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RIO + 20 ( english)

  1. 1. IPR – GDF SUEZ LATIN AM ERICA INTERN AL ANNOU NCEMENT JULY 3, 2012▌ RIO+20 Summit Summary of eventsGDF SUEZ AND IPR TOOK ACTIVE PART IN THESUMMITThe United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20) took place on 20-22 June in Riode Janeiro, Brazil. As a global leader in energy and environmental services and as a major privatepower producer in Brazil, GDF SUEZ, IPR GDF SUEZ Latin America and Tractebel Energia took activepart at a variety of events during the United Nations Summit.The Summit brought together more than 100 Heads of States, 193 United Nations member states andover 100,000 participants, including 2,500 CEOs.The discussions focused around two specific themes:  The green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication  The institutional framework for sustainable development.Rio +20 was the opportunity to demonstrate the Group‟s commitment to Sustainable Development.Below you can read more about the events in which the Group participated.June 16-17Encantado Music Festival: Music and Contemporary ArtThe first edition of the Encantado Music Festival took place in the communities of the urban forest ofTijuca, a UNESCO-listed biosphere reserve. The Festival Encantado showcased the talent and thepotential of local residents, aiming at connecting social innovation and local communities. People fromall over the city participated in the Festival, discovering innovative and positive social, environmental,and constructive projects such as rooftop agronomy, microcredit, ecological gastronomy, reforestationand sustainable art.GDF SUEZ is the founding sponsor of the Encantado Music Festival, which is supported by world classartists, the French Embassy, NGOs and media organisations.The festival serves as a catalyst and demonstrates the relationships between the different socialprojects of the Group, its internal NGOs and partners in Rio. On 17 June, Gérard Mestrallet visited theFestival and met with the community leaders of the favelas.
  2. 2. IPR – GDF SUEZ LATIN AM ERICA INTERN AL ANNOU NCEMENT JULY 3, 2012For further information on the Encantado Festival, visit the website.June 17Sustainable Energy and Water Supply in Brazil, French PavilionThe purpose of this side event was to present the different sustainable solutions developed in theenergy and environment sectors.The session was introduced by Manuel Colcombet, SVP Strategy, Portfolio and Risk Management forIPR - GDF SUEZ Latin America, who stressed the growing demand for sustainable utilities in Brazil.Philipp Hauser, VP of Carbon Markets for IPR - GDF SUEZ Latin America, gave an overview of thegrowing energy demand in the country and the different options for developing clean, efficient andreliable energy production capacities.Sergio Maes, Operation, Research & Development Manager at Tractebel Energia presented energyresearch and development projects with the first pilot wave energy project in Brazil, a prototype whichwas displayed at the Athletes Park.Representing SUEZ Environnement, MarceloGomes, Commercial Director at DegrémontBrazil, described current and futuresustainable development solutions in thewater sector to meet the needs of a boomingpopulation.From left to right: Philipp Hauser, Manuel Colcombet,Marcelo Gomes and Sérgio Maes
  3. 3. IPR – GDF SUEZ LATIN AM ERICA INTERN AL ANNOU NCEMENT JULY 3, 2012Debate on access to energy and relations with local authorities, Favela Mata MachadoOrganised by GDF SUEZ and the NGO Be-Linked, this conference-debate with the communities of Altoda Boa Vista in the Mata Machado favela dealt with the topic, “Social Innovation and PrecariousCommunities”.At the favela of Mata Machado, nearly 100 participants from the community met to discuss initiatives tofight poverty and deliberate about the role of companies and social entrepreneurs.Following talks headed by the community leaders, Françoise Guichard, GDF SUEZ Head of SustainableDevelopment, and Bernard Saincy, GDF SUEZ Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and VP of GDFSUEZ „Rassembleurs d‟Énergies‟, discussed the Group‟s interest in working with social entrepreneurs.Fabio Rosa, President of the NGO IDDEAS (Institute for the Development of Natural Energy andSustainability), and Julio Lima from the NGO Un Techo Para Mí País, described the challenges andissues of poverty and energy access in Brazil. They also presented their respective partnerships withthe GDF SUEZ programme Rassembleurs dÉnergies and the IPR Flagship Projects, which support localprojects that aim to improve the life quality of communities where IPR operates.The aim of this innovative debate was to create an open dialogue with communities in order to sharethe ideas implemented by the Group throughout the world.Global Compact and UN-Habitat: session on Urbanisation and CitiesIntervention by Stéphane Queré, GDF SUEZ Vice President of Sustainable Development, about thetheme “Building Partnership for Urban Futures: Leveraging Strengths, Driving Change through SharedValues”.June 18Global Compact France: CEOs and NGOs’ views on innovation for sustainabilityIntervention by Gérard Mestrallet on experience-sharing in the area of dialogue with stakeholders,NGOs and social entrepreneurs.As part of the United Nations Global Compact Forum, Gérard Mestrallet presented alongside Total CEO,Christophe de Margerie, and Schneider Electric CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, to discuss innovation onsustainable development, giving examples of partnerships between their businesses and NGOs. Thepurpose of this session was to share their experiences of dialogue with stakeholders, NGOs and socialentrepreneurs, aiming at the promotion of innovative projects and sustainable local development, aswell as the creation of shared value.
  4. 4. IPR – GDF SUEZ LATIN AM ERICA INTERN AL ANNOU NCEMENT JULY 3, 2012Gérard Mestrallet, at this session as President of the Global Compact in France, was accompanied byFabio Rosa, President of IDEAAS, with whom an agreement had been signed to promote access toenergy for Brazil‟s underprivileged populations.Official opening of COPPE stand, sponsored by Tractebel EnergiaTractebel Energia, in partnership with Coppe (the Technology Centre of the Federal University of Rio deJaneiro), had dedicated an exhibition space at the Athletes Park, highlighting their expertise inResearch and Development, showcasing the new Tractebel Energia Pecém wave power plant, a projectdeveloped by Tractebel Energia and COPPE, which will be inaugurated in the coming months in theNortheast of Brazil. From left to right: Luiz Pinguelli Rosa, General Director of Coppe, Gérard Mestrallet, Maurício Bähr, CEO IPR-GDF SUEZ Brazil, Manoel Zaroni, CEO Tractebel Energia The Pecém Wave Power PlantSee the Tractebel Energia brochure on Sustainable Development.To see the video about the Pecém wave power plant, please click here.Launch of FACE BrazilAt the Tractebel Energia/Coppe booth, the International Social Observatory (OSI) and the Foundationfor Action to Combat Exclusion (FACE) organized an event to launch FACE Brazil.Attending were Gérard Mestrallet as president of FACE, Muriel Morin (Director of Corporate HumanResources) serving as president of OSI, and Maurício Bahr, CEO of IPR - GDF SUEZ Brazil, as well asmany stakeholders.
  5. 5. IPR – GDF SUEZ LATIN AM ERICA INTERN AL ANNOU NCEMENT JULY 3, 2012This event was an opportunity for Gérard Mestrallet to highlight the importance of this foundation thatseeks to fight exclusion, and test new solutions of social and professional involvement by encouragingcompanies to work with governments and community-based organisations. Gérard Mestrallet pointedout that FACE is not only a bold and innovative project, but also a broad sphere of activities that allowcorporate players to address ways to prevent and combat all forms of exclusion, discrimination andpoverty.This event ended with the official signing of the agreement on the creation of the FACE Brazil businessclub, which will be chaired by Carlos Werneck.Launch of FACE in Brazil with Carlos Werneck, CEO Hoteis Marina andfirst founder and President of FACE Brasil, and Gérard Mestrallet, CEOand Chairman GDF SUEZ and President of FACEInternal dinner hosted by IPR - GDF SUEZ BrazilThe evening of 18 June was the occasion for an informal dinner between the Group‟s delegation fromParis and the Latin America management which was present in Rio. In his opening speech, GérardMestrallet reaffirmed the strong Group‟s commitments to Brazil.June 19This was the last of the “Sustainable Development Dialogue Days” prior to the United Nations Rio +20Summit (20-22 June). The day ended the extremely challenging negotiations on the fundamental topicsof the Zero draft, which was prepared upstream of the Summit with the contributions of non-governmental stakeholders, including companies.BASD Business Day (World Business Council for Sustainable Development / International Chamber ofCommerce and the Global Compact).The Business Day, organised by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, theInternational Chamber of Commerce and the Global Compact, included several sessions on key themesfor the Group such as access to energy and water and the green economy.
  6. 6. IPR – GDF SUEZ LATIN AM ERICA INTERN AL ANNOU NCEMENT JULY 3, 2012The key speakers of the session on „Access to Energy‟ were Gérard Mestrallet, Jean-Pascal Tricoire,CEO of Schneider Electric and Heikki Holmas, Norwegian Minister for International Development.Ensuring universal access to energy is one of the most urgent development priorities and one of thethree objectives of the UN Secretary-General‟s „Sustainable Energy for All‟ initiative. The sessionprovided an opportunity to highlight the essential role played by companies in improving access toenergy, especially in addressing the growing global challenges in this field. It was the occasion of adebate between political decision-makers, entrepreneurs and main international stakeholders on thedifferent solutions necessary to meet the needs of more than a billion people throughout the world.June 20A green growth action agenda for cities, French PavilionOrganised by the „Club France Rio +20‟ and GDF SUEZ, this event was a round table with GérardMestrallet as the keynote speaker and as the moderator, Denis Simonneau, GDF SUEZ Director ofEuropean and International Relations. The panelists were Thomas Perianu, Director of SustainableDevelopment of SUEZ Environnement, César Ortiz Sotelo, GDF SUEZ Deputy Director at theInternational Department, Gilles Vermot-Desroches, SVP Sustainable Development at SchneiderElectric, and Claudio Sales, President of Instituto Acende Brasil.The discussions were focused around three major themes:The business opportunities for urban innovation under a green growth approach.The public policies and regulation required to catalyse business action and investment, and the waysbusiness and governments can work together more effectively in order to develop innovative urbansolutions.How to finance the transition to a Green Economy.June 23Opening of the Madureira ParkThe Madureira Park which is the third largest park of Rio de Janeiro andthe first sustainable park of the city, was inaugurated during the Summit.Maurício Bahr, CEO of GDF SUEZ Brazil, participated in the inaugurationwith the General Secretary of the United Nations, Sha Zukang, theGovernor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral, and Mayor of the city, Official opening plaque of theEduardo Paes. Madureira Park
  7. 7. IPR – GDF SUEZ LATIN AM ERICA INTERN AL ANNOU NCEMENT JULY 3, 2012Tractebel Energia donated a photovoltaic solar system for the House of Visitors. This is a clean andrenewable technology, aligned with the sustainability concept of the park.The House of Visitors of the MadureiraPark with the solar panels donated byTractebel Energia Maurício Bahr and Sha Zukang, Secretary- General of the UN Sustainable Development ConferenceFor further information about the Group‟s participation at the Rio +20 Summit, please visit GDF SUEZ’sintranet.