumb chick that gets the call? That’s how it works right? Some stupid bimbo, parents away, home alone, gets a call, it gets her killed, end of. For a Stab fanatic, your piss poor. You need to up your game. (CONTINUED)
  18. 18. CONTINUED: 17.KEVIN walks into the dark kitchen and sees a large knife onthe side. He picks it up. Better to be armed that not. MAN’S VOICE Some traditions are suppose to be broken. Its the only to make way for new ones. This is a whole new movie Kevin. Your about to make horror movie history. KEVIN Who the fuck is this? What do you want? MAN’S VOICE That’s not the question you need to be asking me Kevin. KEVIN What question should I be asking? MAN’S VOICE Where am I? KEVIN Where are you? MAN’S VOICE Uh huh. KEVIN So where are you? MAN’S VOICE Right behind you.(BEAT) MAN’S VOICE Don’t turn around. If you turn around now I’m gonna cut off your head off and kick it around like a football.And trust me when I say this Kevin, I’m a man of my word.KEVIN becomes still. He’s terrified. Beyond anything he’sstill hoping its a prank.KEVIN twitches his head slightly but. MAN’S VOICE Don’t do it Kevin. This must be hard for you huh? The urge to do (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  19. 19. CONTINUED: 18. MAN’S VOICE (cont’d) something, when your told not to can be almost too much. KEVIN WHO THE FUCK IS THIS! LEAVE ME ALONE! MAN’S VOICE I wanna play a game. KEVIN A game? MAN’S VOICE Yeah. Here are the rules. You turn around, you die. You stay where you are, I’ll turn around and walk right out of the front door, I promise. KEVIN Why the fuck are you doing this? MAN’S VOICE Its Halloween Kevin. I’m just having a little fun. KEVIN (bravely) There’s just one problem with your little game. MAN’S VOICE Oh really. What? KEVIN Your standing behind me yeah? MAN’S VOICE Uh huh. KEVIN Right behind me? MAN’S VOICE Yes. KEVIN Then I have a question for you Mr Ghostface. (CONTINUED)
  20. 20. CONTINUED: 19. MAN’S VOICE I’m all ears. KEVIN Why can’t I hear you? If your right behind me like you say you are, why can’t I hear you huh?Silence. ThenSuddenly. GIRLS VOICE (Out of shot) Hey.A hand touches his shoulder. KEVIN hurtles around screaming,knife clenched in his hand and plunges it into flesh.In horror, he realizes its GENNA. 17. Long brown hair,pretty face. In the wrong place at the wrong time. KEVIN (in blind shock) Oh my god!GENNA looks at him. Her wide eyes fill with tears.She struggles to draw breath as KEVIN pulls the knife fromthe gushing wound in her neck. She falls to the floor. KEVIN (in a hushed whisper) I’m so sorry.She writhes for a few seconds then moves no more.He falls to the floor at her side, in mind numbing shock. Hefumbles to find a pulse, but he knows its too late. KEVIN I’m sorry.Then GHOSTFACE enters the roomKEVIN see’s him and scarpers, but GHOSTFACE grabs him. KEVINstruggles with the raised arm holding the razor sharphunting knife. KEVIN musters the strength and pushesGHOSTFACE into the patio doors. With a CRASH GHOSTFACEvanishes through a shower of broken glass. KEVIN notices theknife on the floor. He grabs it and runs out of the livingroom.
  21. 21. 20.INT. FOYER.SAMEKEVIN slips inside the door to the drawing room.INT. DRAWING ROOM SAMEHe hurries over to the patio doors that line the walls. Heslides it open and slips out, being as quiet as he can. CUT TO.INT. LIVING ROOM. SAMEGHOSTFACE re-emerges through the broken door and looksaround for his knife. Its not there, but GHOSTFACEimprovises. An axe lies beside a majestic fireplace. Hepicks it up and holds it to his face. He cocks his head thendisappears out of shot. CUT TO.EXT. KEVIN’S HOUSE. SAME.KEVIN is out of the house, but that isn’t stifling the fearinfecting him. He’s in a blind panic. He’s breathingerratically. He holds the knife to his chest with bloodyhands and peers inside the house. There’s no sign of thekiller.He decides he has to move. He can’t stay where he is. Hecrouches below the see through wall of glass and crawlsalong, coming to a halt to peer inside.Its clear. He stands and makes a run for it. He’s slightlyrelieved at his getaway.Then.An axe flies from no where and strikes his leg. He crumplesscreaming in agony. He looks down.The axe is wedged in his tibia. Its oozing with blood. Hetries to unwedge it but...GHOSTFACE emerges from the house and walks casually acrossthe lawn in KEVIN’S direction. KEVIN FUCK OFF ASSHOLE! (CONTINUED)
  22. 22. CONTINUED: 21.GHOSTFACE strides to him. He grabs the handle of the axe andpulls it out with a sickening crunch, with no pity for thepain he causes. He raises the axe and swings it down intoKEVIN’S side.KEVIN howls in excruciating pain. It echoes into thedeserted distance.GHOSTFACE pulls the axe out of KEVIN’S now gushing body andmoves to KEVIN’S side and stares down at him.KEVIN looks into the ghost white mask, somewhat defiantly. KEVIN FUCK THIS STAB SHIT!GHOSTFACE raises the axe and hurtles it down on KEVIN’Sneck. CUT TO.TITLE CARD: SCREAM 5