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Material design

The main motive of the event was to enrich participants with basic concepts of material designing and participants were mainly students of undergraduate course. The workshop helped the participants to get started with materialize-css.

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Material design

  1. 1. Material Design
  2. 2. Introduction MaterialDesign is avisual language thatis createdtosynthesizetheprinciplesof gooddesign along withthe development andpossibilityoftechnologyandscience. The design iscreatedin simple, clear andforpeopleto understand. Thetechnologyisnowapprovedby Google.
  3. 3. Material is the metaphor Material is a metaphor of a rationalized space and a system of motion grounded by reality. Layers are the main division for UI development by materialize
  4. 4. Next Generation 3D User Interface A very cool implementation of Z Depth
  5. 5. • light, surface and movement convey objects in moving, interact and exist in space in relation to each other • The z-depth controls how paper can behave and not flip over. Importance of Layers
  6. 6. Some Amazing Features Typography , Grids-Space , Color , depth effects such as lightening and shadows. Emphases on user actions makes core functionality immediately apparent and provides waypoints for the user.
  7. 7. Motion Is What All Needed Material Design implements all what you dream of…
  8. 8. Not A ‘Big Deal’ Mind me… With Material Design such implementation are easier than ever.
  9. 9. Touch Is The Best Sense The new design has a responsive interaction that encourages user to have deeper exploration of an application.
  10. 10. Delightful Details Hierarchical timing and Responsive interaction
  11. 11. Available Resources Imagery, cards, responsive grids ,featuring icons color pallet and many more.
  12. 12. Objective Of Workshop Covering basics of material design application of the Materialize-CSS.